Going Kondo

No, I’m not selling the ITP Estate and going for a condominium (at least not yet).

Going Kondo
This weekend will be about getting rid of things from the ITP Estate (note to self: don’t get rid of board games which may be worth some money). I am going to attempt a modified version of the “KonMari” method for getting rid of things as described in the book The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up written by Marie Kondo. Kondo, a woman obsessed with tidying and minimalism professes to touch each item and keep only those that spark joy. There hasn’t been a whole lot of joy sparked in the ITP Estate in a long time, perhaps this will help me considerably clean out this place.

To help matters there is an Electronics Recycling Day in East Atlanta tomorrow. I plan to bring a bag-load of electronics up there, either on foot if the weather is still okay, or by car if rain is happening. Question: Can someone explain to me why recycling centers will take computer monitors for free, but charge to recycle televisions (including flatscreen televisions)?

Guilt Free Netflix And Chilling
Note: My use of “Netflix and chilling” is in the literal sense, not the way the kids use it today.

With the pressure of the interview behind me I allowed myself to decompress on the couch and watch hours of Netflix. It felt great.

Quick Wrap About Yesterday
I thought it went well. If I don’t get an offer for this job I don’t know what’s going on, and will seriously consider moving to get out of the Atlanta market. The waiting has begun.

Today I will be returning to LA Fitness for the first time in a week. Yikes!

I took a picture yesterday while eating at The Majestic Diner:
Breakfast Of Champions

A gift card for credit card rewards points I redeemed is now three days late. If this doesn’t arrive in the mail today I am going to have to find out how to get the company to send me a new one. What a hassle.

Another $20 Amex gift card arrived in the mail the other day. You are correct in assuming that I will be using it before the administration fees start eating away at its balance.

I am in the market for a region-free/multi-region DVD player because I want to watch German movies. Have any suggestions?

Yesterday I finished listening to John Cleese’s autobiography. As you would expect it was an entertaining listen.

I am frustrated with the number of people who don’t understand the difference between Standard Time (ST) and Daylight Saving Time (DT) when noting the time of an event. The lack of detail is either getting greater, or I am just being exposed to it more.

I have a $5 bet on tonight’s basketball game between the Gators and Badgers with the eldest son of the Raleigh Royalty. The bet was his suggestion. I won’t be watching the game because tip-off is at 9:59 PM EDT. If I win I will take his money, and then buy the boys something with it like cotton candy or snow cones.

The Batteries+ And More on Moreland Avenue has opened. I am very pleased for this and I am not sure why.

Apparently Publix, and no stores south of Ponce is the only place I can purchase Twinings Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Blend tea. Who would have guessed that?

Holy crap, a McSweeney’s Quarterly is on its way? I signed up for a year’s worth of McSweeney’s almost two years ago but have never received my first volume. Why? Because they haven’t published on in that long! McSweeney’s has been going through the process of becoming a non-profit instead.

Something in my backyard was unhappy with me opening the kitchen door at 10:30 last night. It was far too dark to see anything but I could hear something waddling away. My guess is that it was an opossum as I’ve seen one (or a few different ones) near my house in the recent past.

Have a great weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Gone Interviewin’

No time for blogging today, I need to focus my attention on getting a new job. I’m nervous, but ready to give it my best.

Until tomorrow.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Battening Down The Hatches

I suppose that a severe thunderstorm should be of no surprise when the recorded high temperature for March 21st is around 85°F. Due to the wind I have already lost power once this evening, thankfully just for a few moments. As I write this the ITP Estate is being pummeled by rain and perhaps some hail. I am figuratively keeping my fingers crossed that no damage is done tonight. I will say that East Atlanta was at the far southern end of this storm and thankfully for me was spared the brunt of it.

I remember when I thought that owning a house would be so cool.
Man, was I ever naive.

Finally Back To ~100%
I felt pretty decent yesterday. I managed to walk up to the post office in East Atlanta Village to mail my Georgia Income Taxes, and of course back again, with no difficulties.

