I’m Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Or auf Deutsch “Ich drücke die Daumen”, literally “I press my thumbs”.

Building Trust
The new security system did not start off strong, by lunch the kitchen door had mysteriously opened and closed at least three times without me ever going near it. With the installation technician scheduled to occur “some time later this afternoon” I was a prisoner in the ITP Estate all day.

The installer returned, looked at the door, went down in the basement and (supposedly) fixed something in the main box, returned upstairs and tried the door several times without fail, and left. I have not had a phantom signal since noon yesterday, I am hoping that this system is rock solid and that I can trust it.


Starting Over
I am scheduled, scheduled this time, to have a phone call with a local company about employment. This call is to happen at 1pm so I am going to spend the rest of this morning brushing up on some simple things.

Hoping For The Afternoon I Am Anticipating
After the call I need to get out of the house. In doing so I will be setting the alarm for the first time. I hope that nothing goes wrong.

If I do not have to handle a false alarm I will be going to the Dekalb Public Library (in a car) to return “Birdman”, to LA Fitness, and then to German class.

If I have no issues with the alarm system then I can place (some) confidence in it being okay when I go away later this week.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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If the Trump and all of his cronies can make up news, I’m going to start making up words. Hence, today’s title is “Strugglation”, or the feeling of struggling in one’s life. Wait a minute! I’ve used “dangen” for years and that’s not a real English word either. Perhaps I’m just a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, which happens to be the second definition of “strugglation”.

Awash With Doubt
All weekend I waffled on my decision to let someone come over today to install a new security system. On the one hand I am looking forward to having a new system, one that uses a cellular network (for which I pay monthly of course) instead of a landline (of which I am hoping to rid myself). However it’s not as cheap as I’d hoped, and there is a three-year contract. Am I really going to be here three more years?

Anyway, the installer is due at the ITP Estate between 08:00-12:00 so I am a prisoner in my own home.

Beware Of The Ides Of March
On Saturday I received a summons for jury duty. DANGEN!!! My appearance day is in mid-March, which if I can manage to land a job soon should be about the time I start at my new company. Now isn’t that the most inconvenient time to skip work? It’s not like the county could have called me during the seven months that I have been on hiatus. At least I am not planning to be out of town during the time at which I am to report.

Because I Could
I have been working out regularly and yesterday saw me put in a good hour at LA Fitness. Afterward I wanted to sit outside in the beautiful weather and remembered that I had cycled past a restaurant in Kirkwood called The Greater Good BBQ. Upon hearing that they had but one rack of baby back ribs remaining, which may not be true and I am apparently quite a sucker for a hard sell, I ordered a half rack for a (very) early dinner.

“Good Eats At The Greater Good” (Kirkwood, Georgia, United States)
Good Eats At The Greater Good
Pictured above are my ribs, a bowl of baked beans (upper left), Texas toast (lower left), and brisket chili (lower right). Not pictured are the two SweetWater 420s (SweetWater just celebrated their 20th birthday!) that I also consumed. Everything I ate was delicious, though I thought the chili could used a few more chunks of brisket. Though the meal was expensive, especially when you drink two beers, it did momentarily help lift me out of a funk.

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice
That’s about all I will say about the play I saw on Saturday night. Hey, at least I wasn’t one of the people who left at intermission…

Gone, But Not Forgotten
I took two boxes of “things” to Goodwill yesterday. I must be continually executing this chore until all my extraneous shit is gone.

If It’s No Longer A Tube Is It Still The “Boob Tube”?
I watched a lot of things this weekend. Well, not many varied things but I spent a lot of time in my tv room.

After this weekend I have watched the entirety of the first six seasons of Parks and Recreation. I will admit to missing the show when I finish the final season, which it appears takes place in 2017 even though the series really ended in 2015.

