Walking Wednesday?

I’ve become a one-way MARTA rider. Yesterday I took the train to Peachtree Center station and walked to the MB Dome from there. After the tour, and subsequent lunch, I chose not to take the train again and hoofed it back to work.

Today I somehow managed to convince myself that taking MARTA into work, so that I can walk back to my car later, was still a good idea. Considering that I made it into the office before 8:15am, after a late start, and that I also stopped at Dancing Goats coffee to pick up a cup of coffee perhaps it was a good idea. I’ll see how I feel this afternoon. One of the benefits of being an intown worker is that I have multiple options for getting back to my car these days, so if I am in pain or simply don’t feel like walking, I can choose an alternative method.

Bulla For You, Never Again For Me
After German class last night, don’t ask it wasn’t good for me, my classmate Mike and I decided to try the newest hipster joint in Midtown — Bulla Gastrobar. Mistake.

The bar/restaurant has just opened, so I’ll give them a bye for not having their beer taps working yet. Then, as if on cue the bartender replied with “That’s the only beer we don’t have in stock at the moment” when I ordered a $6 bottle of Lagunitas IPA. Mike had ordered a Cigar City Jai-Alai, so I did the same. When my bill arrived and I saw that Bulla charges $9 for a can of Cigar City I nearly fell off the barstool.

Fool me once,
Shame on you
Fool me twice,
Won’t get fooled again

And to think that I thought GW Bush was an idiot a president. Trump makes him look like a goddamn Rhodes Scholar!

I have so much more to say, but not enough time to say anything else.

Make it a good Wednesday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Busy Tuesday

In addition to my normal(ish) Tuesday routine of work and then German class I have added “eating breakfast out”, which was accomplished by going to the new Caribou/Einstein’s on 14th Street, and “tour Mercedes Benz Dome”, which I will be doing later today.


It might of helped if I had accomplished half of the tasks on my To Do list last night. I did finish reading “Beartown” however and will be ready to discuss the book when I make it up to LEAF on Friday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Is It Better To Burn Out Or To Fade Away?

Say it with me “Gunter glieben glauten globen”
Thanks, Def Leppard!

Last Monday when I announced that it was the day after the anniversary of this blog I nearly also announced that it was the last day of it as well. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been very busy accomplishing little.

Time has become more of a premium item in my life, and I am trying to maximize the amount that I have left.

Shouldn’t we all? Yes.

Therefore last week I started devoting less time to this space and more time to other things.

What could be more important?

  • I am reading the book “Beartown”.
  • I am trying to exercise.
  • I am devoting more time to learning German. (Not like that nonsense that opened this post, however.)
  • I am trying to build a software portfolio that will help me find a job that pleases me, pays my living wage, and doesn’t require me to live in any particular place.
  • I am trying to stimulate my creative juices. Like with this photo I took while out walking last Thursday evening.

    Golden Hour

In short, I am trying to make myself happy.

Will I abandon this space? No, not yet.

Will I ignore this space? I will try not to.

Do I still love you? Of course, but naturally only in a platonic way.

Hope you had a pride-filled, enjoyable Green Egg food eating, productive Highland Games planning, or most importantly, wonderful weekend. Mine was okay, though every possible sports team for whom I rooted — Gators, Werder Bremen, Jets, Falcons, whoever is playing UGA, Packers, my fantasy football team, and Islanders — lost. Oh well, like Aaron Rogers’s collarbone, them’s the breaks.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Something Has To give

This isn’t working for me any longer.

Have a good weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Yet another short one.

I picked a bad day to leave the bag of walking clothes on my bed, instead of bringing it into work as I had planned. The walk back to the M6 was a hot one in jeans. At least I had sneakers in the car into which I could change prior to walking three miles.

Today will be short and long at the same time. I know, makes no sense, but I don’t have the time to explain.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Dead Air

No time for this today.

[insert static sound file here]

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Yin And Yang

In the past twelve hours I have experienced life’s highs and lows. I was pleased as punch this morning, until I did something stupid.

I am running late this morning, with way to much to do by day’s end, and in my haste I fucked up.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Momentary Approval” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Momentary Approval
Apparently my tweet touched a positive nerve because I have never had a tweet retweeted and favored as much. For about an hour notifications of approval the likes I have never heard before came streaming to my iPhone in the form of notifications. I can’t imagine having real popularity.

And Then There Is This Morning
I am already furious with myself this morning because at the laundromat I did something incredibly stupid. It was not until I started the washer, which I have since found out cannot be stopped once it has started (talk about design failure, or lack of empathy from the person who told me so), that I included my cardboard box of fabric softener in the load of whites that I am currently washing. I know that the box and all of its contents will be ruined, I’m curious to find out how many pieces of clothing they take with it. I also can’t wait to have to fish out small pieces of cardboard from the load. There’s a part of me that would love to just throw out everything in that load and say “Fuck it!”

