With a clean bill of health regarding my colon it’s time to move on to start fixing the many other issues in my life. I’m starting small today by visiting the Waschsalon.

I thanked her in person yesterday but want to do so publicly, “Thanks for driving my and allaying my fears Bonnie”. And thanks to you, gentle reader, for being a friend of mine.

As hash haring often goes, last night’s Monday night trail used one of the three areas that Bonnie and I are considering for her virgin lay on Monday, November 5th. Yes, it will be Guy Fawkes Night, a night to remember!

Back to doing my laundry…

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 204.8 pounds (-1.8 from last week’s weigh-in); thanks colonoscopy prep!

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:oscopy day.

Saturday’s Porchfest was fantastic. The weather was perfect, the music was good, and the beer consumption was constant.

Yesterday I woke up hungry and have not had a bite to eat since waking at 6:00am. I was so desperate for flavor yesterday that I made it a meat day by eating chicken broth.

I’m hangry today! I’m ready for the procedure to be over so that I can eat again.

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Don’t know if it’s the onset of a little chilly weather or the affects of a stressful week, but I’m moving slowly today.

Also, driving without audio last night I could hear the M6 braking and it didn’t sound right. Just had brakes done a few weeks ago, may have to find time to go back.

Today starts low-fiber diet for Monday’s colonoscopy. Going to be an “interesting “ weekend…

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Well that was fun, right? Hope none of you suffered any damages.

Today I need to put my weekend pre-colonoscopy meal plan together. Weee!

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Unfortunately starting my day with a stop at my doctor’s office. Hoping this is just a overreaction visit for me, but given my family history…

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Still buzzing from last night’s amazing ITP Anniversary gala — free food and beer, and I was able to convince REM to get back together for one live performance! I’m surprised none of you attended… 🙂

Yesterday I paid someone to rid my carport of a yellow jacket nest. I sprayed the crap out of the remaining woodpile again this morning in hopes of getting it all out the carport tomorrow.

Last night I got a fantastic bit of exercise, walking three-plus miles to and from Eventide, plus “running” whatever distance the hash was. I’d be on top of the world today if my body would just stop hurting.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 206.6 pounds (-4.6 from last week’s weigh-in), I certainly don’t feel that “light”. I even weighed myself twice to ensure some degree of accuracy.

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Fourteen years ago today I started writing this blog. Huh.

As always I am wishing I were in better health, feeling my age and genetics today. I guess this will always be the case…

Happy Columbus Day. Is that a “thing” any longer, or are we supposed to buy each other “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” cards now?

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What was supposed to be a super-productive night turned into a mildly productive one. Making dinner interrupted my long-overdue basement cleaning, then watching tv did the same, and finally falling asleep on the couch well before 10pm capped the night.

I was in the office by 6:00am however, so I will be bugging out of here early to do a few store stops prior to meeting some buddies for happy hour.

Happy Friday, hope you have a big weekend planned. Me? Nah… I am going to do more housework and may get in a short bike ride tomorrow. If Hog Mountain finds a hare for Sunday will run that.

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I learned last night that the Highland Tap is not the Highland Inn; previously I knew it was not also th North Highland Pub. I learned this after a brutal Lyft ride. Oh well, the literal steps taken to correct my error were much needed.

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Treated myself to an everything bagel with a copious amount of cream cheese from Emerald City Bagels this morning. I stopped en route to the Waschsalon, where I sit typing this washing some fairly nasty hashing clothes along with some no-so-nasty civilian clothes.

Yesterday I loped around Piedmont Park for my first attempt at running in a while. Once again one of my pinky toes started to hurt, curtailing my efforts. Time to switch sneakers?

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