The rest of my afternoon and evening were spent doing coding to prepare for my interview, watching a couple of episodes of The Mind Of A Chef (my next binge-watched series), and of course writing this blog post.

I recall watching, and perhaps blogging about, “The Mind Of A Chef” a few years ago but for some reason I fell off the bandwagon and never resumed watching it. Therefore, I’ve started over again from Season 1 Episode 1.

My Lifestyle Continues To Get Cramped
Tonight I was supposed to join the Urban Explorers of Atlanta for another “Mystery Dinner”, this time through Virginia-Highland (I’m sure there would be coffee and dessert at the end of this one). However, due to my need to prepare for tomorrow’s afternoon of interviewing, I’m scheduled to interview from 11:30-14:30, I had to cancel my reserved spot for this dinner. Hopefully this will be the last interviewing I do for awhile.

I will be making one excursion today to a grocery store. While I was able to expand my palate yesterday by eating a can of chunk chicken breast meat mixed with honey mustard (very good combination) for lunch in order to add some protein back into my life, I need the raw materials to make meals. I don’t plan on refilling the pantry, but to rather buy a handful of things that can be combined into a few meals.

Hope all is right in your world.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Wasted Day And Wasted Night

Not with alcohol however…

I am feeling a lot better now that I was yesterday morning, though I can’t say that I am back to a full 100% yet. I still occasionally get what I call “fever bursts” where I get really warm, and sweat a bit, for a minute or two. If I were a woman I’d assume I were having hot flashes.

Due to tiredness and a lingering, pounding headache I didn’t accomplish much more than watching the final three episodes of Season 6 (BBC counting) of “The Great British Bake Show”. I also found out that there has been a seventh season, not available for streaming in the US however, and unfortunately know the winner before getting to see the first episode.

What I didn’t expect last night was a case of insomnia which kept me wide awake until nearly 2:00am until I finally crashed for the evening.

A New, And Probably Temporary, Relationship With Food
You know that I am bad with relationships, right. Well, recently losing nearly four days of my life to illnesses most likely caused by food has changed my attitude toward it, at least temporarily.

I have always been a “live to eat” person instead of an “eat to live” person. However, Sunday’s food consumption was one packet of fig bars, along with copious amounts of water and cranberry juice. I branched out a bit for yesterday’s consumption by eating one bowl of pasta with butter, and added a cup of tea.

I am going to attempt to follow a stripped down food lifestyle for awhile as a means of keeping my feet below me and saving a few bucks, at least until I can once again convince myself that food is not out to kill me. Who knows, I may lose a few pounds in the process as well.

Not What I Expected Times Two
While eating my one meal yesterday I decided to pop in the “Learn Basic German by DVD” DVD that I picked up from the library on Friday; it didn’t stay in my DVD player very long. Even if the video quality didn’t look as if it was recorded to DVD via a handheld VHS camcorder pointed at a movie screen, the content that I saw was nothing more than words/phrases on the screen which were read out in German with no other explanation as to their construction. This is not exactly the form of learning that works best for me.

In making my cup of tea last night I opened a new box of decaffeinated “Black Tea” from Bigelow that I bought because I am having troubles locating my favorite English and Irish decaffeinated Breakfast Mixes put out by Twinings. Because I am not one to pay great attention to packaging what I failed to read in addition to the stand-out “Black Tea” text was the subtle addition of “flavored with orange rinds and a special spice mix”. While I am not fundamentally opposed to flavored teas, it wasn’t what I was hoping to get.

I Understand That There Is A World Outside The Doors Of The ITP Estate
I’m hoping to feeling up to investigating said world. German classes are on break. I think due to my recent health problems I should wait another day or two before returning to LA Fitness. Food is not a top priority, so going out for lunch currently holds no allure. So my grand day out may consist of walking up to East Atlanta Village to mail my Georgia income tax payment. WHEEEEE! At least I’ll get some exercise in the process.

