Not much to report today. I spent the majority of my day trying to motivate myself to pack for BRAG.

Last night Betsy provided a lovely Lidl frozen pizza with salad as we watched the finale of “Ted Lasso”. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the AFC Richmond stadium collapse, killing everyone in it. How’s that for an unexpected finale! June Fools! (I know, that’s not a “thing”, but it was the best I had this morning.)

I solved today’s Wordle in six attempts; my starter today was PITCH. The struggle continues…

May Summary

05/01 – ?, V, nothing ????
05/02 – 197.8, V, yard work ????
05/03 – ?, M, nothing ????
05/04 – ?, M, nothing ????
05/05 – ?, V, nothing ????
05/06 – ?, V, walking ????
05/07 – ?, M, nothing ????
05/08 – ?, M, nothing ????
05/09 – X, V, cycling ????
05/10 – ?, M, walking ????
05/11 – ?, M, nothing ????
05/12 – ?, V, walking ????
05/13 – ?, M, walking ????
05/14 – ?, V, walking ????
05/15 – ?, V, nothing ????
05/16 – X, V, nothing ????
05/17 – ?, M, walking ????
05/18 – ?, V, nothing ????
05/19 – ?, V, walking ????
05/20 – ?, M, walking ????
05/21 – ?, V, cycling ????
05/22 – ?, V, nothing ????
05/23 – X, V, cycling ????
05/24 – ?, M, nothing ????
05/25 – ?, M, cycling ????
05/26 – ?, M, yard work ????
05/27 – ?, V, walking ????
05/28 – ?, V, walking ????
05/29 – ?, M, nothing ????
05/30 – X, V, cycling ????
05/31 – ?, M, nothing ????

A whole lot of meat was eaten, and from the way my torso appears these days a whole lot of calories were ingested.

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Given that I have heard frogs (toads) in WLF recently I like to think that I have helped the reptile diversity in my yard. When I arrived home last night there was a frog (toad) sitting on the carport wall. I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

We had a very good ride last night, but then I went and did the two things I wanted to avoid — drink three beers (instead of two), and eat peanuts. Why am I fatter than I want to be? It’s pretty self explanatory.

I solved today’s Wordle in six attempts; my starter today was SCUBA. While I have seemed to temporarily lose my Wordle acumen I’m sensing that there will be a lot of “Wordle in 2” reported today. Also, shame on the NYT for cramming a “Subscribe to Games” button into the game’s UI; it makes the header look like shit.

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Well, you all must of had a busy Memorial Day since Sal was the only one to drop by and leave a comment yesterday.

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.
Okay, I’m not even disappointed.

Tonight will be my last ride before BRAG. For the rest of this week I will be taking care of all of the tasks that I need to get done prior to getting out of town at the end of the week.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was BLOAT.

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It was a rough Wordle weekend for me, with a failure on Saturday and a solve in six yesterday. Other than Wordle the weekend was successful.

I hung out with buddies on Friday and Saturday, taking in the gorgeous weather by visiting some bars I haven’t considered in years — Three Dollar Café, and Neighbor’s Pub. I also picked up trash Saturday and yesterday before doing a coffee walk with Betsy both days.

Saturday marked the end of the Bundesliga season, during which my team Werder Bremen managed only one victory since the end of February. Fortunately even with this pathetic play Werder Bremen staved off relegation. I wasn’t as invested in the Bundesliga as I have been in the past, so it remains to see how committed I will be when the league starts its next season in August.

WLF has gotten a little unruly, and I am starting to clean it up the best that I can. I harvested a slightly underwhelming bucket of purple potatoes, but the few that were produced were lovely. None of my eggplant have germinated. And perhaps the strangest thing I did thus far, if you ignore planting ginger and horseradish for the first time, was to misidentify a zucchini plant for a cucumber plant and plant it with the cucumbers. Surprisingly, it looks happy.

Hope you all had a good weekend and are continuing the enjoyment on this Memorial Day.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was FLAKE.

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What a whirlwind day.

Tammy and I rode 62 miles at a 16.5 mph average. Then, as you do, went for Mexican where I ate chicken fajitas and drank a 32 ounce Negra Modelo. Hey, I’m training for BRAG… After navigating shitty traffic home I was able to take a scant nap and thorough shower before getting back into shitty traffics to head to Barb’s.