Last night I watched Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Suffice to say that this movie was nothing of what I expected. I am still trying to figure out of I liked it or not…

Ifs, Ands, Or Butts
If the installer gets here early enough, and the company I am trying to get an interview calls me, I will be putting my butt on my mountain bike and going out for a ride this afternoon. The goal will be to cycle over to the Decatur Public Library to return “Birdman” and then satisfy my requirements for exercising today. I realize that the library will be closed today, but I can still drop the video into the book drop. However, in order to exercise this plan so many things have to fall into place…

Happy Presidents Day.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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The Monkey Threw Such A Wrench Into My Plan

Like a pendulum I swing from “fix up ITP Estate and live in Atlanta for a while longer” and “dump the ITP Estate for whatever I can get for it now and move on”. My mood literally swings at least ten times a day, with no solution in sight. Today I am having a security company come out and look at installing a new security system, though I am not sure why I would commit to anything long term at this time. I am completely conflicted.

I have put a baited hook back into the employment waters and am starting to get some bites. Forgive me if I worry incessantly until I actually land a job again. I will do my best to worry in silence.

Yesterday I had a less-grandeous version of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. I went to IKEA at which I could only purchase three very small items because of my indecision and desire to reduce the number of things I own.

Free Parking
From IKEA I went to the LA Fitness in Atlantic Station. Because I didn’t know the parking rules of going to LA Fitness in Atlantic Station I decided to do a “shorter” workout of 45 minutes on an elliptical. I had cause for concern because the LA Fitness on 5th Street only validates parking for ninety minutes, which is barely enough time to change clothes, work out for an hour, and shower. I found out that you get two free hours of parking at Atlantic Station; this is useful information for me.

After my workout I snaked my way over to the parking deck at the Woodruff Arts Center. I begrudgingly decided that I was okay with paying $15 for parking, since I was going to be there for about six hours. I went to the High Museum of Art, ate a very expensive dinner at Tap 1180, drank a cup of coffee at Octane Coffee, and saw the play “Too Heavy For Your Pocket” at Hertz Stage at the Alliance Theatre. As a cherry on top when I was leaving the parking deck I was waived through without having to pay!

Another Play In Store
Tomorrow night I will be going to Theatrical Outfit to see “Lost In The Cosmos”.

I’m sure I have much more to say, but the security company is to be here very soon and I can’t concentrate on this any longer.

Have a great weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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You Will Never Understand

How disappointed I was that Steinbeck’s didn’t serve coffee and dessert. Pity.

The mystery dinner evening was fun. About ten of us met at Universal Joint for a drink, then for dinner we walked over to Scout. We were to finish with coffee and dessert, but as soon as everyone saw that there was no coffee and dessert served there, they left; I had already ordered a beer at the bar so I stayed.

A Not So Funny Thing Happened On The Treadmill
My LA Fitness routine lately has be thirty minutes on an elliptical followed by thirty fast-walking on a treadmill. Yesterday my time on the treadmill was cut to twelve minutes due to pain in my shins that refused to go away. Dangen!

Instead of quitting my workout I did thirty minutes on a stationary bike. I couldn’t let myself quit. After all, I thought that I was going to eating dessert last night…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Busy Day Ahead

As I wait out this morning’s storms I have eaten a breakfast of one hard-boiled egg (the second one proved to be too much work to peel) and a short stack of pancakes. I need to find that method of peeling hard-boiled eggs in a bowl.

This morning I will be fighting traffic to go to La Fitness, before driving a shit-ton of dirty clothes to Chamblee. My timing to run out of clean underwear for tomorrow, unless I do laundry today, coincides perfectly with my plans to meet my fried Darren at El Pollo Norteño for lunch.

Tonight I will attending a “mystery” dinner in Oakhurst. The dinner, which is put on by Urban Explorers of Atlanta, appears to be a progressive dinner during which we will visit three restaurants in Oakhurst. If you have ever been to Oakhurst you know that we will not have to walk far to accomplish this.

In the time between lunch and dinner I will be learning Swift and applying for a job about which I have heard. Ugh.

