Open Door Policy

The ITP Estate is good at one thing, keeping warm air inside the house. Unfortunately when it is 75° F inside with no air flowing it can feel a bit stuffy. As I quickly type today’s blog post, while sitting in the dark, I have my one functioning window open (with a box fan sucking air into the house), and two doors wide open. This arrangement doesn’t provide the cross-ventalation necessary for great airflow but I am trying my damnedest to exchange air inside the house for that which is outside.

Don’t Bring Sand To The Beach
Yesterday was not my most productive day, but I did manage to get some things done. Around 11:00am I drove my dirty laundry to my favorite lavanderia and did three loads — including some cycling kits! While the clothes were in the dryer I wandered to Pollo Norteño and ordered my “usual” from the “usual” waitress who never seems to be nice to me; I’ve done nothing, honestly.

I returned home to attempt German homework – fail; attempt job interview preparation – fail; attempt German homework – fail. Around 4:00pm I got tired of sitting around and quickly changed into some “workout” clothes and went out for a ride — on my mountain bike. Ha! Betcha didn’t see that coming!

The plan was to ride over to what I am referring to as “BeltLine 2020”, that stretch of abandoned rail-line that goes south from Glenwood Avenue. After riding the streets around Grant Park to my entrance I quickly discovered one thing, the path that exists today is full of deep sand (which as I type this realize probably resulted from sand lost from the railcars that used those tracks) making it nearly impossible to ride. I really needed a fat-tire bike! I struggled mightily, stopping and walking a few times, before finally making it to Boulevard and abandoning my adventure. I rode my way around the streets until I got to a point of recognition, and then wound my way back to the ITP Estate. Tale of the tape: 41 minutes, 7 miles. Well, at least it was better than nothing, right?

ITP Flickr Pic
In your mind’s eye picture me driving, up I-85 again, this time toward Black Mountain, NC. Oh look, it’s a South Carolina QT selling the same gas that can be purchased in Georgia, only for $0.25/gallon cheaper.

Meet Me Mid-Way
The The Midway Pub can have that as their slogan if they wish. They can run with it, I’m just an idea guy.

Had I food in the house I could have stayed home and watched the Bears v. Packers game on CBS, though I would not have been able to see any of the Cubs v. Dodgers game. Instead I meandered up to The Midway Pub, where more times than not recently I have run into ITP-Reader Betsy. That was the case again last night as she apparently is playing in a bocce ball league.

It was a good thing that I arrived when I did because not only were the two sports events soon to start, and the place crawling with bocce ballers, but the weekly East Atlanta Farmers Market was winding up for the night. (side note: I have yet to make it back to the EAFM in nearly two years; too busy / bad timing I guess). I found a table and proceeded to order a beer.

Later in the evening, around 9:00pm, I finally ordered some food. I suppose that I was in some sort of trance, or not actually that hungry, because I barely noticed that forty minutes had passed and my food had not arrived. The waiter came over and explained the problem, and comped my veggie corn dogs, which were to arrive about ten minutes later. Hooray for having sufficient food-store and getting free stuff!

I didn’t stay out for the entirety of the sporting events, instead returning home and watching the end of the football game. Thankfully for me the proper Chicago teams won and lost — isn’t that right, ITP-Reader Stacy?

Headed To Hippyville
It’s that time again when I make my way up to Black Mountain, NC for LEAF. Let me refresh your memory a bit. Black Mountain is situated about fifteen miles east of Asheville, NC so it should take slow-driving Paulie a little more than four hours to get there today. I am going there for my semi-annual meetup with the Raleigh Royalty at the Lake Eden Arts Festival (aka LEAF).

When you read this I may actually be on the road, well literally the M6 will be on the road and I will sitting inside of it, or I will be in Black Mountain doing my best “No Rain / No Freezing Cold” dances.

There will be a first at this LEAF — the Raleigh Royalty have secured a camper and rented a truck to pull it. For the first time we will have indoor accommodations. Of course it will still get chilly outside, but that’s okay.

Here’s to hoping that we all make this one of the best weekends we’ve ever had. I will write at you again on Monday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

By The Numbers

I find it impossible to believe that I’ve used that title twice before.

37 At 15
I went out for what I had intended to be a stress-relieving bike ride to Stone Mountain, leaving at around 9:30am. The first thing I noticed was how hot it was for this late in the year. Good golly Miss Molly!

