I’m Behind Schedule

Boring day and night yesterday.

My morning is slipping away, and I have much to do, so I don’t have time for blogging.

Black Friday, in the worst possible sense in my opinion, has arrived. I hope that you have the best weekend possible. If I don’t go into the bunker that I have rented for the next four years I will “see” you all on Monday.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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What A Crock

As I mentioned in yesterday’s comments my phone interview went fairly well. The next step is for me to perform a coding exercise so that they can see my work. It’s only Thursday, but think that my weekend will consist of coding and football watching.

Oh The Weather Outside Was Delightful
After my interview I was charged up and needed an outlet for getting exercise. A quick look at the weather convinced me that I should head outside and ride in the real world instead of on the trainer in the basement.

As I rode from East Atlanta toward Kirkwood I once again stumbled upon hash trial, this time from the last Wheelhopper, which I quickly deemed since the marks were far apart and lead me a long way from where I saw my first mark. The trail even used that small single-track path that I had stumbled upon a while ago when out riding.

“Scenic View” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
Scenic View

I followed trail for awhile, losing and then miraculously finding it again out of nowhere about three times, before deciding that I should head home.

On a jag I took to add mileage and time I rode past the location where I took this photo back in November (geez, it doesn’t seem as if I took this shot nearly two months ago):
What I Hate About Atlanta, Or Perhaps "Progress"
and saw the sign outside that the houses to be built there will be priced FROM THE 450s; for houses in southeast Atlanta that abut I-20? Doesn’t anyone else remember the housing crisis of 2008?

Crocking In The Kitchen
When I returned home from cycling I was greeted with the lovely aroma being released by the food in the crockpot. I was headed to Betsy’s house for some Top Chef viewing and she was a willing guinea pig for my attempt at this simple recipe for Garlic Herb Chicken and “Dumplings”.

Hot damn it as tasty! I will certainly make it again at some time.

Here are a few tips if you decide to try this recipe:
– A 4-quart crockpot is not large enough. You will think that it is, but then forget you are going to cook biscuits in it as well, which will swell and force some of the liquid over the sides.
– If you use Pillsbury Grands biscuits, you will only need one tube.
– I used thawed, plain chicken tenderloins instead of frozen, “garlic herb chicken” as described in the recipe; there was no loss in flavor.
– I didn’t want to buy a canister of grated parmesan and I happened to have leftover shredded parmesan from last week’s crockpot soup night at Dean’s, so I used that instead.
– I don’t know what “garlic pepper” is, so I used 0.5 teaspoon of black pepper and 0.5 teaspoon of garlic powder instead.
– I omitted the addition of sharp cheddar cheese, to me the dish already had enough flavor and didn’t need the addition of a second type of cheese.

With the crockpot of chicken and dumplings I brought over a bag of frozen broccoli florets that we steamed. Let’s be honest, this dish needs some sort of vegetable counterpart.

Happy “Last Day of Presidential Sanity”. I keep waiting for someone to come out and tell us that we’ve been Punk’d and it’s all been one big joke since November. Obviously I’m still nervous about letting Trump, with a Republican Congress, run this country.

Paulie [eat/ga]

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Shifted Priority

I have a phone interview at 2pm today, therefore I am taking myself offline to concentrate on that until it is over.

Have a great day and hope to chat with you all tomorrow.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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B-I-N-G-Oh No!

Alternate titles for today:
“Bad Dog!”

Last night I was going to get out of the house (for the first time since Friday?) and planned to meet up with a friend and former coworker at DBA Barbecue, and upon confirmation was going to send my friend and former boss Hank an invite to join us. While I was on the trainer yesterday I received a text telling me that my friend was still sick, recovering from the flu, and he regretted not being able to make it.

After finishing on the trainer and cleaning up I sent Hank a text asking him if he wanted to meet up at Lucky’s Burger and Brew, this way we could spend some of the money on our purchased gift cards and perhaps play a little bar bingo.

As I was readying to leave the house I got a call from Hank. “Hey, I was looking up Lucky’s address to send to my nephew so that he could join us and Google says that it’s permanently closed. I tried calling them and the phone just rang and rang.” Having just seen Fox Bros BBQ say on Twitter that someone erroneously declared their location permanently closed while they were closed for a week to perform renovations, I nearly uttered “In-con-CEIVABLE!”.

