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Enjoyed a good lunch with Steve and Kat yesterday, and spent the evening at home. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend all, well, US residents. 🙂

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Since last weekend I’ve had a dull pain in my legs and hips. I assumed it was fatigue caused by slogging through shiggy, swamp, and bog, on Saturday but now I am not so sure. Poop. Happy DragonCon start to … Continue reading

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Slow start to my day today. Had a good time at last night’s soccer match even if my seat wasn’t as good as Bonnie’s, my beer was not my first choice (Hopsecutioner wasn’t sold near my seat), and the $3 … Continue reading

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Fun trail last night, thankfully the rain subsided. I can’t believe that I was so hell-bent on getting to the Waschsalon (which is late to open as I type this) that I forgot to weigh myself this morning. Poop.

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Two days of reccying complete, Glory Mole and I have a trail for this coming Saturday. Those who do our trail should be thankful we weren’t forced to use the territory we trudged through on Saturday as it was very … Continue reading

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Today’s status is not much different than yesterday’s. I tried to use my new AppleCard credit card last night and failed. I made a contactless payment at Target and my American Express card was charged. Then I tried using the … Continue reading

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Still no word on the rim. Last night I just could not “adult” any longer. So, I cobbled together a dinner from scraps, and started binge watching my new current mindless “tv” – “Travels by Narrowboat” — on Amazon Prime. … Continue reading

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Sitting at a Waffle House in Chamblee about ninety minutes before my auto appointment on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. I guess I should feel fortunate that the air compressor at Kroger was working yesterday, because when I stopped there this morning … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing a lot of adulting this summer and it’s wearing on me. After spending two hours waiting for my car, I was shown that that the rim, on which the tire that had a screw in it last … Continue reading

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Getting mentally prepared to head back ITP this morning. As I always do I had a fun time hanging with the Raleigh Royalty. This trip included going to an Oktoberfest in August, at which we won a Hippity Hop (Amazon … Continue reading

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