As I watched Betsy go up in her attic the other night I came to the realization that I moved into my house when I was 33 years old. 🤯
I cannot believe that I lived most of my thirties and all of my forties in my current house. 🤯🤯

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Even though it means that I will have to go to work, it was lovely to hear the recording yesterday informing me that I would not have to report for jury duty selection today.

I tried a jog yesterday with minor success. The Wahoo Fitness app I used to record my route seems to have recorded a winding route that I didn’t really do. According to Wahoo Fitness I covered 4.4 miles, according to Gmaps Pedometer it was closer to 3.5 miles. I guess I should start using my watch as a second source of truth again.

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Good times yesterday doing my normal routine, sadly that did not involve being outside much, nor exercising.

Managed to stay up coding past midnight as I work on my first portfolio app. I’m behind schedule but am trying to do this “right” since I expect it to be one of a handful of apps I highlight whenever I attempt to find a new job.

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I guess not hashing is one way to avoid drinking on a weeknight. I didn’t leave the office until after 5pm last night, and with all that I knew that I should do at home I couldn’t justify giving up at least three hours to go hashing, even if it did start at Glenwood Kroger (again).

It’s going to be a struggle to convince myself to give up this last day of spectacular weather and spend three hours inside for German class tonight.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.0 pounds (-0.4 from last week’s weigh-in); just think how well I’d be doing if I were actually exercising the way I am supposed to be exercising…

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Well, we had one good day at LEAF…

The rain started on Friday night, and stopped only periodically. This was the scene around 6:00pm on Saturday, with more rain in the future.
How Much Mud Could A Mudchuck Chuck?
This is usually grass.

When we realized LEAF was never going to be fun again this time, we high-tailed it to Black Mountain where we spent the night with Randy’s brother Steven and his sister-in-law Dawn.

Lunch in Asheville yesterday before making the trip back home to set up wet camping gear to start drying.

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Off today, and need to get back onto the daily exercise train.

Hoping the weather in Black Mountain will be better than is what is being predicted.

Have a great weekend all.

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The original plan was to get to the Waschsalon this morning, that fell apart when I fell back asleep.

The new plan is to get into work and get out as early as possible so that I have time to run some errands in Buckhead before coming home to pack the car for what appears will be a rain-soaked LEAF this weekend.

On Sunday I’ll add my wet, muddy clothes to the already-sorted laundry for a trip to the Waschsalon on Monday morning.

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It took me a week, but I finally managed to not meet my daily goal for exercising. Not bad. I’m okay with missing one day because Tuesday German classes always make finding time during the day difficult.

Oddly, my legs this morning are tired. Perhaps I ran in my sleep?

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Dealing with my bizarre health issues today, at least I’m hoping it’s just my recurring health issues and not something new.

At some time this week I will have to deal with the State; they still can’t come to grips that I dissolved Sharpened Stone years ago and keep nagging me to file tax paperwork.

212.4 seems to be a magic number…

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.4 pounds (0.0 from last week’s weigh-in, +0.6 from last year’s weigh-in)

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Well, that was a weekend that went by in a blink of an eye.

Apple frustrated me at work on Friday, though I did manage to lumber around East Atlanta for 35 minutes after getting home later than desired because traffic convinced me to have “dinner” and beer at Tin Lizzy’s.

Saturday was AH4 2000, which was a lot less of a party than I expected; I guess we have all gotten old. My excuse was that I was mowing lawns by 7:00am because Apple deprived me of the opportunity to get that task done on Friday.

Yesterday I met my buddy Hank for our annual GA Tech baseball game; Tech won 14-1, or something like that.

Before I knew it my alarm clock was blasting me awake at 5:15 this morning.

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