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Excellent day yesterday: – I produced a first deliverable of the next version of “XYZ Corp”’s iOS app – Wonderful lunch with old friends, and a new one, at OK Cafe – Great drinks and dinner with friends at Victory … Continue reading

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Air conditioner in Waschsalon working about as well as the one at the ITP Estate. Only difference is that the ITP Estate’s isn’t trying to overcome the heat generated by thirty washing machines and twenty

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Woman on the elevator this morning complimented me on my manners, and then praised my mother for raising my right. 😇

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Unfortunately four days of hashing could not overcome the amount of calories I ingested during them. Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 210.0 pounds (+0.8 from last week’s weigh-in)

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Fun weekend of hashing, even factoring in the fall onto rocks Friday night I suffered, and getting scratched above the left eye yesterday. Opened the M6’s trunk after arriving at my dentist’s office this morning to find a yellow jackets … Continue reading

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I am assuming that some day I will be 100% healthy again. I am looking forward to that day. Going to Creative Mornings and then camping later. I am hoping to be able to enjoy it all.

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My mouth is still unhappy which makes the rest of me unhappy. The pain doesn’t seem to be as bad as it was yesterday, but it’s still there. Unfortunately my dentist is not in the office today nor tomorrow, so … Continue reading

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This hasn’t been the greatest summer for my teeth. If the pain that I started experiencing Monday continues, and it seems to be getting worse, I will have another unscheduled trip to my dentist in the near future. Dangen!

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Perhaps the thing I like most about not being a full-time vegetarian is having the option to order meat when it sounds good. Such was the case last night when I ordered the bbq pork egg rolls at the Yacht … Continue reading

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Impromptu Waschsalon morning because the clothes in which I hashed this weekend are disgusting.

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