I struggled with traffic lights, seemingly getting caught at each and every one.
I discovered that my Wahoo Fitness TICKR heart rate monitor was no longer working (late last night I found a fresh battery and it is working again).
I struggled with the amount of traffic on the roads.
I realized that I forgot to change my Wahoo Fitness app’s category from “Run” to “Cycle”, so my entire ride was recorded as a run (boy do I run fast when I run on a bicycle!).

And to combat all of this I took the “wrong way” ’round the mountain, read “counter-clockwise”. I could have used that short but steep, climb in the park’s outer loop for Vermont training…

I thought that I was moving at a fairly reasonable rate of speed until I did the calculation to see that after two hours I had only covered thirty miles, for a paltry 15 mph average speed. I probably could have used a second heart and a third lung during portions of the ride as well.

My ride took me about two hours, thirty minutes, and at the end I was wiped out. I was finished at 12pm, didn’t get in the shower until nearly 1pm, and didn’t leave the house again until 4pm and that was to eat an early dinner since all I ate for lunch was handfuls of almonds with a 32oz Gatorade. As I recovered it took immense concentration to not move my legs in a fashion that would encourage cramping.

The other day I mentioned picking up a bottle of Alpine Beer Company Duet IPA at Hop City on the west side. I “rewarded” myself last night by drinking the 22-ounce bottle only to see “Best By: 07-July-2016” imprinted on the label as I poured out the remainder of the bottle into my glass. I guess it never dawned on my that any beer would hang around Hop City long enough to exceed its “Best By” date.

“Inspired By ‘The Incomparable’ Podcast” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Inspired By "The Incomparable" Podcast
This is a photo of the Alpine Beer Company’s Duet IPA that I purchased at Hop City. Not only did I want to document my purchase, I thought the colors on the label played well with the colors on the wall of the fountain.

I pay a lot of money to insure the M6. This is the price I pay quarterly for being a male (even though I am over 50), single, living in a “high crime” area, and having previously made claims against my insurance. I’ve looked into alternative sources of insurance, none of which are much cheaper. Looks as if I really will have to get a job again. Dangen!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Not Exactly

Things are not going exactly as hoped. However I do remain optimistic that I will continue along the job-hunt path that I’ve started to wander.

Be Careful What You Say
Not wanting to represent myself as an employee for a company which has closed its Atlanta office I updated my LinkedIn profile yesterday. Identifying myself as “Unemployed” seemed sad, so I changed my current status to “Software Developer at Sharpened Stone, LLC”. Longtime ITP Readers probably remember Sharpened Stone as my failed LLC, the one I still need to ensure is completely out of business in the eyes of the State of Georgia before year’s end.

And then a flood of congratulatory messages started to arrive from friends and former coworkers. Clearly my attempt to not appear unemployed sent a message that I was indeed employed, the only problem being that none of these people know that Sharpened Stone is merely a placeholder. Oops.

It appears that I have inadvertently put my foot into a bucket again by saying the wrong things. This happens a lot to me, or should I properly say that I do this too often.

Just Call Me “Asthmatic Kitten”
(my homage to Asthmatic Kitty Records)

I tried running again yesterday; “tried” is the best way to describe my effort. Within a mile I was wheezing steadily, with my heart rate skyrocketing. I made it an entire mile, and then pulled the reins and walked for a little while.

I tried running again when the road descended to flatness and struggled to make it another mile. And then I pulled the reins again and walked, this time up the very steep hill that is Atlanta Avenue between Confederate and Boulevard toward Grant Park.

A third mile attempt was made, but with foot pain and disinterest I only made it three-quarters of a mile before seeing the hills on Berne Street ahead of me and returned to walking.

All in all the Wahoo Fitness app recorded a journey of 4.4 miles in about an hour.

Maybe I’ll mount a bicycle today, at least when my heart rate shoots through the roof I can coast for a little while.

ITP Flickr Pic
Coffers are empty, not seeing anything that pleases me.

It’s Never What They Say It Will Be
I thought I was being clever last night by ordering my Tin Drum dinner online so that it would be ready when I walked into Colony Square. Their app assured me that my order would be ready at 5:57pm.

When I arrived at 6:00pm my order was still not ready, and I’d have to wait almost another ten minutes before I received my food. Seeing that the kitchen was overwhelmed I politely took my bag and left the shop.