And then I saw this on the door of Lucky’s:
Bad Dog!


Now I will have to make the drive up to the Brookhaven location to use up the balances remaining on the gift cards. Looks as if someone will be doing some Costco shopping and working out at LA Fitness in the process.

Busy Busy
More German studying and computer programming needs to occur today, as in I need to start right now…

Have a great day, friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Fewer Things, Stronger Wings

I am once again ramping up my efforts to get rid of material possessions that do nothing but weigh me down. One of my big targets this week is to go through my CD collection and keep only those that have sentimental value, are unavailable digitally, or that I know I will listen to entirely after putting it into a CD player. The “plan” is to take a large box of CDs up to Criminal Records in Little Five Points to see how much they will offer me; I don’t think it will be a lot of money, but I’m not using them so why should I hold onto them?

I am also hoping to have dinner tonight with a friend, and former coworker, who has experience selling things on eBay. Stay tuned…

I’ve Been Living In The Past
Perhaps detrimentally to my mental health I have been thinking a lot about my past and beating myself up regarding all of my missed/blown opportunities in my life; naturally most of these have been regarding relationships, but there have been other things as well. I think I’ve been doing this because I have been spending a lot of, perhaps too much, time alone.

One blast from the past that proved beneficial was Season 5 of The Amazing Race, which I concluded watching this weekend by doing some indoor cycling on Saturday and Sunday. My ride on Sunday marked my eighth consecutive day of filling all three exercise rings on my Apple Watch. Since I am the only one I know who wears an Apple Watch, one ring represents the number of minutes exercised and is filled when that exceeds thirty, one ring represents the number of calories burned in a day and for me that is filled when that exceeds 450, and one ring represents the number of hours I’ve stood up and moved around and that is filled when that exceeds twelve.

A Little Bit Of Atlanta In Pawnee?
I mentioned that I’ve started (binge) watching Parks And Recreation. During the first few seasons there was a still image used in the opening that kept nagging me. I’m sure that I am not the first one to document this, but I finally put two-and-two together over the weekend. Here is a photo of that image that I took of my tv (sorry about the moire pattern there was nothing I could do about that):
Opening Shot From "Parks and Recreation"

and here is a Google Maps screenshot of the location that I recognized:

Real Life "Parks and Recreation"
Yep, it’s the diner next to Galaxy Tattoo on Cheshire Bridge!

My pattern recognition ability remains strong.

Quitting While I Am Behind
I’m not even a genuine Packers fan but that game caused me much stress so I had to give up watching in the third quarter.

In order to distract myself from the outcome and accomplish something productive last night I decided to install my new Topeak PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Cadence and Speed Sensor. I looked that the User Guide and thought that I completely understood what appeared to be a simple install. The first fail I had was that neither of the provided mounts for the cadence magnet fit into my pedal. I chose to skip this and get the speed sensor up and going so I clipped the speed magnet onto a spoke and started spinning the wheel; that was the second failure. The third failure occurred when I screwed up a couple of zip ties, for which I expected to have more of in my collection of spare zip ties but do not. After getting increasingly frustrated I decided to give up for the night. I went back upstairs and reread the User Guide to see that I had done something wrong. I went back down into the basement to fix one of my errors but could not find the magnet for the cadence sensor. I searched for a good five minutes to find the cadence magnet to no avail. Finally I looked at the bottom of the headlamp that I was holding in my hand to use as a flashlight only to find the cadence magnet attached to it. At that point I gave up. Neither sensor is working as I write this portion on Sunday night, and frankly I’m okay with this for today.

Big Week Ahead
This is going to be a big week for me. One day later in the week, I am unsure which yet, I am supposed to have a technical interview. You may correctly assume that I am hoping that it goes well, as I am ready to restart my career.

Oooh, for whom will I root next week in the Packers v. Falcons game? You’d think that living inside the perimeter would make me automatically root for the home team. Not so fast my friends… I rooted for the Packers back in October, and I planning to be in the presence of Packers fans on Super Bowl Sunday, so I think that I will be rooting for the visitors.

Happy MLK Jr Day. Hope that if you are working today that you have an easy day.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Friday The Thirteenth

Dun Dun DAH!