Hope yours is a great Tuesday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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I Made It To Monday

Ninety percent of Saturday was great. I started my day by going to the Goethe Zentrum to watch some Bundesliga soccer because they were airing “my team” Werder Bremen. To my surprise I watched Werder Bremen beat the second-best team in the league, Leipzig, 3-0. From watching soccer I headed over to DBA Barbecue for some lunch, where I ate an “Archie Bunker” — pulled pork sandwich with mac n cheese on it, with fries.

My day continued to be fun as I headed over to the for the first night of the Banff Film Festival. This year I bought a VIP ticket for both days so I was able to enjoy one complementary Sweetwater beer and some snacks before the films. While there I met up with JoAnna and Mike and we watched a handful of really great short films.

Upon returning home I was excited to return for the second day.
And then my world came crashing down…

As I got into bed and under the covers I had that feeling I had a few weeks ago, I was inexplicably cold. And then the urge to run to the bathroom hit, and I shivered uncontrollably all the way to the bathroom. All night long I shivered, shat, vomited, and got back under the covers only to repeat it all five minutes later. By morning I was running a fever near 100°F and my head was pounding. I spent the entirety of Sunday in bed, occasionally getting up to use the bathroom or refilling my glass with water, or sometimes cranberry juice.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to go to the second day of the film festival.

By this morning the fever had broken, thankfully, but I am still in no condition to do much. I am hoping that in a couple of hours I will be able to do some coding in preparation for my interview later this week.

This is the second time in three weeks that I’ve been struck down like this. On both occasions these illnesses came from seemingly nowhere. I hope that it is a really long time before I blog about spending the day in bed recovering again.

Hope that your weekend was completely fun.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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There May Be An Afternoon Edition Today

I’m hoping to have the luck of the Irish today.

I have yet another super-important phone interview at 10:00 so I can’t spend time writing a blog post. Perhaps I will knock one out after lunch. If not, have a great weekend all.

If not sobbing over another failed attempt to procure work I will be attending both nights of the Banff Film Festival being held at the Ferst Center on the campus of Georgia Tech. Oh shit, there is a soccer match over there sometime this weekend too, isn’t there? Now that’s some poor planning.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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The Clock Is Wrong

My body is right. 😉

My sleep pattern has been altered by this whole semi-annual clock change thing. Yesterday afternoon I took a hard nap after returning home from laundry and an early dinner to awake to bright sunshine streaming through the rear windows. “Huh, must be almost 6pm” I thought, but according to the clock it was nearly 7pm. Needless to say, I also have not been able to get ready to go to sleep until after midnight now.

Books By The Pound?
One of the interesting things I saw in my Twitter feed yesterday was a post about a new(ish) bookstore in Lawrenceville called Books By The Pound. You are an intelligent woman/man/whatever, I don’t think that I have to explain their business model.

Although purchasing physical books is now a verboten act in my life, I may just take a drive out to Lawrenceville to see how this place looks. These are the off-norm things one can do when one has no job.

Bouncing Back
Still not feeling 100%, but I think I am going to make an effort to visit LA Fitness on this hopefully-last-freezing-day of early 2017.

On my way home from wherever I wind up today I plan to stop into a grocery store and load up on some items needed for meal making. I’ve been doing a crackup job of eating things in my pantry and I’m now to the point were meals can no longer be constructed from the disjoint items remaining in my cupboard.

Tonight I need to crack down on getting some coding done.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Perhaps it was the fact that it’s 20-something degrees outside, or perhaps it was the relief of finding out by telephone last night that I did not have to report to jury duty selection this morning, regardless I slept like a bear and did not awake until 09:00. Yowza! I may be fighting off a bit of a cold again. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t currently have to report to an office.

Eating Out x Two
Yesterday I left the ITP Estate at 11:00 and did not return again until 21:30. In the mean time I had a wonderful lunch with ITP-Readers Barb and Steve at Willy’s, went to the 16th library for awhile (and even saw my friend Hank who was out for a lunchtime walk as I drove past his office at 17th/Spring), went to the Ansley Mall LA Fitness, ate an early dinner at Tin Drum, attended meeting of Goethe students for a routine audit of the Goethe Zentrum, and then my final B1.3 class.