With a 6:30pm German class start time I had to eat faster than I wanted, I’ve been trying to learn to slow down, so that I could get into class on time.

You Win Some, You Lose Some
Feeling like a huge loser at the moment.

Yesterday I brewed a pot of coffee to near perfection. I ground just enough beans to use and poured the appropriate amount of water into Mr. Coffee. My morning was blessed with smooth, dark coffee.

So I could do it again today, right? Well, I’ve a history in fucking up things I want, you know.

Beans were ground and scooped into the filter.
Water was added to the reservoir.

I added more of each in order to get a full third cup of delicious java today.

The power switch was flipped on and I was ready for another success.

And then my morning went to shit. I looked in horror as darkened water and grounds started overflowing from the basket area. A clog had occurred, from which there would be no recovery. The only next step was to unplug Mr. Coffee and dump the contents of his basket.

Knowing I had to give Mr. Coffee a thorough cleaning, a second effort was made using a french press.

Get Me Back to Düsseldorf!
The course for the 2017 Tour de France has been announced and Düsseldorf will indeed host Stage 1 on July 1st, as well as be the departure for Stage 2 on July 2nd. I’d love to be there for these stages, especially since they occur a week before the 2017 EuroHash in Vienna, Austria for which I have already registered and secured a hotel room.

Of course who knows what life will bring me in the time between now and then…

May the roads rise to meet your feet, just not so steeply that they force you to stop running as well.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

The End Is Nigh?

Had an interesting conversation yesterday. No commitments, but promising…

From Pabst? Really?
I forgot to mention this in yesterday’s blog. While at The Elder Tree Public House on Sunday watching football the waiter said that their draft beer was warm, so I opted for canned beer. My first order, Iron Maiden Trooper ESB (yes, that Iron Maiden), was sold out (naturally) so I turned to a beer called Old Tankard Ale, which was also marked as an ESB. In case you hadn’t heard, I enjoy the wildly unpopular beer style know as Extra Special Bitter.

Wasn’t I surprised to find out that not only is Old Tankard Ale brewed by Pabst (yes, that Pabst), and I enjoyed it!

ITP Flickr Pic
“Laundry Day” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Laundry Day
Taken during my last laundry day, the next laundry day will occur on Thursday.

What Is Your Quest?
Yesterday morning I listened to a The Incomparable podcast in which a panel of beer drinkers talked about beer. Never has a panel of beer drinkers been assembled whose taste in beer is so different from my own. Almost to a person they all disliked IPAs and summarily disliked the one IPA that they tasted, Alpine Beer‘s Duet IPA. Naturally I needed to taste this beer.

Through the magic of the internet I found out that I could buy Alpine Beer at Hop City Beer on the westside. And they did! While I was at Hop City I also asked about buying Old Tankard Ale, but unfortunately they did not stock that beer.

Instead, I Binged On Netflix


Instead of going out to a bar to watch the Jets lose again, having no ESPN at the ITP Estate, I stayed at home and watched all seven episodes of the second and final season of “Detectorists” on Netflix. Holy crap I enjoyed this quirky Britcom even if the final payoff was a bit understated.

COBRA Paperwork Received
Further reminder of my impending loss of healthcare benefits arrived in the mail yesterday in the form of paperwork to sign up for COBRA. Guess I should look into this today…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Beginning Of Another Week

Another weekend of beautiful weather. We should enjoy this it while we can.

ITP-Reader Steve, sorry I didn’t make it out for the Highland Games this weekend. FWIW – I also missed the L5P Halloween Parade and the Decatur Beer Festival.

On Saturday morning I drove my bicycle up to Vinings to do the 10am group ride out of Atlanta Cycling with ITP-Reader Al (and others, of course); I was summarily dropped within the first three miles. Al, who does this as his second ride of the morning, was able to keep up. Judging by my skill level, or lack thereof, the pace was fast; I believe this was because the group was not that large. I did manage to find the shortcut this time, and had the privilege of being passed by almost everyone again by taking it. This could very well be my last group ride attempt of the year as I will be traveling again this weekend, and the colder weather will start to arrive, therefore I will shrink like a violet and return to indoor rides.

After the ride I was treated to lunch by Al at his house. En route he picked up a boatload of delicious barbecued meat from Righteous ‘Que in East Cobb. I ate with Al, his wife Raquel (with whom I also used to work), and their kids. The lunch certainly improved my attitude after my struggles with the ride.