ITP-Writer Paulie: Spider Slayer
Well it happened again. There I was, minding my own business, walking into the kitchen, when I saw a fairly large spider on the floor. Fortunately for me I recognized it not to be a Black Widow spider, and this one seemed to be awakening from slumber much as I had been not ten minutes earlier, so I had ample time to grab a napkin and dispatch it.

I know. I know. I should be nice to spiders for they eat other insects. However, I have a strict policy that if you are not paying for a share of the mortgage, you can’t live in my house. Ass, gas, or grass, nobody rides for free!

ITP Flickr Pics
“Alejandro Escovedo and The Minus Five” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Alejandro Escovedo and The Minus Five

“Did Someone Say ‘National Rubber Ducky Day'” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Did Someone Say "National Rubber Ducky Day"?
Why yes, ITP-Reader Stacy did. Stacy told me today is Nation Rubber Ducky Day and that I should take a photo of the ones I own. So I did, at least a photo of the seven that I could fit into one photo frame.

Keeping An Eye On My Eye
I’m hoping the chalazion is not returning. Really. Fucking. Hoping that it’s not…

A Good And Not So Good Experience
I’m a funny person, at least some people have told me that. But last night I was funny in a different way. I found fantastic parking, read “free”, and chose not to take it in fear that my car was going to be broken into. Lemme splain…

I told you that last night I was making my first trip to City Winery for a show. After looking at their menu online I chose to save a little money and eat across the street at Eats instead. I love the food at Eats, so why not? After pulling through, and then out of Eats’s parking lot I found a spot on the street that runs along side it; I believe the street is Lakeview. Score! However, after eating my plate of jerk chicken, green beans, and a sweet potato, I just couldn’t convince myself that keeping my car on the street was a good thing. So, I drove around and wound up paying $10 to park at Ponce City Market instead. I know, I’m strange, I mean funny.

The show at City Winery was fantastic except for two things:

  1. As you can see from the photo above I was close to the stage, as in my chair was literally right up against the stage. It’s a good thing that Peter Buck didn’t sneeze, because it would have been all over my. Yuck! And because I was so close to the stage the music WAS FUCKING LOUD! It’s a damn good thing that I noticed a box of ear plugs when I walked in.
  2. There is always one guy…. I’m all for people having fun, until it impairs the fun of others. There was one guy whose seat was like mine, but on the other side of the stage who constantly stood up and tried to interact with the band. And then this guy had the gall to try to smoke a cigarette in the restaurant which clearly doesn’t allow smoking. Thankfully the staff approached him quickly and told him to extinguish his cigarette. Some people…

Will I go back? Perhaps, for the right band at the right price. If I do, I know that I will be more selective in my seat choice.

Before the show City Winery projected upcoming shows, including one by Los Lobos in March. You may remember my sadness when Los Lobos had to pull out of playing at LEAF a few years ago. I’ve been listening to the band for nearly thirty-five years, and I’ve never seen them perform. I determined that this streak will continue when I saw that the cheapest seats for this show were going to be $60. Right band, wrong price.

Have a great weekend.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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A Hiatus Bucket List Item Completed

I thought that in the six months of unemployment I would often walk/cycle to Kro-Bar Kroger to shop. After all, it is a mere 1.5 miles from the ITP Estate and walking/cycling would be the epitome of intown living.

Yesterday I walked to Kro-Bar Kroger (and back) for the first time. The walk was wonderful. I brought a backpack in which I put an insulated bag which had two ice blocks stored within it because I was walking to buy sour cream and parmesan cheese and I didn’t want them getting warm on the walk back. I misjudged the temperature slightly, I wore jeans and a long-sleeved technical t-shirt and found myself breaking out into a proper sweat on my return.

The walk was 1.5 miles each way, as recorded by two independent tracking devices. I accomplished the walk in each direction, the paths taken being slightly different, in about a half hour each way.

Yay me!

It’s already 9:20am? Geez! I need to find eighty minutes to ride the trainer, or maybe ride my mountain bike for awhile today. I also really need to start preparing for a technical interview. So much to do…

ITP Flickr Pic
“Hashers’ Delight” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

Hashers' Delight
It is the desire of every hasher on trail to find the BN (Beer Near) mark. It is a little less than exciting to find it the day after the trail was run. 🙂

I did not follow trail on my way to Kroger, but in taking a slightly different route home I stumbled upon the Beer Near on my return.

