Really poking along this morning and not pleased with myself.

Last night’s Irish Stew experiment was good, but had a strong bitter finish to it that I didn’t care for. And yes, in the end I caved and:
1) went to Kroger for my vegetables
2) put fake meat (beef chunks) into it

I’d like to try making the recipe again because if I can eliminate the bitterness I think that I’d really enjoy eating it.

I want to cook tonight, but even if I skip the play for which I have a ticket (Courtenay’s Cabaret), I should go home and eat some of the many leftovers I still have at my disposal.

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Got my fat ass out of bed on a cold morning only to have beaten the Waschsalon employee to work. Ah, she just arrived.

Hmm, for the second time in a row one of the Waschsalon’s perks, WiFi, seems to be non-functional. I hope that they have not done away with this.

Tonight I will be experimenting on Betsy by making this Vegan Irish Stew. I know, this is blasphemy… 😂

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It’s 8:10 and a pity that I am still unshowered and in bed because the sound of helicopters hovering over I-20 right now tells me that there’s been accident. A look at Google Maps shows me that the accident has occurred at I-20 and Moreland Avenue, and if were ready to go I could possibly miss it all by taking an alternate route. However, I am not ready so it’s anybody’s guess how long it will take me to get to work today. Well, at least I am not part of the accident…

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Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

Friday night was good, had a beer at Yacht Club before seeing “Waffle Palace: Christmas”.

Saturday turned out to be a mildly productive day during which I was able to spend 50 minutes on the trainer without hurting my ankle. So that wasn’t bad.

Then there was yesterday…
To begin, the Black Sheep Hash was somewhere near a place called “Dallas”; it felt as if I had driven to Texas by the time I arrived. Three hashers I respect greatly laid the trail, and put a hard-to-find check, after a countback twenty, at the trail’s start. I got separated from the pack while trying to solve the check, in the middle of a stand of briars, and was retreating to the start when Glory Mole texted me her GPS coordinates. It still took me over fifteen minutes, and massive amounts of cursing, to get to her. We “finished” the trail, and by “finished” I mean “were picked up after spending two hours to complete the ‘easy’ first two-thirds of the trail”. Hey, we weren’t alone though as there were three first-timers behind us. It’s taken me awhile, but I have come to the conclusion that Black Sheep is a runners’ hash, meaning that if you don’t plan on running the majority of trail you might not want to do it because they are too long and hard to walk.

To cap off the day, Werder Bremen lost 0-1, at home, to the team with worst record in the Bundesliga. If Werder Bremen doesn’t get relegated at the end of this season I will be surprised.
I’m shocked the Jets managed to beat the Dolphins by a point yesterday. So, at least I’ve got that going for me…

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Ah, a relaxing night at home; it was much needed. I am working from home today, so while it shouldn’t be relaxing at least I don’t have to deal with a commute.

Last night I hooked up my new AppleTV.

Yes, I did.

I bought a new AppleTV because I wanted to move my old one to the basement for trainer rides, and this purchase got me a “free” year of Apple TV+ (Apple’s new streaming service), a $60 savings.

Imagine my horror when I was told the app I use to watch German soccer was no longer available! Goddammit Fox! First you takeaway my rugby, then you take away my app? Turns out there is now a dedicated rugby app, which would have been nice to know when the season was still in progress, and a new Fox Sports app for soccer. However, I can’t figure out how to log into my account in order to watch Bundesliga games! I did figure out how to stream the games from my iPad, which still has the app, so that will suffice.

Waffle Palace Christmas tonight at Horizon Theatre. 🙂

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I tried listening to a Christmas song yesterday, the mood is not in me yet.

What is in me is too much food. Combining this problem with my gimpy ankle, I have decided to skip tonight’s SLUT hash even though the start (and most likely end) is no more than two miles from the ITP Estate.

Speaking of the ITP Estate, this month I am going to try to return to ridding it of unnecessary items. I have been listening to an audiobook about Minimalism, and while I can’t be as ruthless as its author, it is inspiring me to attempt to make some changes.

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Decided I needed exercise before German class so I did about a three-mile stroll through Piedmont Park.
Sometimes it’s hard to remember you are in midtown Atlanta
Had I not managed to hurt my apparently-never-going-to-heal ankle it would have been a much better experience.

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I always have the best intentions to be productive when I spend a night at home, but things don’t always go to plan…

On my way home I stopped at Kroger to buy some ingredients for a meal I wanted to try — a modified “Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic” — to which I substituted Italian sausage for some of the chicken. Since the oven was going to be on anyway, I also baked three sweet potatoes. My meal was “different”, but I liked it. The meal also took much longer to make than anticipated.

The fact that I was able to cook was nearly a miracle since I was almost hit by a car in the Kroger parking lot as I wheeled my groceries toward my car. The look of horror in the face of the driver, who was driving carelessly and did not use a turn signal, convinced me that my fear of being hit was not imagined.

For the next three weeks I hope to consume a lot of the food that currently resides in my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer, buying as little as possible to make meals from it.

Tonight is German class, or so I believe as I type this.

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You can tell that I am out of sync returning to work this morning because I am late (later than normal), and as I got out of my car I realized that I forgot to bring my lunch. Dangen!

The remainder of the long weekend was quite fun. I attended both Dayroom shows
Dayroom Reunion: Night #2
visited the Atlanta German Christkindl Market (it was good, but not great), and visited the relatively-new Best End Brewery where I drank a decent beer and ate some delicious food. Oh yeah, I also hashed Fat Boy on Saturday if you can call walking around a park for about a half-mile hashing.

For me November turned out to be Retrovember; I planted trees with Trees Atlanta and saw Dayroom in concert, it was like I was back in 1998!

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Oops, I meant to post earlier but got sidetracked deleting the onslaught of Black Friday emails that arrived in my inboxes.

Yesterday was a good Thanksgiving, even if I only managed thirty minutes on the trainer due in large part to my silliness. While pedaling I wanted to adjust my heart rate monitor, and as I unsnapped the strap it dropped, getting caught in the spokes and wound around the rear cassette. I had to spend a few minutes untangling it, and then attempting to wipe off the chain grease. D’Oh!

I believe that my corn pudding was a success. I brought home the leftovers but considering how long they had been sitting out decided to throw them out.

Hope you all had a wonderful day, and don’t have to deal with any shopping today, unless it’s done online of course. 😉

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