It’s at this point I should remind myself that fame is fleeting, and the material possessions should not be that important To me.

Now I need to figure out a way to cool down to work on the German homework that I was unable to convince myself to do last night.

A better Tuesday to you,
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Happy New Year!

Monday again? Bah. Humbug! It’s not even Halloween and I am pulling out the Christmas sayings!

Not Much Celebrating
As I mentioned on Friday, yesterday was the anniversary of this blog. Go me!

On Friday evening I went to Theatrical Outfit for their performance of “Boy” which is based on a true story of a boy’s circumcision gone wrong, and the failed attempt to raise him as a girl. Yeah, not exactly light theater. Regardless the play was extremely well acted, and except for the young man who left and never returned the half-filled theater saw a good play.

Saturday was mostly spent milling about the ITP Estate doing chores, and reading. Yes, I said reading. The morning started out on a sour note as I discovered that Lowe’s doesn’t carry any toilet parts that would fit any plumbing made prior to say 1975. My leaking toilet was made in December 1957. In a huff I left the mega-hardware store and headed to Ace Hardware on Scott Blvd. I was too early, so a stop a Starbucks was in order. Upon my return to Ace I was helped by a nice Ace hardware man (cue Suzanne Somers singing the 1980s jingle prior to political correctness!) and I was on my way home. My goal was to improve my attitude with breakfast only to find my initial choice for my meal didn’t open until 9am on Saturday. I don’t get it! I turned the M6 around and ate a lovely old-school breakfast at The Majestic Diner instead.

I. Fixed. The. Toilet! Sure, unscrewing one rubber ball stopper and replacing it with another, once you’ve realized that the modern-day brass rod is too short for your ancient plumbing isn’t hard, but goddammit I think that I fixed my toilet from leaking, for now.

I treated myself to a day of reading. Yes, reading! I am reading, and trying to complete by a week from Friday, “Beartown” a novel written by Frederik Backman, the same man who wrote “A Man Called ‘Ove'”. “Beartown” is about a small town in Sweden who is pinning its future on the outcome of a hockey game, well, that’s what it has been about during the first 40% of the book that I’ve read. The reason I want to finish by Friday the 20th is so that I can discuss the book with Lisa, who suggested that I read it, at LEAF.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Keep Circulating The Tapes” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Keep Circulating The Tapes
This weekend I parted with most of my VHS tape collection. I haven’t owned a VCR or VHS player in over a decade. Among my collection were these, recordings from Comedy Central when they used to air Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the 1990s. I discovered MST3K when I moved into my first (and only) coporate apartment; I was in Huntsville Alabama and somehow stumbled upon the show while flipping through the cable channels.

Prior to, and perhaps during its early days on Comedy Central, MST3K built a following by people distributing VHS tapes of the program to friends. At the end of the credits were the words “Keep circulating the tapes”.

No, there was no such thing as streaming video then.

Yes, that’s the same Kodak that used to make camera film, which was also a thriving business when these recordings were made.

They Say It’s Your Blog’s Birthday!
Yesterday just flew by. It must have been all of the congratulatory messages I fielded from the press about my long-running blog, or “binary log” as I like to wrongly call it. Or maybe it was due to the number of times I checked to see my fantasy football team go down in defeat. It was not a good weekend for my sports rooting, though the Jets did manage to outscore the Browns.

Last night I had dinner at Ration+Dram, I ate the Spicy Chicken sandwich, it was not spicy but it was good nonetheless, before going over to Pinch ‘n’ Ouch Theatre to see the one-man performance of “Glengarry Glen Ross”.

I was the first patron to arrive at the theatre. Surprise! No, what was the real surprise was that only seven other people came in after me.

The actor, Andy Fleming, who played all seven parts (of course he did, you said it was a “one-man” show!), did an admirable job. Unfortunately there were parts that he skipped and performed too early, obviously shaking him a few times during the play’s second act, but there is not way that I could learn ninety minutes of dialog. I shook his hand upon leaving and congratulated him for his performance.

I was home early enough to listen to some podcasts and attempt to write some code, because that’s how this old man partys these days!

Hope your weekend was equally enthralling.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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It Does Me No Good To Leave Early Today

Tonight I will be going from “XYX Corp” to downtown to Theatrical Outfit for their performance of “Boy”. It does me no good to leave early, maybe I can use some of the later office time to do some German learning.