Wee Little Bit: Trail Whisperer
On my ride about town, which was nearly the exact ride I took last week, I came across another hash trail. This time I was out on the Dekalb Stone Mountain Path near Avondale Estates. I lost this trail, which appeared to be older than the others I have found, quickly and made no effort to pick it up again.

I think it is weird to find so many trails in town in such a compressed time frame.

Until tomorrow,
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Bah! Humbug! Again And Again…

Take one guess as to how I feel on Valentine’s Day. Next to New Year’s Eve, on which you are supposed to turn to someone you love and kiss him/her at midnight, Valentine’s Day is the worst for me. And why should I care, I’ve not had a girlfriend for any of the past fourteen February 14ths. I’m like the Cal Ripken Jr of singletons. I have tried to break my streak, but have been wholly unsuccessful.

Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad
Of the three meals I ate yesterday two were home cooked. Okay, one was a reheat of leftovers that were originally cooked inside the ITP Estate, so I’m definitely taking credit for this still being a home-cooked meal. The one meal I ate in a restaurant was breakfast, which was done at a Waffle House as I waited for the M6 to get its 35k mileage maintenance. While completely unhealthy I love a Waffle House breakfast. It’s odd that I never order waffles at the Waffle House, because they’d never live up to those I’ve see served at JJ’s Diner on Parks & Recreation.

Last night I used my immersion cooker to sous-vide a pork loin that was in a bag with a sauce meant for a beef roast made in a crockpot. Originally I was going to use a crockpot to make the pork, but because of my early-morning auto appointment the cook timing didn’t work out for me. I also experimented making purple potatoes in the sous-vide bath at the same time. The pork was perfection, the potatoes… Upon extracting the bag of potatoes I realized that the sous-vide method was not ideal of them; they were cooked, but nothing special. As I also was in the process of glazing carrots for my meal, I popped the potatoes in a pan and fried them up a bit with some butter and some of the pork gravy. I got a little carried away with my cooking so my meal was a little darker than originally intended, but quite edible nonetheless. To be honest the vegetables were fairly butt-ugly, but acceptable; hmm, just like me!

Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina
What I do have going for me today is that since I have no girlfriend, nor job, I can have all the fun I want doing whatever the heck pleases me. Oh look! It’s going to be 69°F and sunny this afternoon! I think that after lunch I will mount my mountain bike and go out for a ride that includes a beer stop or two. I can’t get too wild however since I still have to attend German class tonight. And what could be more romantic than the sound of seven students butchering the German language?

Until tomorrow I bid you a Happy National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day, or perhaps a Happy National Ferris Wheel Day. Seriously, who comes up with this shit?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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The Best Laid Plans…

I can year you think aloud “Paulie” + “Laid” = “Ain’t Happening”. Unfortunately you are quite correct.

A Weekend Of Good And Bad
If you extract the morose feeling of employment rejection, Friday and Saturday were good days. However, I have to admit that both were ruined by my feeling of rejection.

I worked out at LA Fitness, once on Friday and once on Saturday. Each time I did an hour of cardio in the forms of using an elliptical machine for thirty minutes, and fast walking on a treadmill for thirty minutes.

On Friday night I met up with Hank to commiserate about my inability to get hired, and to use up a $20 gift card at Lucky’s. Rumor has it that the Emory location is not completely dead, but will be revived as perhaps a new concept in the future.

After spending a second day of working through the iOS Programming Book that I won, and picked up at Big Nerd Ranch on Friday, I eschewed my idea to rewrite the programming exercise I sent to MailChimp in the Swift programming language, and send it to them with a “see what you’ve really passed up?” email. Again, I’m still bitter but am finally realizing that that dream is completely dead. Moving on.

Rather than spend at least $20 eating out on Saturday night I spent the night home alone, cooking up some rice, beans, and chicken for dinner.

Yesterday was a mixed bag.

The plan was to attend my first Urban Explorers of Atlanta meet up, which occurred at Cafe 458 (that’s a FB link, the only thing I could find), and afterward made its way over to the MLK memorial. I had lunch with a dozen others, and it was enjoyable. Perhaps the only downside of the meet up was being too chickenshit to attempt to speak German with a man named Lars who is here on business from Stuttgart.

