Not chilly this morning so I was up and at it, trying to learn Swift and lost track of the time. Oops.

Scheduled no-event night tonight; it’s a much-needed break in my self-imposed hectic schedule.

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Another chilly morning, another slow start to my day. Some might even goes as far as to say that there is a correlation.

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Warm bed feels wonderful on a chilly April morning.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.8 pounds (-3.0 from last week’s weigh-in); roller coaster continues, at least it’s now headed downward again.

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As if having to fork over a additional $4k today wasn’t bad enough, my pants are tight for the first time in a year. This, after a weekend of riding 40 miles on Saturday, and doing a hard hash yesterday. I’m getting fatter, not thinner. Poop.

I’m starting to wonder if the M6 can predict the weather. The TPMS warning came on, again, yesterday while driving to the hash and this morning it is chilly outside. Anyone know of a Subaru dealer looking for a weather-predicting trade-in? 🙄

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Another early morning.

Enjoyed an evening with Bonnie seeing a rather un-relatable (for me) one-woman play called “Approval Junkie”.

Today I’ll be hooking up with some old friends for Happy Hour.

Mark your calendar formJune 8th when my humble street, Milton Place, will be hosting its first EAV block party.

Barb, later this morning I’ll text you about tomorrow.

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Starting “Year Three” at “XYZ Corp” with an early morning in an attempt to avoid some of the shitty traffic in which I sat yesterday, and to allot time for some personal work later.

Traffic was so snarled yesterday when I exited the office building at 5pm that I chose to go on an hour-long walk to, and around, Piedmont Park instead of getting into my car and starting my commute.

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German class followed by heading straight home for a much-needed night of relaxation and no beer drinking.

Today I start righting the food-intake, and exercise ships.

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Having too much fun, time to stop the insanity — see below.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 215.8 pounds (+3.6 from last week’s weigh-in); inconceivable! This this is the heaviest I’ve been since early 2018. 😢

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A weekend of running into people I know.

On Saturday while riding the Beltline with Bonnie we ran into Franklin (BRAG), and Frank (aka “Royal Fuck”).

Yesterday I ran into an old coworker while I was entering the airport, and later in the day I saw Greg from Trees Atlanta while he was out walking dogs.

I almost felt popular for having so many random encounters.

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I am really going to miss the lack of traffic when Spring break is over next week.

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