Barb, you nearly got your Seated referral bonus last night. With a free night, and the desire to treat myself after riding, I was going to have dinner out. Unfortunately (for you) I was ravenous early and decided to eat leftovers at home. That being said, I may have lunch out today…

Yesterday I watched the penultimate episode of season three of The Bear. I will be interested to hear what other people think about this season.

Wordle: four, my starter was ACORN
Connections: one mistake, Yellow > X > Purple > Green > Blue

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In my attempts to use food that I already have purchased, I made a variation of my standard breakfast casserole yesterday. In this version I used a tube of Pillsbury biscuits, six eggs, a jar of pizza sauce, an eight ounce bag of mozzarella, two WLF jalapeños, and a bag of frozen Quorn “chicken” cubes. You know what? It tasted like a deep dish pizza, and satisfied me immensely. Also, it will provide me with five more meals!

When I was out in WLF this week I had a “time is weird” moment. As I was picking a couple of jalapeño peppers I thought back to last year when my pepper plants were producing more than I could eat. It seemed as if it were just yesterday, and not about a year ago. This season I’ve had only hot banana peppers and jalapeños from the two plants that I bought at Lowe’s earlier this year.

Wordle: six, my starter was REACH
Connections: perfect, Green > Yellow > Blue > Purple

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Yesterday morning I baked another amazing zucchini bread, perhaps the last one for a while since all zucchini plants have been yanked from WLF. I have been tweaking a recipe I’ve used for years and have finally fine tuned to my taste. I’m not going to say this is “healthy” but it uses much less sugar than dictated by the original recipe, I use apple sauce instead of oil, and dried cranberries instead of raisins.

Today I am going back to Marietta to pick up my bicycle. Along the way I will stop at Total Wine to get my payment for the services rendered. I am going to *try* to go for a longish ride tomorrow morning to test it out, and to get in a ride.

Wordle: three, my starter was GRAIN
Connections: perfect, Blue > Green > Yellow > Purple

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Another Wordle solution that was on “My List”, but didn’t use at the proper time. Hell, today I even zagged when I should have zigged.

I struggled mightily this morning with Connections. And as you will see below, eventually failed today.

Today I am going to attempt to stay at home all day and do some choring. Given that it will be hot and humid later, it’s already humid, most of my activity will occur indoors.

Wordle: four, my starter was DAILY
Connections: perfect, Yellow > X > Green > X > X

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On Friday I watched a YouTube video posted a couple of years ago which identified six neighborhoods to avoid when moving to “Atlanta” (and, if I interpreted the vibe correctly, you are black). East Atlanta made #2 behind Stone Mountain. I felt so proud. 🙂

Saturday morning I drove out to Conyers to go to Tractor Supply and Harbor Freight Tools. I needed some fertilizer for WLF and some 30% vinegar for weed killing, and just wanted to do something different than I have been doing recently.

I have skipped forward and started watching season 3 of The Bear. Can somebody explain why Hulu insists on calling this series a “comedy drama”? I’ve watched from the beginning and it has been nothing but dark, stressful, well made television, but there is nothing funny about it to me.

Today I am bringing my bike up the best mechanic in the Grove family for a once over prior to heading for Iowa. Inconceivably, we depart for RAGBRAI a week from Friday!

Wordle: four, my starter was STEAM (because I didn’t have the balls to go for it in three)
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple

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Happy 5th of July, or as it’s known this year, Friday.

I spent my Fourth poking around WLF. It was my intent to use my weed whacker to clean the brick pathways that border WLF. I was 90% successful before the cap which holds the spool which feeds the line broke, thus ending my day. I am a little less enamored with my weed whacker because I used a good bit of string, and had to stop often to feed it again before the cap broke.

Dinner last night at Hank’s was nice, and I was home in time to be in bed before the fireworks started.

Wordle: two, my starter was REACH
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Blue > Green > Purple

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Happy 4th of July, all! I’m sure you want to know what I am doing today. 😉

I may be, or may have been, out for a shortish bike ride, twenty or so miles, this morning.

This afternoon I will be meeting up with my drinking buddies, and then heading over to Hank’s new digs for dinner. I’m not a big fireworks person, so if I don’t see any, then that’s okay by me.

Wordle: five, my starter was STOKE
Connections: perfect, Blue > Green > Yellow > Purple

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Tough night of cycling. Ascending is my nemesis.

Today I am trying out my repair to the hipster lawnmower. I did not have to mow in June since we received so little rain.

Wordle: five, my starter was DRONE
Connections: perfect, Blue > Yellow > Purple > Green

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How could I have forgotten that yesterday was Canada Day?!?!

From a book I am reading…

Often one cannot look back on the best time in one’s life with any pleasure if it ends badly.

I have heard of, and have started watching a (relatively old) British tv series called Inside No. 9. I’ve only watched three of the fifty-five episodes which aired from 2014-2024, and have been impressed and surprised how different the show was. I’m watching it on BritBox, the one streaming service from which I feel I am getting my money’s worth.

I’m still trying to rewatch the first two seasons of The Bear to lead into season three. Unfortunately Hulu has let me down, stalling hard toward the end of the third episode of season one, and then showing me episode four in a such terrible resolution it made it frustrating to watch the show.

Wordle: four, my starter was REIGN
Connections: perfect, Yellow > Green > Purple > Blue

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Hello, July.

With the sale of the Florida house complete this begs the question “When will I visit Florida again?” , and my answer is “I have no idea.”. I am not a beach goer, and with my mother gone Florida has little to draw me, especially since I have gone there no fewer than six times in the past year. There are many other states, cities, breweries I wish to visit, so it’s time to start checking those off my list.

I’m continuing to monitor the plumbing repair Hank and I did on Friday; so far, so good. In the end we wound up cutting the elbow from the intake, and installing a new elbow, stub pipe, and cutoff valve. A new cutoff valve was needed because the one we installed a month ago seemed to have damaged threads and still let some water seep through. I swear that someone should design a house which allows for easy plumbing and electrical repairs. How hard would it be to install an access panel under a sink, especially when there is a vanity which will would cover such a convenience?

On Friday I had a new visitor to the WLF water trays that I have out for birds (and squirrels) to use for bathing and drinking.
Bird Bath

The Tour de France has begun, but unfortunately this year NBC/Peacock has decided not to offer the International (read “commercial free”) broadcast. So, I will have to suffer with the commercial breaks this year, because you all know just how much I love commercials especially during an election year.

Wordle: five, my starter was TRUNK
Connections: two mistakes, X > X > Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple

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