I returned ITP, and remained here for the remainder of the weekend, around 2:30pm. At the ITP Estate I cleaned up and then hailed a Lyft to take me downtown where I hung out at the Marriott Marquis. The Marriott Marquis was the end point for the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. As ITP-Reader Randy and I discussed in Raleigh when I was last up there, I feel this should be named “Atlanta 2-Day Walk Against Breast Cancer” given that we are fighting against it, and not for it. Pedantic much?

ITP Flickr Pic
“View Fit For A Marquis” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
View Fit For A Marquis
Taken from a room in the Marriott Marquis. The dirt spots were on the outside of window, not on the iPhone’s lens.

As I found out yesterday not only did the Marriott Marquis host the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer it was also the home base for a meeting of the Nation of Islam this weekend. Busy busy.

Binge Watching
Last week I received an email listing ten BBC shows on Netflix that were binge worthy. Here’s the list:

  • Peaky Blinders
  • Scrotal Recall (AKA Lovesick)
  • The Inbetweeners
  • Luther
  • Detectorists
  • Happy Valley
  • The IT Crowd
  • Southcliffe
  • River
  • The Fall

I took the hook on one of them, Detectorists. The best way to describe this two-season series, for which I have now watched the entirety of the six-episode first season, is to steal the blurb from the email:

Detectorists comes on slow, but wins you over in the long run. Essentially, the show revolves around two unusual members of the fictional Danebury Metal Detecting Club, Andy Stone (Mackenzie Crook) and Lance Stater (Toby Jones). The show has them seeking buried treasure along lost Saxon burial ground and deal with the day-to-day goings on of the club and everyday happenings of life. It’s quirky, genuine, and makes for a solid, binge-worthy watch.

Detectorists is typical Bitcom with dry (almost nonexistent) humor, it’s slowly paced, and you don’t reap the entire reward of watching it until you’ve seen the entire season.

To be honest I have seen episodes of The IT Crowd, which aired from 2006-2013.

Look, I can’t find any more of The Great British Bake Off online, I have to watch something…

The NFL Confuses Me
I believe that my football prognostication skills have dried up much like my cycling skills have. At the end of tonight’s Jets loss to Arizona I will have only correctly picked eight of the fifteen games played this weekend.

No Pressure
I have a job interview today.
I hope that my software development skills have not followed my cycling and football prognostication ones.
No pressure.

Have a great day friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Musings Of A Pregnant Yak

Today’s title is inspired by my days at the University of Florida when someone wrote this on the computer terminals we were using. Yes Dear Reader, back in my early days as a student we programmed on “networked” computer terminals that were connected to mainframe servers. While IBM PCs were a thing, “real computing” at that time was done on VAX computers. This tidbit of nearly-thirty-year-old trivia popped into my mind as I drove past Gainesville, FL yesterday.

Forget Me Not
In addition to struggling to find time to do anything of importance during my three-day excursion to Florida I also failed to pack the power brick for my computer. Even in this age of heightened popularity of Macs it’s difficult to borrow, and too expensive to buy another, power brick.

The power brick was not the only thing I managed to leave ITP. In getting ready to do that first ride on Monday I never found my Garmin GPS. I recalled taking it off of the bicycle in Atlanta, and I thought that I had dropped it into my “bicycle” bag, but alas it was not there in Dunedin.

Somebody needs to consult his packing list better before his next trip — read “when I leave a week from today to drive to Black Mountain, NC for LEAF”.

ITP Flickr Pic
I have nothing today. I supposed I could have taken photos of my meals, or the beer I bought, but alas I did not.

The Long, Uneventful Journey
Many may criticize my speed-limit driving, but I was able to pass the numerous speed traps set up along I-75 yesterday with confidence. I don’t need neither the hassle nor the expense of getting pulled over and issued a speeding ticket. Including my stops for breakfast, beer, lunch, and gas (I could have made it all of the way home, but I would have been in need of getting gas this morning) my journey yesterday clocked in at nine hours, thirty minutes.

Here are some musings of my own from the journey there and back:

– I am disappointed in the state of Georgia (whom I assume is responsible) for the closing of so many rest areas on our interstate highways. Perhaps the Federal Government dictates this, but other states seem to have all of their rest areas still in service.

