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Hey New York Times, why not pick a Wordle solution that doesn’t start with an “S”? At lease seven of the past fifteen Wordle solutions have been “S” words. On the road back to Atlanta. Wordle: two, my starter was … Continue reading

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This trip has been far from a vacation, and I might need a week alone in Atlanta to recover. In addition to everything else, yesterday I was ill and it still lingers currently. Of course unlike every other trip, I … Continue reading

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I feel as if I am in the movie Groudhog Day, because I seem to be doing the same thing every day. I am sort of looking forward to returning to Atlanta at week’s end in order to change things … Continue reading

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The baseball game was fun, and the rest of my day was struggling with pain and hanging out with buddies. We went to a new to me brewery in Bradenton called Motorworks Brewing, which is near the stadium in which … Continue reading

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It has been a week since I drove to Florida and started having terrible pain. Things are getting worse, not better. Wordle: five, my starter was REACH Connections: perfect, Purple > Yellow > Blue > Green

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Wordle: four, my starter was GRAIN Connections: fail, Green > Yellow > X > X Strands: needed a hint before I could get with the program

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Not much to report, my health continues to make my life difficult. Weirdly I also forgot to practice Duolingo, so it’s a good thing I had a Streak Freeze available. Wordle: six, my starter was CHASE Connections: perfect, Yellow > … Continue reading

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As of today I am officially 50% owner of the Florida House. To keep balance in the Universe I guess that I will claim the parts of the house with plumbing issues. I clearly have something wrong with me; I … Continue reading

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As I mentioned yesterday I took a scenic (read “slow”) route upon entering Florida. My decision to opt for US19 paid off in spades when I saw what? A Vixen on the road!!! For you younger, non hashing types, a … Continue reading

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It was a good weekend, during which I found myself inside Westside Pizza twice. As an added bonus, I saw an old time hashing friend, Little Sister, who works there. I spent some time cleaning up the outside portion of … Continue reading

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