The only running my ankle affords these days is running late. And I am…

Have a great weekend all!

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The temperature drops below 50°F and with it drops my desire to get out of bed. For the first time in a while it’s past 8am and I am still in the sack.

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After German class last night I played an elaborate game of hide-and-seek at home with inanimate objects. They are goooooood. I was seeking a check from my mother that I received last week, and in the process found a black satchel, yes perhaps that black satchel, the one I thought was stolen from my car earlier this year. It’s as if my house has become training ground for dementia.

Today will be another busy day. I have already hobbled down to Whole Foods to pick up an Amazon package delivered there yesterday. Later I shall hobble over to the Alliance Theatre’s box office, and to the Museum of Design Atlanta, to which I have recently become a member. MODA memberships are discounted 20% this month. I should probably find time to do some work today as well.

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Another exercise-less day due to my ankle. It was nice spending a night at home and cooking; this will be a rare event because of my scheduling over the next two weeks.

When I arose at 3:30am this morning I was elated to realize that “Corner Gas: Animated” is now available for streaming via IMDb TV (yeah, it is new to me as well). I quit watching the first episode halfway through because I cannot stand the commercials Amazon inserts with their streaming service.

Waschsalon this morning.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 213.2 pounds (-1.2 from my weigh-in two weeks ago); so yeah, that’s good.

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Happy Columbus Day, no?, Indigenous Peoples Day, no!, Monday.

I took my trash and recycling out to the curb this morning, and now realize that it might be for naught.

It was a good weekend with a smattering of exercise by riding a bike to and from Porchfest Saturday. Yesterday I bimboed the Black Sheep Hash for the first time; while fun, I do not want to make a career of it.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well.

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It has been a frustrating week; like trying to peel a hard-boiled egg whose shell you think will slide right off, but shatters into a hundred pieces that you have to fight to remove. A lot of my frustration and sadness is caused by my glacially-slow healing ankle, as well as some mental stagnation felt with the rest of my life.

There have been highlights though, like spontaneously going to Horizon Theatre last night to see a well-acted play.

Porchfest tomorrow, all that remains is trying to figure out if I am capable of riding a bicycle. Black Sheep Sunday, I already know I will not be capable of doing Dumbfuck’s tral.

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I know that you are all tired of hearing me brag about my wonderful skills, perhaps skills more wonderful than have ever been seen before, but I must say that my cooking game has been on point this week. So far I’ve made a really tasty American Goulash dish, a batch of near-perfect hard-boiled eggs, and last night I made a vegetarian “chicken” bake that was superb. In fact, the only problem I have had with my cooking this week is that I have followed recipes that make too much food, which we all know is bad for my waistline. Oh well, I guess I will just have to deal with the consequences…

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Welcome to the Sweet Sixteen year of Inside The Perimeter.

I nearly forgot to post today, mostly because I got into work and started off immediately. Look at me trying to be productive and shit.

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Today marks fifteen nearly-uninterrupted years of me producing this nonsense know as “Inside The Perimeter”. The first post on this thing called a “blog” occurred on October 8th, 2004.

🎉 Happy Anniversary to me! 🎉

For my anniversary gift I allowed myself to skip my Tuesday weigh-in, because I know that no joy would come from it today.

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Fun weekend with a lot of imbibing. My ankle still hasn’t returned to normal, but I am able to hobble about. Due to my injury I will once again skip Moonlite and spend the night at home cooking, cleaning, etc.

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