Busy week starts off busy.

I will be packing a lot of life into this week. Wish me well.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day Eve!

Clearly the best part of seeing the play “Sheltered” last night was being to understand the one minute of German dialog. 😎 I kid, as is always the case, the best part was hanging out with a great friend. And, I had two such opportunities when you include yesterday’s lunch. 😁

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I sorted and packed three bags of dirty laundry yesterday.

I remembered this morning to stop to buy the laundry soap I needed to do laundry.

It wasn’t until I pulled up outside the Waschsalon that I realized that I only managed to put two of those three bags of dirty laundry into the M6. Dangen!

I hope that this is the only mistake that I make today.

Tomorrow will be a “Work from Waschsalon” do over.

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So glad I put flannel sheets back on the bed. They may not be needed for much longer, but they have helped me stay warm this week.

Bedroom light is flickering slightly. Don’t know if it’s wonky ITP Estate electrical, or old CF bulb on its last leg.

Arm looking like it has poison ivy and I have tossed my old prescriptions (which is probably the right thing to have done). Might try to see my doctor for the first time in a while for a diagnosis.

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[REDACTED] No one wants to read my whining.

Current Status: reading about Swift before walking over to the High Museum for the second day of the conference.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.6 pounds; so, I have that going for me.

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Maybe it’s the loss of an hour, but I am tired this morning. However, it’s a good kind of tired because this weekend I was a busy man.

On Friday I drove to the old work neighborhood and had dinner with a bunch of old coworkers.

On Saturday night I went to Drunken Unicorn for an excellent show.

Yesterday, given the weather forecast, it was determined that attempting the BeltGrind was a bad idea. Those of you on the Book of Faces know that in place of that I accompanied my friend Bonnie on her first Black Sheep Hash; hope her husband doesn’t find out she had to sit on the ice with yours truly… Even though we were out for over two hours, and DFL (due to a plethora of reasons), she seemed to have a good time. I guess the proof will be whether or not she returns my text messages this week. 🤓🙂

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Found agave nectar in KroBar.

Saw a great show called “Perfect Arrangement” at Theatrical Outfit last night.

Weekend may be interesting, come back Monday to find out.

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Yesterday I put a flannel sheet set back onto my bed because I am tired of being cold.

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This blast of cold air has me hiding under the covers again.

Businesses with presence at Woodruff Arts Center are really trying to lose me as a customer. (top: Wells Fargo; bottom: Octane Coffee or whatever they are called these days)

Are Companies Trying To Lose My Business?

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In your opinion, is it worse to throw trash into a recycling bin, or recycling into a trash bin?

Made my inaugural Instant Pot meal last night: Spicy Peanut Soup With Sweet Potato And Kale. I freewheeled and used almond butter instead of peanut butter, and may have added more than I should have. Tasty, especially after cooling down and becoming a bit less liquidy. Sadly, the photos I thought of taking of the process and output never materialized — I was too hungry.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 210.2 pounds, slowly inching toward my goal

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