Barb and Allan served up delicious turkey noodle casserole. Hilariously Sal and I both brought a bottle of white wine, and we both brought a Pinot Grigio; hers was better than mine.

Today? Friday? I am going to putter around WLF and waterproof my BRAG tent. Later this afternoon I expect to plop my butt on a barstool and have a beer or two with some buddies.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was CLIMB. I did very little climbing on yesterday’s ride, but started with that word anyway.

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This weather, amiright?

Dinner last night was pretty good, if I do say so myself. With the exception of a couple of slightly undercooked potatoes the vegetables from WLF added to the flavor of a silky brown sauce, and chunks of real pork.

Ted Lasso is tugging at my heart strings. Next week’s finale will be tough for me.

Sixty miles on Silver Comet today. Wish me luck.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was TRADE. I’ve had two occasions recently where the solution was a future word in my starter list, but I believe that today is the first day where it was a word I’ve used as a starter previously. My quest for an ace continues…

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Sleeping in a little this morning because I wore myself out yesterday. I should go out for another bike ride today, but will play it by ear, especially since I’ll be doing a sixty mile ride tomorrow. That sounds like a lot, but in ten days we will be doing that or more every day for a week on BRAG.

I have plenty of house choring to do if I want to get my exercise that way instead.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was ROUTE. Thought I’d get another deuce, no dice.

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After blathering a lot yesterday I don’t have anything to talk about today. Yesterday was a dull day around the ITP Estate.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was PULSE.

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Did you feel that rumble in the ground yesterday about 9am? No, it wasn’t an earthquake, I washed the M6! (imagine the mind-blowing emoji here) I looked at my car on Saturday and realized that after an eternity of driving through winter muck, spring pollen, and Florida love bugs that it was long overdue for a douching. Now I need to get into the interior with a vacuum and dust rag.

Yesterday I made the decision to sign up for the BRAG shuttle from Augusta to Clayton. Since Stan is the only Chattahooligan south of I-20 and he and “Long and Red” already have a plan, I decided that the shuttle was my least complicated option. This way I never have to navigate traffic north of I-20 and will conveniently have my car at the end if the Saturday night post BRAG party happens. Since BRAG will be my only vacation this year, except for some short camping excursions that I that I intend to take, the extra $105 outlay doesn’t bother me too much.

I did manage to get out for a 25 mile bike ride yesterday afternoon. While doing so my right knee still bothered me, and I was further bothered to find a second crack in the screen of my Wahoo ELEMNT Roam computer. I have little confidence that my tape bodge will keep water out now that there are inexplicably two cracks, so I ordered a new computer. “What’s the point of having money if you can’t squander it, right?” says the man with no current income. I also uncharacteristically purchased insurance for the new computer which hopefully will replace it free of cost if this one also experiences mysterious screen cracking.

For dinner last night I made this incredible Curried Carrot and Red Lentil Soup, to which I added the last of my WLF leeks and a couple of French Breakfast radishes.

I solved today’s Wordle in two attempts; my starter today was INLET.

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Though I have no metrics, I have to believe yesterday’s blog post had the most comments in the history of this space.

If RELAPSE were a five letter word I would have used it as today’s Wordle starter. The shit weather kept me from riding last night, and I am almost certain that my weight is over 200 pounds again for the first time since 2020. I realized that one of the reasons for my weight gain, in addition to having a lack of discipline, is that for the past year I have not had a companion with whom I could split meals.

Yesterday I downloaded the list of Wordle answers, by date, and am making a data file from it for an app that I intend to write in order to kick myself in the ass to restart my iOS development learning.

Last night I watched the first episode of “Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Happiness”. I’m not sure if I was just in a jaded mood, or I just felt as if it was just another celebrity doing a travel show, but it didn’t hook me and thought it was a bit too woke for my liking.

I was going to go out for a long bike ride this morning but I’ve committed to being on a call later and don’t want to risk not being home for it, so I am going out for a long walk instead. I hope that this exercise will provide me with a much-needed attitude adjustment.

Have a good weekend friends.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was FILTH.

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