I Was Fairly Silent During The Audit
When the auditors found out that everyone in the room as at least at a “B” level, only one woman was in a lower class that me, they held the entire audit in German! WHAT?!?! Perhaps at my level I should be more capable that I currently am, refer to all of my whining about not working hard enough, but still. Suffice to say I didn’t add much input into the audit.

The auditors did get a sense of my ineptness a little later when they sat in for the first part of our class.

Not Having My Day In Court
As I mentioned, I didn’t have to wake up and go over to Decatur this morning. HURRAY! What shall I do today? I think today I will hole up and do a lot of coding. I am actually working on an app that will make you laugh aloud if and when I ever put it into the iOS App Store. My goal is to publish a couple of apps to use as a portfolio for potential employers.

I might, I repeat might, work out again today. As I mentioned in the beginning I am a little run down so I am not sure working out is my best interest.

I could do laundry today. Newsflash, when you work out a lot as I have been recently, you make a lot of dirty laundry.

Who knows? Tune in tomorrow to find out…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Same Face, Different Place

Yesterday I branched out, visiting a different branch of LA Fitness. Because of my desire to park in garage due to the weather, as well as my need to visit Target afterward, I decided to visit the Peachtree Road (or is it Street?) location, the one which shares its space with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, Publix, as well as various other establishments. You may have started a Peachtree Road (definitely not Street) Race from this location; I know that I have.

And because I have lived in the Atlanta area since 1995 I’ve seen my fair share of gym chains come and go — Bally’s, Australian Body Works, and Crunch Fitness — to name some; I’m sure that I am missing others. This LA Fitness started its life as one of those, if memory serves it was once a Crunch Fitness. Even had I not known that there was once another brand of gym at this location I could tell by the decor that it was not created by the folks who create LA Fitnesses. Overall the experience was good but the men’s room locker doors were of IKEA quality (hey, I’m a single man so you know that I love IKEA), which are nowhere near sturdy enough to withstand the punishment of knucklehead men that workout in gyms.

I Make A Motion To Go To IKEA
Over last weekend I accomplished something constructive. SHOCKING! On Sunday I installed and added a motion detector to my security system. In doing so I have started debating converting the room that was once known as the “guest bedroom”, which may have had four different people sleep in it during the past eighteen years, into my “office”. Oooooh, fucking fancy Paulie with an office! That’s right.

While the purchase and subsequent installation of a new piece of furniture is strictly verboten I intend to sacrifice at least two pieces of furniture to account for this addition. It’s all about net negatives.

I have a dream goal, by the time I figure out where I want to live the rest of my life I want furniture to fill the following four types of living spaces:

  1. one bedroom which should be large enough to accommodate the clothing for me and a female partner
  2. one entertainment space in which I can relax and watch tv/movies/videos or listen to music
  3. one office in which no entertainment other than reading shall be permitted
  4. one suffering space in which I can set up a trainer and sweat out the remainder of my soul; if this space could also accommodate a photography “studio” that would be ideal

Sure, my next living space will have a kitchen and at least one bathroom but I don’t expect to furnish them.

Another One Bites The Dust
Tonight ends “German B1.3”. “German B1.4” starts in three weeks and since I didn’t move forward on the job which would require “up to 50%” travel I should be able to attend classes; I’ve signed up regardless.

With German B1.4 I am going to put a renewed interest into gaining enough confidence to attempt speaking to people in German. I’ve already started occasionally tweeting in German to the befuddlement of 99.9% of those who follow me, that is if people still actually read Twitter. This class will be the last before I travel back to Germany at the end of June so I want to finish it with the confidence to tell someone that “I am pleased to meet them but I do not speak enough to their language to facilitate having a conversation and that I hope that I didn’t offend them by saying something erroneously.”. I bet that there is a German compound noun that expresses this in one word.

