I’m not going to say that the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, but it was nice to get an encouraging nudge via text from Bonnie suggesting that I get some exercise by riding the trainer last night. Sure, there was setup involved since I rarely mount when it’s this warm, but I did. I rode for an hour while watching the latest episode of “The Amazing Race”.

Because of the weather yesterday I also succumbed to the God of Convenience by driving down to the Amazon Store to pick up a purchase. It cost me $2.30 to park (a rip off), but it was money well spent as I saw a Park Mobile ticket nazi roaming 5th Street as I returned to my car.

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Good night of staying home, the storms that rolled through EAV almost made me look prescient.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.0 pounds (-1.8 from last week’s weigh-in); rollover coaster ride of life…

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After a nonstop weekend of activity I am “relaxing” at the Waschsalon before heading into work.

No Moonlite for me tonight, I need a short break.

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If a tree falls in East Atlanta does it make a sound? While I’m not sure about that I can tell you it has the capability of knocking out the electricity at the ITP Estate. Power was out from around 4:30pm to past 11:00pm, with another hour-long outage around 3:30am. Poop!

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Good time hanging out with Betsy last night. It was my turn to cook so I did a play on this Instant Pot Vegan Cauliflower Tikka Masala recipe; I added tofu and garbanzo beans to it. Most of the flavor can be contributed to the two jars of Kroger Tikka Masala sauce (Glenwood Kroger was sold out of the other brand, and I got the last two jars of Kroger brand!) that I dumped into the Instant Pot after baking the cauliflower and tofu. We also ate some garlic naan that I had purchased from Aldi.

Today’s mystery pain is at the base of my right thumb. The pain started last night, I have no idea what I did, if anything, to cause it.

Looking forward to getting some exercise today with Bonnie.
I. Must. Exercise. Daily…

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Test result in — I’m not as healthy as I could be, but I also not necessarily on death’s door. Given my family health history look for me to increase my exercise, “improve” my food choices, and attempt to lower my weight. Perhaps by doing these I can lower my chances of something catastrophic happening, or need for a drastic measure occurring, in the future. And who knows, maybe this will also make my Tuesday weight reporting a little more joyous again.

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Sitting outside the doctor’s office in Brookhaven, an hour early for my appointment. This should come as no surprise as I hate to be rushed, and I can never count on Atlanta‘s traffic being decent. Fortunately, I am easily entertained.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 213.8 pounds (+2.0 from last week’s weigh-in); sad.

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It was an interesting weekend with my obvious low light being the parking ticket I got on Edgewood Avenue because I failed to read the signage thoroughly. Why on earth would I not be allowed to park on the street, paying for parking as well, after 7pm on a Saturday? Oh well.

Many hashers did the long drive down to Senoia for a short, but fun, trail. It would have been a nicer commute if *I* lived in Luthersville… Steve, your absence was noticed, hope all is well.

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What a rollercoaster week for me, from the high of Monday’s WWDC keynote, to the low of yesterday’s car break-in. And unfortunately for me this weekend’s rain is going to put a literal damper on my street’s first ever block party.

Hopefully next week will be filled with highs. I say this knowing I have a potentially important doctor appointment on Tuesday. But until then I guess I will live in bliss.

Have a great weekend all.

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There have been mornings over the past few years on which I wondered how I managed to unlock my car doors, certain that I had locked them the previous night.

This morning I was perturbed at myself for seemingly accidentally pressing the trunk release, that was until I saw that the driver’s door wasn’t completely closed, and that someone had obviously rifled through the center console and glove compartment overnight. They had also opened the trunk, and looked for goodies in it as well. How they got in, given that the M6 has a “security” system, is baffling to me, though I imagine that the black market has all sorts of devices which can unlock modern car doors.

Upon quick inspection the biggest physical losses were the portable solar panel that I kept in the pocket behind the passenger seat, and the $1 bill that Bonnie had given me on Monday night. Fortunately the thief didn’t take my work ID, nor did he find the half-filled wallet that I absentmindedly left tucked into a compartment in the trunk. I am hoping that I don’t realize that anything else is missing.

Once again I feel violated, and a new “To Do” — Marie Kondo the fuck out of the car leaving only items which I won’t mind have being stolen from me — is on today’s agenda.

This has been my Public Service Announcement for the year.

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