A Good Walk
Thanks again to ITP-Reader Steve for a three-mile walk at lunch yesterday. Unfortunately for me I was experiencing some painful physical issues, some of which you don’t want to know, and was slow. My afternoon of recover was incredibly painful to boot. Ah the joys of genetics deficiency!

With the exception of the amble that I will be taking to Vespucci where I’ll be meeting my fried Darren (not “Gentry”) for lunch I am giving myself the day off from walking.

ITP Flickr Pic
“Grass, Marble, Denim”

Grass, Marble, Denim
You know that I am notoriously early, right? With fifteen minutes to kill prior to our prearranged meeting time, I shot this outside the Federal Building.

Wanna Get Away?
I do, and I might at least for tomorrow.

Originally I was to go to the theater tomorrow night, but one of my favorite bands, Manchester Orchestra is playing tomorrow night, unfortunately at Tabernacle. I was considering going but now I see that it’s sold out. Oh well.

There will also be many people wandering about East Atlanta Village tomorrow night as the Project Pabst concert rolls into town, this time featuring Iggy Pop and Dinosaur Jr! Whoa, in my little old portion of the land inside the perimeter? Impressive. Hopefully the rain predicted for tomorrow evening will hold off until after the concert.

This will be a bookend weekend of theater for me because on Sunday night I will be once again seeing “Glengarry Glen Ross” at Pinch ‘n’ Ouch Theatrethis time as a one-man play!

And if I don’t get away I will spend time gathering things to expel from the ITP Estate.

Happy Birthday ITP
On Sunday, October 8th, this blog turns fourteen! I started on October 8th, 2004 and because the way we count birthdays it will be number fourteen. Is that right? Hard to believe that one person could whine in public for that long, amirite?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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I Am Still Unsure

There are so many things in life about which I am unsure, my feelings about the changes made by Apple for iOS 11 keeps moving up the list. At first I hated iOS 11, now I just strongly dislike it. Perhaps when all of the Apple-following websites spoil the features planned for iOS 12 next year I will have grown to like it.

Since June this blog has been nearly exclusively produced with an iPad, many times it’s been an iPad Mini 4 using a Zagg Portfolio Bluetooth keyboard. It has been extremely useful and incredibly mobile, but there are times I wonder if that I could just convert one or two iOS apps to macOS I’d be better off buying a MacBook or 11″ MacBook Air and giving up on the iPad lifestyle.

The Walking Experiment
Yesterday’s walk back the car was fine, but I was not inspired to take a single photo. I even attempted to spice things up by stopping into The Albert for a beer and a snack.

There were many happy people on the Beltline, unfortunately I was not one of them; I just can’t shake the cloud hanging over me. I tried listening to an audiobook for awhile before converting to playing music via Spotify. Want to guess to what I was listening?


My music of choice yesterday was “Der frühe Mozart: The Early Mozart” an album by Michael Martin Kofler.

I bet you didn’t see that coming!

I have always had tastes for nearly all types of music, with the exception of most rap / hip-hop, and songs by modern-day singers. In recent years I find myself turning a lot to jazz and classical chamber music, perhaps because I wasn’t inundated by these for the first fifty years of my life.

Will I attempt the “MARTA in / walk out” again? Sure, but only when the weather and my schedule permit me to do so.

ITP Flickr Pic
“There’s A Fungus Among Us” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

There’s A Fungus Among Us
Taken the day before yesterday as I walked around killing time before my German class. I am fascinated by fungi, and would have loved to have a macro lens for this shot.

Where Do The Nights Go?
As I have been toiling at “XYZ Corp” the past few weeks I have been scheming of the work that I will do when I get home at nights. But then I don’t get anything done!

Last night is a perfect example. By the time I got home, no later than 6:30pm, I had eaten dinner and had the night ahead of me. I watched perhaps thirty minutes of YouTube video, started reading a book that I want to have read by the time I go to LEAF in a few weeks, and then went into my bedroom to do some German homework.

I found out that the class notes for German had not been posted, so since I took no photo of this week’s assignment I had no clue what I was supposed to do. At this point I should have spent an hour or so learning vocabulary, but I didn’t do that. I could have started writing code at this point too, but didn’t do that either. Instead I started reading again, but not for long.

When I woke up it was a little past 12:30am, and I was probably awoken by the sound of one of my toilets refilling as it has acquired a leak recently.

I woke again around 2:30am, and then once more at 5:45am when my alarm clock sounded.

And that is how yet another night of my life was spent not doing the things that I wanted to do. Well, I did start reading a book, so that’s something I suppose.

Make it a good Thursday. ITP-Reader Steve, I will be at the eagle around noon, if you are able and interested in hoofing it a bit today please meet me then.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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