Just a boring Presidents Day yesterday.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 210.0 pounds (-1.2 from last week’s weigh-in); better.

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I’ve nothing for you today.

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I’d be a lot more productive if I could stop falling asleep watching TV. Perhaps I should be doing more active things other than watching TV, but that’s what I felt like doing last night.

I was still awake as I ate the mushroom Bourguignon meal I made after doing an hour of riding on my trainer. The meal was good, but with a couple lessens learned, like thickening the sauce better and having fettuccine on hand as the recipe wants, will make it even better next time.

Not sure what’s on tap for this weekend, though a good bit of house cleaning/organization would be beneficial. And if Pissticide ever posts his start I’ll also do Black Sheep on Sunday.

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Once again slept too late to beat traffic, so I’ve eaten breakfast at home and am going to relax and go in late. I have nowhere to be tonight except in front of my TV with a plate of Mushroom Bourguignon and a glass or two of red wine.

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I climbed eleven flights of stairs yesterday only to find that the door for my floor was locked from the stairwell side. I descended eleven flights of stairs to get to the elevator. #’Merica

I slept too late this morning to make it an early morning, so I am making it an intentionally late morning instead.

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Feeling overwhelmed, having many doubts.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 211.2 pounds (+0.8 from last week’s weigh-in); getting exercise, but obviously eating/drinking too much as well.

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Meh. I have twice deleted posts.

One thing I will say is that this new WordPress editor is a nightmare on a small screen.

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Happy to report that so far there have been no ill effects from yesterday’s root canal work. Hope it stays that way.

Good little romp around Ormewood Park last night for the SLUT hash, which ended two blocks from the ITP Estate. Score! I caught guff for leaving relatively early given my short walk home, but I had three beers (one pre-hash, one mid-hash, and one post-hash), had caved and eaten some meat, and wasn’t feeling overly-social, so I departed.

Waschsalon this morning, exercise and Instant Pot cooking tonight. Going to make this a relatively low key weekend.

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I slept so hard last night that I don’t even recall turning off my alarm this morning. Good thing I only overslept for thirty minutes.

Made a delicious massamman curry last night, though I did have a couple of difficulties. First, I apparently did a poor job scraping bits off the bottom of Betsy’s Instant Pot and received the ‘burn’ notice for the first time. Second, I apparently didn’t wash my hands well enough after cutting a dried Thai chili pepper, and before going to pee. Yeow!

Root canal morning. 😢

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My lust for attending German classes is waning. Last night during class I used an uninteresting (to me) reading about wolves to get my shopping list for tonight’s Massaman Curry with Tofu dish in order and to make some notes about some chores which need to get done before next Monday. Hopefully the new book (in German) that I started reading, about a boy from Atlanta who spends a year abroad in Germany, will rekindle my interest. Get it, using an ebook on my Kindle to rekindle…

Prior to class I inexplicably ate a burrito at Willy’s (“wasting” a meal out, since, like with Moe’s I think there are many far-better food options abound) and got in a short walk in yesterday afternoon’s incredible weather.

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