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Looks like I’ll be joining the Root Canal Club on February 7th. And, it looks like the journey which started last June regarding this tooth will wind up costing me over $3000; I might have been able to renovate my … Continue reading

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I think that my internet pipes must have frozen overnight as data is moving glacially slow this morning. Thanks, AT&T! Root canal consultation today. Oh boy! Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.4 pounds (-1.6 from last week’s weigh-in); the number … Continue reading

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After a very fun weekend of drinking and hashing I had a heck of a time getting going this morning. I’m at the Waschsalon now, about to attempt to start my work day from here to limit the amount of … Continue reading

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Brrr, fucking brr! Yesterday’s dentist visit has spawned another trip to a root canal specialist next Tuesday afternoon (too late for lunch, unfortunately). After treating myself to an Indian (vegetarian) buffet for lunch I worked from home. Last night I … Continue reading

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WordPress updated, my interface is very different and I am not a huge fan. Call to dentist yesterday resulted in appointment which I am either at, or have completed, by the time you read this.

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Struggling today. Feeling like too many things are hitting me at once and hope to start turning it around soon.

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WTF? Because I was hashing I saw none of the game last night. In fact, the game made me happy since we couldn’t end at Midway because it was too crowded, so we went to SoBa instead. When I saw … Continue reading

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Interesting weekend filled with beer drinking at Eventide Brewery for their 5th anniversary party on Saturday, and then a Black Sheep hash that was interrupted by a none-too-pleased landowner yesterday. Unfortunately my dental situation has not gotten magically better, nor … Continue reading

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Things are moving slowly. My body hurts, and in one case I am not even sure what type of doctor to consult about my condition. I suppose I will worry about it more if it persists. Ah life… Wanted to … Continue reading

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I hope that this year I can spend money on fun things, and not just on house and health. Of course that assumes that I have money, which, given the current direction of my stock holdings is not guaranteed. The … Continue reading

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