To the best of my ability I’d like to increase my efforts to do the things for which I have a passion. Currently I am eating a hard-boiled egg sandwich at The Waschsalon.

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Unlike yesterday I am feeling lazy this morning. Perhaps it was all of the wine I drank last night?

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6:20am and I am in the office waiting for the coffee maker to warm up.

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It was a fairly uneventful drive home yesterday until I neared Lavonia and heard a boom from the trunk. I knew immediately that I just experienced what Bonnie had described happening to her a few months ago.

I Really Wanted To Try It
This was one of the beers that I bought in Greenville. I only bought this beer as a single, so I will have to wait for a future SC trip to taste it.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.0 pounds. 😭 (+4.0 from last week’s weigh in) 😭😭; more like “Tuesday Whale of the Tape” this week. 😭😭😭

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The M6 (finally) has a new car battery. “But you are OTP, right?” I can hear you think. Yes, but this is what happens when you take an already-weak battery and accidentally leave an interior dome light on until it kills the battery. AAA came through, and though probably more expensive than at an auto parts store, replaced the battery on the spot.

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Long day of driving yesterday (today as I write this). Hit traffic and really heavy rain near Greenville that brought things to a crawl. By the time I reached Charlotte it was 8pm and there was no hope of finding vegetarian food or quality beer near my hotel for the night.

Also while driving got a $140 charge notification from AmEx that I don’t recognize. Dangen.

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Because I was able to get home and mow the yards prior to it raining again last night I am thankful to work for a company that affords work flexibility. I continue to receive job “offers” and even if I were qualified would feel hard-pressed to leave the setup I have now.

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I want to say that today is the fourteenth “anniversary” of the day that I was carjacked; the event that eventually inspired this blog. In my mind the fact that I have forgotten the exact day feels as if some healing has occurred.

I am hoping the rain stays away today because yesterday’s deluge robbed me of the chance to mow my lawn this morning.

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Late night shenanigans after the hash last night. A small group wandered over to Flatiron. Rumor has it that I lost at darts to Glory Mole; the photo proves it.

I Wasn’t The Winner

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 208.0 pounds (+0.2 from last week’s weigh-in), I was hoping for a better result.

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Really fun weekend, even if my bowling was terrible.

After yesterday’s Black Sheep I am paying for the extra wash and rinse cycles at the Waschsalon for my hashing clothes.

FWIW – Tin Drum’s to-go utensil package may be the only one that doesn’t have sal and pepper. This really stinks when you are going to eat a hard boiled egg at the Waschsalon. Just saying.

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