– During two of my stops I noticed that the Shoney’s at that exit had closed. I wasn’t trying to eat at either, though I’ve eaten at Shoney’s in the past. Is the chain in financial straits?

– No QTs exist on I-75 south of I-675 (though there may actually be one just south of I-675).

– Gas in Florida is priced cheaper than it is in Georgia. Why is the state of Georgia become one of the highest-priced (taxed) gas states in the South?

– On the trip down I saw many residents returning home after the hurricane. Yesterday I saw many utility vehicles returning home after helping restore service to those affected by the storm.

– When you are unemployed and return from a trip on Thursday afternoon you are surprised to have it be Friday when you wake up the next day. Time is weird.

Have a great weekend friends!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

Home Coming

When you read this I am either eating breakfast with my mother, or on the road heading home. Of course you may be reading this during the time when I am at Lueken’s Liquors picking up some beer to bring home with me.

Follow Me To The Headwinds!
There is an old adage “Red sky at night, sailors’ delight”. I want to start a new one, “Gray sky at morning, cyclists’ warning”.

The gray sky yesterday didn’t inspire me to go out riding, my fat belly and knowledge that I would be a leftover eater did.

I headed out on the same route as Monday only to find an annoying headwind impeding my progress. I didn’t help my cause either by riding out the Dunedin causeway, where there is no shelter from the wind, to the entrance of Honeymoon Island State Park.

Hilariously I looked at my stats at the end of the ride and my maximum elevation was 35′, yes, thirty-five feet. My ride covered 31 miles in about two hours; at my fastest point, when sheltered from the wind I was “speeding” on the Pinellas Trail by exceeding the 20mph speed limit.

I thought that I was going to take a second spur off the trail yesterday until I noticed that I was riding though a gate with a “No Trespassing” sign attached to it.

Yesterday I saw a group ride, of about ten, out on the Pinellas Trail. I never even considered looking for a group ride while I was down here.

ITP Flickr Pic
“I Stink At Selfies” (Dunedin, Florida, United States)
I Stink At Selfies
As close as I would come to entering the park since I didn’t want to pay the $2 entrance fee.

I Eat More Chicken Than Any Man Ever Seen
Because of my mother’s poor health, specifically the pain mess she’s had to take, she slept a lot yesterday. Because of this I wound up being a leftover vacuum.

For brunch I finished off the Mexican food we brought back from our Monday dinner.

My dinner consisted of leftover KFC with some macaroni salad.

There was an inquiry about whether or not I want to take chicken with me for lunch on the road. I’m not so sure about this…

Bingo Baller
He is my winning card and the $70 of winnings that remained after I tipped the volunteer $5. After splitting this with my mother, and deducting the $20 I invested in the night, I wound up with a $15 profit.
Ill-Gotten Gains
Think of the fifteen sandwiches I could have purchased if we had been playing at the church again.

Returning Home To Restart
I am looking forward to returning home. I have many, many things to do including figuring out what I am going to do for healthcare. Oh joy!

I also need to restart my efforts to learn German and Swift.

Oh, and on Monday afternoon I have an interview. Wait, what?!?

Paulie [dunedin/fl]

What’s That Definition Of ‘Insanity’?

Oh yeah, doing the same thing over and expecting different results. I must be insane.

That’s “Mr. Chauffeur” To You
In what may be some sort of record my mother was in and out of her doctor’s appointment in fewer than ten minutes, and this was after hey took her in five minutes early! This completely destroyed my whole idea of how the morning would go.

With newly-found time on our hands we:
– went to the bowling alley for breakfast.
– went to The Medicine Shoppe to fill her prescription.
– went to Publix to get the necessary items for the night’s card game.
– went to KFC to place the order that we’d be picking up four hours later.

And I then four hours later:
– returned to The Medicine Shoppe to purchase a heating pad for her back.
– returned to KFC to pick up chicken for the night (and then some).

The evening was a barrel of laughs as my mother, three aunts, one uncle, and I played two-penny-ante poker. Uncertain of how much change I started with, I didn’t count, I believe I finished the night ahead.