Soup Is Good Food
I had a good time last night hanging out and eating (too much) soup. It was fun and comfortable to hang with mostly hashers who’ve I’ve met before. You might be surprised to find that a person who has been single for nearly the last quarter of a century does not mingle and meet new people well.

My black bean soup was okay, even though I made a few mistakes in preparing it. All of the soups I ate were delicious. It always amuses me to see hashers accomplish something more than running through the woods and drinking beer. 😉

My First Trip To City Winery
Tonight I will be making my first trip to City Winery. The reason for this trip is to see Alejandro Escovedo, with The Minus Five as the opening act! I’m looking forward to checking out this venue, which sits in the southwest corner of the lot dominated by Ponce City Market, and am hopeful of calling this a “workday neighbor” if I can pass a technical interview.

Naturally I’ll give you all my review of City Winery in tomorrow’s blog post.

Enjoy the (un)seasonably warm weather.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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Quick Hits

I have a phone interview later this morning for which I am concentrating, so I can’t spend much time on the blog today. Last July I gambled that I would be able to get another software developer job in January of 2017, I hope that I don’t lose this bet the way I have so many in the past.

I spent another eighty minutes on the trainer yesterday. With each ride I get progressively stronger. Though I need to get some sort of exercise today it won’t be in the form of riding the trainer.

Since the beginning of the year I have weighed myself on my home scale every other day. [see next section for the continuation of this.]

After working out I strained a muscle in my back yesterday. It doesn’t feel too bad, but it’s definitely an impediment to getting exercise today.

I also feel as if I am fighting off a bit of a cold, perhaps due to weather change, perhaps due to a fatigued immune system from four days of trainer riding, perhaps from something else. I can tell you for sure that it’s not from kissing someone recently. Poop.

I am not losing weight. Here’s the tale of the tape thus far:
01/01 11:15, 223.8
01/03 07:00, 223.8
01/05 09:20, 221.4
01/07 08:25, 221.2
01/09 06:30, 222.4
01/11 08:15, 222.2

I forgot to stop at the grocery store last night, therefore I will either rush out to Kro-Bar after my phone interview, perhaps on foot, or attempt to make my soup using only the ingredients I have on hand (which is about 90% of what is called for by the recipe). I hope my soup doesn’t come out ugly.

My eyesight appears to be getting progressively worse. Related: I am old.

My performance in German class was abysmal last night. I am so lost again and need to devote many hours to vocabulary and grammar in order to regain what little confidence I once had.

There have been no photos take by me this year. None!

For two days I have been attempting a Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle and I am still only about 50% complete, and am stuck. These puzzles vex me. For instance what is a five-letter word for “Poop” when when you have “F_C_S”? Naturally I put “FECES”, made sense to me. However, I was wrong. (In the iOS app you can “Check Puzzle” and see which of the answers you have right or wrong. I check my answers after getting to a point at which I can no longer answer clues.)

Make it a great day!


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Had I “gone to press” when I arrived home last night I would have recreated the historical gaff eluded to in today’s title.

I Blame The Media
Though I’ve given up on college football I agreed to meet Hank and a few other former coworkers at Taco Mac Prado for the National Championship game last night. The kickoff of the game occurred sometime around 8:00pm.

It was nearly 11:00pm when Alabama scored the touchdown that “put the game away” with about two minutes remaining in the third quarter. The three remaining participants — Hank (Clemson), Tony (Alabama), and me (Florida) — decided enough was enough and headed to our respective homes.

I didn’t even think to put the game on tv when I finally returned home. Much like the presidential election, the team for which I was rooting wasn’t going to win and I didn’t want to see the other side bask in glory. Only this time it was different…

I was awakened around 12:30am by a text from Hank saying “Holy shit, we won”. First, I thought I misread his text. Second, did the game really not end until 12:30am EST? Anyway, I congratulated Hank on joining the “My Team Is The National Champion” club and then went back to sleep. Though Clemson won a National Championship some time in the 1980s (I’m too lazy to Google), Hank was not yet a student, nor a fan of the team, at that time.