Make it a great Tuesday friend. I know that you can!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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It’s That Time Of Year

It’s that time of year for me to exclaim “I can’t believe that I’ve been in the ITP Estate for n years!”. I moved into the ITP Estate in March 1999 therefore this year n = 18.

Part of my German homework this weekend required me to find a family photo and identify the people depicted. In doing so I also found a couple of envelopes of photos taken just before I purchased the ITP Estate, including the previous owners’ furnishings, as well as many shots of my efforts to do work on the house prior to moving in my furniture. Ah to be eighteen years younger and full of hope and aspiration for making the house “mine”. Ah the days when almost everything worked as it was supposed to. Ah the days when I thought that the ITP Estate would house the woman I loved, though this one almost came true way back when…

I may post some of my admittedly horrible photos, which were taken with point-and-shoot disposable cameras. You may be amused to see some of the discoveries that I made when I first took ownership.

More Mysteries
My life at the ITP Estate is full of surprises. The other day I noticed a piece of paper on my front lawn. As I do I walked out to pick it up, and as I did I realized that I was standing on a section of lawn that had been tended to by someone other than me. Gone was the small pile of leaves, as well as all of the leaves from about one fourth of the lawn. What? All I can imagine is that the worker to whom I gave money came back and did the work. If he thinks that I am going to give him more money for this work he has another thing coming to him.

Decent Weekend
On Friday afternoon I met up with friends at The Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points for some beers and food. Since my 16:00 interview had been rescheduled I had ample time to get up there, park, and wander about. I dropped into Criminal Records to inquire about selling them my CD and album collections. I certainly do not need to carry these with me through the rest of my days. If my schedule this week opens up as I hope that it will, then I will tote my wares up there to see what they offer.

Saturday was a wash. I did a sloppy hour of riding on my trainer while watching the live coverage of Paris-Nice. I made a couple of meals at home. And then I seemingly spent the rest of the day watching all of the remaining unwatched episodes of Season 5 of “The Great British Baking Show”. While watching that season unfold I was skeptical that one of the contestants seemed to be getting passes for bakes that lacked professional appearance. There was one episode in particular when she was awarded “Star Baker” when her signature bake looked completely amateurish compared to the other three women’s work. When I finally saw the conclusion I searched “great british baking show scandal” and found mention of her. It seems as if many peopled thought that she was flirting with judge Paul Hollywood, but about a year later this was debunked when she came out as being a lesbian, so probably not.

Yesterday was another day of domestic bliss as I stayed at home, ate leftovers, watched the final stage of Paris-Nice, and did some coding practice. With some nagging inner-knee pain experienced on Saturday’s pedal and some unexpected gastro-intestinal distress I decided to give my body a day of rest. Looking at my exercise logs I see that I had not had a rest day since the previous Sunday, so no need for me to be concerned. The day seemed to fly by, it was if we moved the clocks ahead six hours instead of one.

Can I Get An ‘E’?
Another task I (finally) performed on Saturday was to pair up and put away my socks from the laundry that I did last Wednesday. A long time ago I mentioned that I had started the habit of labeling socks so that I could easily pair them. On Saturday I found only one ‘E’. This is what I deserve for not pairing them at the laundromat, for if I had done so I would have noticed that I was missing one and perhaps been able to find it in the washing machine or dryer that I used. Oh well, it’s not like I have a sock shortage on my hands, or my feet for that matter.

What Shall I Do Today?
The weather forecast for today is less than stellar so today I am going to try out a new-to-me LA Fitness location, one that provides covered parking. I will be going to the Buckhead location that is in the same structure as Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

With the rescheduled phone interview to take place at 13:00 I will try to time my workout so that I can be done and showered by then. Not that it means much to you, but I am contemplating delaying my lunch until after the call so that I don’t have to rush my meal.

The rest of my day will be spent doing German homework and coding practice.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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