After leaving the meet up group I was going to go to Kroger and pick up the goods necessary to make jambalaya for dinner. Prior to starting my cooking of the jambalaya I was going to put in eighty minutes on the trainer watching the final episode of The Amazing Race Season 9.

This part of the master plan fell apart when I required a bathroom (immediately!) while shopping at Kroger. Luckily I made it in time… Something certainly did not agree with me. After completing my shopping I returned home feeling worn out and took a nap instead of mounting the trainer.

I did manage to cook, and eat, jambalaya last night so all was not lost.

Perhaps When You Read This
I may be at Hennessy Mazda having the M6’s 35k maintenance performed. I have an appointment for 08:30.

I may be at LA Fitness working out.

I may be at home continuing to learn Swift (or doing any of the ten other chores I’ve lined up for myself today, including starting to search for a job).

Maybe all of these things have occurred by the time you read this and I am either relaxing, or cooking/eating dinner, or watching Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

Whenever you read this, continue to make it a good Monday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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The Rumor Of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

I try to be a man of my word; I take pride in that. Yesterday was supposed to end this blog; I really meant it. But you all have convinced me to continue, and besides, without a job I can’t afford a shrink so this will have to serve as “therapy”.

I am still reeling from this blow; for those of you who hadn’t heard or figured it out, I was trying to get a job with MailChimp. By chance I saw one of my now-not-going-to-be-coworkers at an iOS meetup last night, and he was surprised to hear that I didn’t get the job. Just like the many times a woman has deemed that I am not “the one”, I am closing this case and moving on. With time this wound, as the many that have previously been (self-)inflicted, will heal and will most likely leave a scar that I will carry to my end. However, I must go on.

So today? Don’t know what to make of today. I know that I will be swinging by Big Nerd Ranch to get the iOS programming book I won last week. From there I will be going to LA Fitness to burn off some anxiety and hopefully a little fat as well.

And the future? Don’t know what to make of that either. I will need a job. I do not wish to return to the rigors of the commute that I had prior to starting my hiatus, which I know limits my options. I know that I am now considering moving away, starting a new life elsewhere. Therefore in addition to practicing coding this weekend I will be spending time gathering possessions to get rid of in order to make relocating easier.

I may be back here on Monday. I am still working things out…


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Game Over

This week started with the title “There Should Be No Joy In Mudville”, how prophetic.

Inside The Perimeter: 10/08/2004 – 02/09/2017
I started this blog in 2004 as a means for having a voice in public space. Yesterday’s devastating rejection has put me in a deep, dark place and convinced me that it’s time to silence this voice. Furthermore, the time that I will need to retool in order to become employed again will mean that I will no longer have time necessary to devote to this space.

Auf Wiedersehen,

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Still waiting…

I’m back from Raleigh, finally rested, but don’t have much to say.

Do You Hulu?
I’m contemplating signing up for Hulu. Do you use Hulu? Do you pay for the commercial-free option?

Back To My Routine
Today I will be headed to LA Fitness (it’s February!) to either ride a stationary bike, or look to see what sort of elliptical machines they have to offer. While in Raleigh I joined Lisa on trips to the YMCA where we used theirs, and I liked it quite a bit. We also did a Bosu Ball aerobics class, I won’t be looking for that offering any time soon.

From LA Fitness I may head to Chamblee to do laundry, or to the library in Chamblee in order to do some coding. I need to keep improving my skills, because I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch.

Oh Wait!
I have committed to two events with the Urban Explorers of Atlanta. Next week I will be going to a “Mystery Dinner” to be held in Oakhurst. On April 9th I will be doing a bike tour that visits historic Battle of Atlanta sites; the tour leaves from Oakland Cemetery, actually cycles past the ITP Estate (!), and winds up near the Carter Center; here’s a map of the ride:

Have a great hump day!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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