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Not that I had any reason to believe that it wouldn’t, the M6 passed its first emissions test yesterday.

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Even with concerted efforts to walk in the shade as much as I could, I managed to get a little sunburned during yesterday’s lunchtime walk.

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Another quarter of German classes is in the books. I need to either step up my game, or give up. What I have been doing for at least the past six months is not sufficient for learning the language.

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Finally saw “Baby Driver” last night; a “must see” if you have lived in Atlanta for awhile, even if it is far from geographically accurate. Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 206.0 pounds (+0.8 from last week’s weigh-in), whoops!

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Even though the wrong team won in the Germany-Mexico match yesterday, I still had a wonderful Sunday. Oh, I also did yard work this weekend? Who am I? What’s funny is how much my arms and shoulders hurt from using … Continue reading

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Crowning achievements of yesterday: – walking to get my electric toothbrush from the Amazon store (getting really sweaty in the process) – eating leftovers for dinner and avoiding eating the meaty ones – watching a documentary about a Bob Ross … Continue reading

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Don’t ever say that I am inflexible… “The Plan” was to mow lawns this morning like I have the past few Thursdays. That plan fell apart when rain occurred last night. I am at the Waschsalon instead, lawn mowing will … Continue reading

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Still on the mend from yesterday’s dental work; no pain, I am just a slow healer. Also, I may have a slight allergic reaction to Advil now? I surely hope not. I am joining the electric toothbrush cult. I placed … Continue reading

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It couldn’t happen again, two days in a row? It can. It did. At the incorrectly-kicked check immediately after the beer stop the pack ran away, and “Glory Mole” and I got separated from everyone else. After looking for, but … Continue reading

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Hmmm, someone didn’t finish Black Sheep yesterday thanks to a seemingly impossible to solve check, which had even been kicked by the fast hashers. After perhaps an hour of searching for the next mark, with rain occurring during that time, … Continue reading

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