ITP Flickr Pic
“We May Have A Merry Christmas, But It Was A Lousy Day Of Bingo For Me” (Dunedin, Florida, United States)
We May Have A Merry Christmas, But It Was A Lousy Day Of Bingo For Me
As if it weren’t embarrassing enough to be out playing bingo…

And Yet I’ll Try Again Tonight
Growing up I always used to hear “If at first you don’t succeed p, try, try again”. It is with that adage that I will be taking my mother to bingo again tonight. Hopefully this time I will be luckier than just being the target of cougars. Yeah, roll that concept around in your brain for a moment.

But before I do this I will be going out for another thirty-miles on the bike this morning. I am going to ride the same course as I did on Monday, hoping that I do it a little better today.

Unfortunately it has become apparent that I won’t be making it to any of the area’s breweries on this trip. I will have to settle for stopping at the local package store and stocking up prior to my return to being inside the perimeter tomorrow.

Paulie [dunedin/fl]

I’ve Got That Youthful Feeling

It’s always good to travel to this part of Florida when you are feeling a bit old.

You are not old.

A Series Of Sprints
I got out yesterday morning for a thirty-mile ride, averaging just a little faster than 15mph. Given that the terrain in this part of the world is pancake flat, seriously the only “climb” was an overpass, my average speed was slow. My defense for my slow speed is that I had to slow/stop at least thirty times for stop signs along the northern section of the Pinellas Trail.

It felt good to be out spinning the wheels again.

At Least Lightning Didn’t Strike
Yesterday I joined my mother and two aunts for some daytime bingo at a Catholic church. The two best things I can say about the outing was that I was not struck by lightning upon entering the church, and I consumed this $1 ham and cheese sandwich:
$1? Hello, Florida!
My mother and aunts did win a couple of times, I was shut out. Gott Dangen!

Oh yeah, I was called “handsome” by more than one woman at bingo. Perhaps there is a benefit to cataracts after all… 🙂

ITP Flickr Pic
“Life Doesn’t Suck” (Dunedin, Florida, United States)
Life Doesn't Suck
The only thing I did wrong during yesterday’s bike ride was to inadvertently end the Wahoo Fitness app when I stopped to take this photo, losing the recording of the first four miles. This shot was taken from atop the day’s only “climb”.

Doctor, Shopping, And Poker? Oh My!
I thought that I was going to have a free morning while my mother joined one of her sisters at the doctor today. I was going to wander up to the bowling alley for breakfast discussing Social Security reform with my fellow retirees, and then over to Dunedin Brewery for a pint discussing Obamacare with Millenial slackers, all prior to their return. Alas, my aunt’s appointment is an hour later than she thought so I have been called into chauffeur duty.

After coming back from the doctor mom and I will be doing some obligatory grocery shopping at Publix before going to KFC to ensure that they will have the necessary chicken for the penny-ante poker game that she will will be hosting tonight. Don’t hate, someone has to live the Floridian High Life.

Have a great day, friends.

(Oh yeah, ITP-Reader Ronnie if you read this you may get a kick to find out that I have been spared a meal at Kally K’s because it is currently “closed for remodeling”.)

Paulie [dunedin/fl]

Gone South

I am outside the perimeter again. What the fu…

Long And Slow
I hit the road a little after 8:00am yesterday headed to Florida. Not wishing to fill the coffers of State Troopers I plodded down I-75, rarely exceeding the speed limit, only stopping for gas in Cordele, Georgia and lunch in Gainesville, Florida.

Traffic in the town of my alma mater (the University of Florida in case you didn’t know) has gotten much worse since I attended school there nearly thirty years ago. (I know, I look so young!) After failing to find a suitable place to eat and watch a little NFL, I drove to the traditionally dead part of town and popped into a Chinese buffet to quickly fill my belly before returning to the interstate.

Understandably the drive was filled with many cars appearing to be headed home after escaping Hurricane Matthew.

I rolled into Dunedin around 4:00pm, and made a quick stop for cash and beer before completing my journey.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Rolling Down The Causeway” (Tampa Bay, Florida, United States)
Rolling Down The Causeway
A quick snap as I drove westward along the Courtney-Campbell Causeway yesterday. I am old enough to remember when this was a narrower, poorly-lit stretch of road. Causeway driving was a thrill when I first got my drivers license.

Monday Is A Bingo Day
As you read this I may be squeezing in a twenty-mile ride before cleaning up to go to afternoon bingo with my mother and aunts at some church. If I am lucky I will also be noshing on a $1 ham and cheese sandwich while playing.

Have a great day friends.

Paulie [dunedin/fl]

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