Well, I’ve booked travel to/from Amsterdam. I’ve extended a couple of days outside of when the rest of my shipmates will be traveling, but I wanted the opportunity to do a little solo traveling. I may not have been able to book enough time to make it to Germany, but I will have fun regardless. 109,000 Delta Sky Miles doesn’t buy nearly as much as it once did, as I will be with the other cheap fliers in Cattle Class.

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It wasn’t until late in the day yesterday that I realized it was my 25th Hash Analversary, if you ignore the fact that I took a seven year hiatus after my big cycling wreck in 2011, and the two year run I am currently on.

Apparently toilet rugs are still a thing, at least according to the Target ad I was sent in email yesterday. I suppose that I just didn’t look in the right place when I was there last week.

I watched another “I’ve Got a Secret” episode yesterday, this one had Cy Young as one of the guests. Young’s appearance on the show led me to read his Wikipedia page. Did you know that Cy Young, winner of 511 games, and for whom the award for the best pitcher in each league is named, was not inducted to the Hall of Fame on his first ballot, and when inducted only received 76% of the votes as positives.

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Happy Memorial Day.

I was a very good weekend for me, until I decided to torpedo myself with alcohol. I rode a hard Stone Mountain bike ride, sweating more than I think I have ever sweat while riding, with a few other hashers and then proceeded to drink heavily afterward. I may have passed out on the bed by 6:30pm. No surprise that I am moving slowly this morning.

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It’s interesting to be an out-of-touch person. Yesterday I went to Target to buy a new rugs for a bathroom, one to step on when getting out of the shower, and one to step in when using the toilet. Turns out, the latter is no longer made? I couldn’t find a single toilet rug in Target. And since Bed, Bath, and Beyond is no longer in business, I couldn’t think where else I would look for one.

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be unusual. In getting my bike for the ride I discovered that the front tire had gone flat. Then, when I arrived at the start, I discovered that I had driven over wet yellow road paint and got it on my tires and car. WTF? I think the paint splatter happened on my drive to the start since it was also on my bike tire. I replayed my drive in my head, and have no idea where this occurred. But, now that I think about it further it may have happened on my drive home after Tuesday night’s ride. Oh well…

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Life continues to move ahead, I continue to try to reintroduce discipline into my life.

Due to a mistype this morning I discovered there is another “Inside The Perimeter” out there, this one in Canada. I think you’d agree that our content is on the same intellectual plane.

Unfortunately I can’t put my Wordle pattern in the blog, because WordPress will mangle the emoji. I had all green squares, essentially building the word left to right.

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Happy to say that my new bicycle tires worked well last night. In fact, my only complaint of the night was that ACF showed up on ITP-Reader Bob’s old bike and kicked my ass! I’m not sure that bicycle had ever gone that fast before. 😀

For the next week I am going to clean and organize at least one room every day in preparation for my friends’ visit next week.

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I have nothing.

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I know that others have more going on than I do these days, but the next four weeks are going to be a hectic ones for me.

By and large Friday’s home repair work went well. Hank and I replaced a bathroom vanity and sink, and had to deal with some testy issues created by 67 year old plumbing and Atlanta’s “clean” water. I now wish the ITP Estate was equipped with a whole house water filter. There are still some minor issues with the outgoing side, but I am continuing to debug and monitor the situation.

With the exception of numerous bodily aches and pains, some unfortunately new ones in addition to those which have plagued me for a while, it was a good weekend.

The Bundesliga season has come to a close. Shockingly Bayern Munich’s ten-year reign as champion has ended (they finished in third), and Werder Bremen avoided relegation. I am going to try to attend a Bundesliga match after the Belgium bike ride week later this year.

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I’ve reach the level of in Duolingo for German where I can’t easily complete the lessons. Yesterday I made five mistakes in one lesson block, got really frustrated, and gave up.

Big fingers crossed that the project on which I am about to start doesn’t go tits up and force me to call a plumber… Update on Monday.

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Discovered I don’t have enough time to process a request to renew my Global Entry status, so this morning I am headed to see if I can obtain TSA PreCheck for my travels this year.

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