Yesterday’s drive was four hours of slogging through rain, heavy at times. It was slow going and tiring, especially in my condition (fighting off my illness).

I spent the night in Valdosta. I checked Georgia Beer Co. off my Hop Passport, and ate a fast dinner of cheap pizza and salad before returning to the hotel and passing out. The M6 made a disturbing noise when I pulled on the parking brake in the restaurant parking lot, I’m hoping that it’s nothing. 🤞🏻 It made no such noise back at the hotel.

I am hoping today’s four-ish hours will prove to be better, and completely uneventful. Wish me luck.

I think if I can return to Atlanta next week without having to take the M6 for emergency repairs it might be time to consider another car.

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A whole lot of twos and zeroes again today.

My health can best be described as “well enough” as I attempt to return to the tasks that exist on my schedule today. Fortunately doing laundry, which is what I am doing currently, is the only thing that requires physical activity.

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Today’s plan was as follows:

  1. Go to the Waschsalon
  2. Go to work
  3. Get my hair cut
  4. Go to Betsy’s to cook for Top Chef night

All that was placed in jeopardy when my throat became sore are work, and I returned home to spend the entire afternoon and evening in bed under multiple layers of covers. On the rare occasion I got up, I was cold and shivered mightily. So far the first two items will not happen, and though it will bother me to cancel the last two I probably should. Dangen!

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Whew, I’m feeling beat about this morning. Last night I lumbered nearly seven miles to get to the end of the hash. To give the hare a little credit, most of that was off trail when it was realized we had circle-jerked on trail and there was no short way to the end. The distance Bonnie and I covered was further lengthened thanks to Apple Maps not cueing is to turn and then spending an eternity to reroute us. By the time i had realized what was going on there was no choice but to keep going the long way. It turned out that neither Bonnie nor I were DFL, we bested two people who had run trail and also hashed nearly seven miles as well.

Don’t know what today holds in store for me…

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.0 pounds. This is still too high, but slowly headed in the direction I want it to go.

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Even with some technological and personal setbacks this turned out to be a good weekend. One such setback was the return of my old nemesis the TPMS alarm, which sounded on Saturday. 😠

I decided to spend Friday night home alone, made a bastardized version of pizza for myself for an early dinner, and then went to the basement for a tough trainer workout. The pizza was good, but I forgot remember there is a different procedure for making pizza dough using the flour I used, so it came out too bread like.

On Saturday afternoon Bonnie and I did a nice 5-mile hike out at Sweetwater Creek State Park. We then attempted bid adieu to Graveyard Tavern in EAV, but we were there before their opening time of 5pm. We couldn’t wait around for Graveyard to open because we were headed over to Betsy’s for a bit of Christmas tree burning, (real) pizza eating, and beer drinking.

Yesterday was a Black Sheep day! I’m glad to say that neither Glory Mole nor I was DFL! 🎉

Have a great Monday, even if you are in the office and have a dental checkup, like I am/do today.

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I spent Galentines Night at Theatrical Outfit downtown seeing “Slow Food”. The play, which ends its run on Sunday, is a lighthearted look at a couple on vacation trying to eat dinner at a Greek restaurant but are thwarted at every turn, mostly by an insufferable waiter; it was cute. Unbeknownst to me there were two others in attendance who I know, though I didn’t get a chance to say hello to either.

Today marks my seventeenth (roughly, because who else counts this?) year of uninterrupted solidarity on Valentines Day.

Surprisingly there is little traffic on a Friday Valentines, well, at least when you leave your house at 5:10am. I’m in early so that I can leave early, as well as conduct a little personal business later this morning.

Cheers all,

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When I purchased the ticket for last night’s concert at 529 I knew it would be a stretch. Yesterday was an early morning followed by work, then exercise, then Betsy’s for dinner. When I realized that half-mindedly scheduled my auto service for 7:30am in Jonesboro Road, I knew that the concert wasn’t going to happen. And it didn’t, but I did make it to the auto appointment on time, driving through some really heavy rain to get there. I can’t believe that I am going to say this, but the rain caused me to not walk to Waffle House this morning so I saved some calories by buying a sweet from dealer’s vending machine.

Another long day awaits me today.

The only solace I take in feeling overwhelmed recently is that I am the reason my schedule is so packed, and I have the power to unpack it.

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Perhaps doing laundry mid-week is a bad idea, as I wait for the already-late attendant to arrive for work.

Last night I skipped German class and went straight home instead. At home I did a workout on my trainer, made a second attempt at a biscuit burger, and then failed to do a lot of the other things that needed to happen. Oh well.

A very long day and night awaits me, hopefully starting soon if the attendant ever arrives.

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Last night’s weather made it an easy decision to not hash. I wouldn’t be surprised if people ran a trail because that’s the hashing mentality for you. Instead I popped onto my trainer for 45 minutes and got my exercise in that form.

Last night I attempted inventing the biscuit burger, okay, I know that I wouldn’t really be inventing this… The heavy rain also convinced me not to go to Kroger after work, so for the Beyond burger patty that I had identified as “dinner” I attempted to make a biscuit bun using Bisquick. Had I not been so foolish as to bak the biscuit dough on aluminum foil, to which it stuck mightily, this experiment would have been declared a success.

Have I mentioned how much of a rip off I believe Kroger gas is? Even with my $0.20/gallon discount I paid $2.56/gallon, which I believe is pricier than most gas stations’ normal prices. I know I am comparing apples to oranges here, but at a QT in South Carolina last week I paid only $1.99/gallon! Discuss. 😉

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I still get a bit weirded out typing “2020”.

All in all a good weekend. I spent an enjoyable day of drinking beer with Bonnie in Tucker on Saturday, and we hashed Hog Mountain yesterday. Had there not been yet another landowner getting mad and kicking us off property, it would have been an excellent trail. My nose is also a little worse for wear after having a run-in with briar.

A did a lot of cooking this weekend and will be reaping the benefits of that via eating leftovers all week.

Still slightly considering running Moonlite tonight, but the weather forecasted and my urgent need to do some other personal projects will probably keep me away.

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