Frustrating visit to LA Fitness yesterday.

  1. My workout was not great (some days are better than others of course).
  2. One of my genetic deficiencies is acting up (it was nice feeling pseudo-normal for a while).
  3. The remnants of one of my water bottles leaked onto my jeans making the crotch wet (good thing there was a hair dryer in the locker room so I could dry the pants a little).

I finished my night by making vegetarian chili, watching an episode of “Monk”, and then passing out super-early in bed.

Going to Creative Mornings again, not volunteering this time however. Since I am still sporting a gray beard let’s see how often I get referred to as “sir” today.

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Apparently “XYZ Corp” has a new employee. This squirrel, whose ears and back of head you can see in this image, has built a nest on the building ledge outside the window next to mine, four stories above ground!

A Real Superhero


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Routine day in a life.

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Surprising result after a really good day of exercise, but a really bad day of eating.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 211.8 pounds
Note: in an attempt to have relevant data I weigh myself using the same scale, in the same location of the house, every Tuesday at roughly the same time.

Apologies to ITP-Reader John. I know I promised an action photo of the bottle opener in use, but I had no need to open a bottle last night. Soon.

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Action-packed weekend including going to a hash Saturday, and walking over nine miles yesterday. I even managed to get a little sunburned yesterday. Who could’ve seen that coming given Friday’s forecast? Beer was consumed every day; German homework was not done on any day. Tonight I will have to invert that statement.

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There is only one downside to reducing the amount of stuff one owns, and that’s discovering you still wish you had something that you tossed or donated.

It has happened to me twice this week.

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Waiting out traffic at Joe’s Coffee Shop in EAV. I’m the guy using a Mac (I remember when that statement would have truly helped identify me in a crowd).

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[redacted statement about how morose I am because I am still single on Valentines Day]

Believe it or not I had to consult the calendar to get today’s date. I feel loved, just not in that way.

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Last night’s turnout for the gathering to remember Rat’s Ass was large, a surprise to no one. Hashers, many of whom may not have been to George’s since the bathrooms were located at the rear, nearly filled the entire space.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 214.2 pounds

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Deep sorrow yesterday as the news of Rat’s Ass’s death on Saturday spread through the hashing community. I was fortunate to know him for awhile, his friendship will be missed.

It doesn’t seem possible that nearly ten years have passed since I took this photo of Niplets (left) and Rat’s Ass (right) trying to figure out how they were going to get their pig cooked at the Black Rock Mountain hash campout in the spring of 2008.

220, 221... Whatever It Takes

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