What a weird day of weather yesterday, it seemed as if the rain could never be convinced to leave.

After puttering in WLF, then eating lunch, I drove up to the Perimeter Mall area and met my buddies for a few beverages. I stopped into the Goodwill up there and finally found a clean copy of “The Usual Suspects” on DVD. I suppose that one night this weekend I will fire up the DVD player and give it a watch.

I’ll be headed back up north again today to have dinner with ITP Readers Barb and Sal, and watch some Survivor.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending my annual Georgia Tech baseball game. Thankfully it looks like the weather will be nice for that. On Sunday I may try to take my bike out for a little ride to test my hip, and ensure that it’s in proper working order for Spring Tune Up.

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Mostly boring day yesterday consisting of running many errands, and going for a 3.5 mile walk.

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I have a conspiracy theory. No, it’s not about Area 51, nor the government controlling us via contrails. Instead, it’s about personal income taxes. For the second consecutive year the amount I am getting returned in the form of a refund from the Federal Government is nearly identical to what I owe the State Government. C’mon, how is this possible if not for the two entities conspiring?

The most important thing I learned from Monday’s eclipse is that there are still a few Rax Roast Beef restaurants in existence. I may have to travel to the Midwest to see if the “Horsey Sauce” tastes the same as it did forty years ago.

I can’t even blame the poor weather for my lack of exercise yesterday, I just wasn’t feeling inspired nor energetic.

Yesterday I finished reading the book “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow”, and in returning my virtual copy to the library discovered that I had already read a novel by the author Gabrielle Zevin called “The Storied Life of A.J. Firky”, though I have no recollection about this novel’s plot.

Wordle: three, my starter was TRADE
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I’ve little to report. I’m sure the eclipse chasers can provide accounts of their follies from yesterday.

Raining today. Wish I had forced myself onto the roof to blow off all of the pollen before the rain arrived. I have once again failed as a homeowner.

My days of caring about Wordle streaks are over. No, I didn’t fail today and break my streak, but rather the NYT is forcing me to create an account and log in to see my stats. Fuck that, not going to happen. My daily NYT gameplay will come to an end when they require me to log in just to play.

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If you ignore the pain, and itching, and occasional gasps for breaths this weekend was alright.

Saturday morning I met Barb and Kevin and we did a walk around Arabia “Mountain”. I resisted the urge to speak German to the family who happened to be there, though I really wanted to do so. Before we met up I did a little OTP shopping by visiting Tractor Supply and Harbor Freight Tools. After the walk we had lunch at Brockett Pub. On my drive home I encountered a handful of old time hasher as they attempted to follow a trail that apparently went down my street.

On Sunday morning rather than going to Publix as I had planned, I worked in WLF. For some reason I got inspired to remove a medium sized tree stump from the ground, and was successful! This will be arable land for WLF 2025. I’ve scaled WLF waaaaaaay back for 2024.

Today finds me getting car maintenance done, after which I will travel up to Whole Foods to pick up an Amazon package, and later I will drive to Barb’s for dinner and Survivor.

It was not my best day of wordplay.

Wordle: six, my starter was ACORN
Connections: complete fail, X > X > X > X

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It’s been two years since I had my last enjoyable hash outing. Yesterday I tossed my hash bag, which given its broken zippers and ripped pockets was good for little else other than using for hashing.

How has it only been a week since I returned from Florida? It feels as if my life has been completely altered by that trip. One of the things I realized that I should have done was transport my mother’s ashes to Atlanta, in case I got a wild hair to take her to her final resting place in May; now that’s not an option.

Last night I tried going for a walk. I made it up to the EAV Farmers Market, where I became depressed (don’t ask, just accept it) so I left quickly and headed out for distance. Not too much later I realized that my post-COVID (?) constrained respiratory system was going to make this a laborious walk, so I returned home immediately.

I noticed another sign of Shrinkflation today that has probably been happening longer than I realized. The “half gallon” of almond milk I picked up the other day is not 64 ounces, but rather 52 ounces. In this instance I don’t care too greatly because I actually made money by picking it up; I had a Kroger coupon to get it free, and then iBotta gave me $1.50 for buying it.

Weekend plans? For me I will be attending Enema’s and Saddle Sores’s party on Sunday. Other than that my weekend is wide open.

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Not much to report again. I did an underwhelming 25 minutes on the trainer, with the positive being that I felt no hip pain as I pedaled. I quit early due to respiratory issues, slight knee pain, and boredom.

This afternoon I will be going to get a massage to try to work out whatever kinks are in my hips, buttocks, and legs.

Headed to the Waschsalon this morning to knock out a bunch of dirty laundry that I wasn’t able to do in Florida, and have accumulated since returning home a week ago.

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Unfortunately Status Quo: nothing to report

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I called the juror hotline last night and heard the lovely message telling me that there was no need for jurors, and that my obligation has been filled. Hot damn! I called it twice to ensure I wasn’t being pranked.

Now I need to conquer my poison ivy, periformis syndrome, COVID leftovers, weight loss, and all of the other health issues that my body has, and life will be good. Oh, it would also help to fix the Georgia house, sell the Florida house, and find a source of income.

I should be celebrating my freedom by doing laundry this morning at the Waschsalon, but don’t want to. Instead I am bumping that chore until tomorrow morning.

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April 1st.
I wish I could joke today, but I am far from jovial.

Add another negative to my Florida trip. It appears that even though I was wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt I contacted poison ivy/oak while doing yard work. I had one spot around my ankle last week, and as of yesterday it has spread to my arms.

I am also still battling my piriformis problems, and can’t shake the last of the cold/flu/covid.

All of the above, along with depression caused me to skip yesterday’s Easter Silver Comet ride.

Hopefully things will start to get better late this afternoon if I find out that I don’t have to report for jury duty selection tomorrow.

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