Putting aside my disdain for all SEC teams other than Florida I think Alabama’s loss last night is good for college football as it returns a sense of hope to schools other than one of the most dominating programs of all time. And don’t worry about Alabama, Vegas bookies are already pinning them and FSU, two of my least favorites, as frontrunners for next season’s National Champion. I’m so glad that I won’t be watching then.

Goodbye: Yahoo!
Hello: Altaba

It was announced yesterday that upon completion of the acquisition by Verizon that Yahoo! is going to be renamed to Altaba, which sounds to me like one of those drugs advertised on tv — “Ask your doctor if Altaba is right for you.”. One of the potential side-affects of taking Altaba may be a change to Flickr, the once-popular photos hosting site that Yahoo! acquired, launching the Web 2.0 revolution, back in the aughts. This is important to me for two reasons:
1. I have been a dedicated Flickr user for a long time and it’s via Flickr that I post photos to this blog.
2. My software development practice coding, which I need to do a lot of in the next few days, is based on Flickr’s open API. Changing or shutting down this API shouldn’t be too much of a concern because it won’t happen overnight, at least not theoretically.

ITP Flickr Pic
Of course I need to shoot in order to worry about the first of those concerns.

A Return To German Class
I start another quarter of German classes tonight. Looks as if I failed to do my daily studying in preparation for today. I really want to buckle down on learning German during the next six months as a lead-in to my trip to Germany at the end of June. Of course there is this pesky thing called “employment” on which I need to concentrate as well.

Have a great day all!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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On The Road To Nowhere

I cleaned out my kitchen utensil drawer the other day, as you do in order to avoid the things you are supposed to be doing. In the drawer I found six bottle openers, five of which had the capability of opening a wine bottle. SIX! Jeez Louise I never felt so much like a hoarder. From where and when did I accumulate all of these?

No Snowpocalypse
Well that was certainly a dud, wasn’t it? I stayed at home on Friday, keeping an eye on the weather to see if my Saturday plans were going to be canceled. In doing so I (re)watched The Incredibles.

As is the case so many times when a snowstorm is predicated in these parts we got none, but as you probably know we did get some ice.

When I went outside Saturday afternoon to get the mail that I failed to bring in on Friday I saw how dry the roads had become, thankfully, so I was able to go out on Saturday night. On Saturday night I drove over to Betsy’s house for dinner and some Top Chef watching. On the 1.4 mile drive I saw one small patch of ice on the roads, everything else was bone dry.

ITP Flickr Pic
“When The Temperature Drops I Put This On And Remember How Good We Have It” (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

When The Temperature Drops I Put This On And Remember How Good We Have It
A gift of many years ago from my old friend ITP-Reader Tamara, who is Canada’s Representative to Inside The Perimeter. I wear this anytime the temperature in Atlanta makes me think of Canada.

Spinning It Up Again
On Saturday I also replaced the rear wheel on my bike and put it onto my trainer. Sure, I’m still waiting for my speed/cadence sensor to arrive, but in the meantime I’m riding with entertainment to make the drudgery bearable.

I spun for an hour on Saturday and an hour and fifteen minutes yesterday. In the process I started watching Season Five of “The Amazing Race”, making my way through the first three episodes. Huzzah!

I don’t recall when I started watching “The Amazing Race”, it may have been the season which preceded “The Amazing Race: Family Edition”, which according to Wikipedia was Season Eight.

Based on how my legs, and nether regions feel today, I might be taking a “rest” day today.

Good Old Home Cooking
I have been doing well eating at home, or in the case of Saturday night eating food prepared by someone else. In the past few days I’ve eaten a bunch of leftovers and yesterday I cooked up a little chicken to go with the potato leftovers that I brought back from Betsy’s.

I’ll be bucking this trend tonight by going up to The Prado and meeting Hank and a couple of other former coworkers at the Taco Mac there to watch some of the Championship Game. Hank is a Clemson graduate and I know one of the others will be a Bama graduate, so this will be interesting. Perhaps I will wear a Florida Gators shirt to let everyone know that I have no horse in the race.

Hope your weekend was great! (ITP-Reader Barb, not being on The Face Books I have no idea how your return trip went, if it even went at all.)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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