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Starting my day at Waffle House QT before the auto dealer has a look at the M6’s brakes and the tire I dinged. I may not be heading to work afterward depending on how I feel. I’m feeling a bit … Continue reading

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Bit of walking yesterday after a long day of taking care of many things. Here’s a photo of the mill ruins in Sweetwater Creek State Park taken Saturday to make up for a lack of content. (about as big as … Continue reading

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Mixed bag weekend: – had a lot of fun hanging with friends — hiking on Saturday, hashing yesterday. – most sports teams let me down, fortunately this has no real impact on my life; UF won, Werder Bremen gave up … Continue reading

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Friday? Huh. Up early with a pot of coffee to watch Australian Rugby playoff game. Yay Sportsball! Trying to overcome my physical setbacks. Made a “chili” last night which satisfied me as much as Wednesday night’s Hungry Man dinner; I’ll … Continue reading

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Went over to my friend Betsy’s house last night to watch the movie “The Big Short” (this was her idea). Her internet has been out all week, so I rented and then downloaded the movie to my iPad so I … Continue reading

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How cool is it to be in a bar watching USA Soccer and have Atlanta United superstar Josef Martinez walk in? I don’t know because I left about three minutes before this happened at RiRa last night. My friend Shelby … Continue reading

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W-H-A-T, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!?! I certainly didn’t expect to see the Jets win last night, especially after the very first pass attempt of theirs was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Geez, so thrown by a Jets’ win that I … Continue reading

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Raise your hand if your college football team lost to a team to whom they had not lost since you were in college? For me that’ll be 31 years. 🙋🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♂️ May be another long season for Gators fans…

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Trying to subscribe to a new lifestyle — “Experiences over Possessions” — wish me well. Fun night at a fundraiser at Wild Heaven Brewery for Goethe before returning home to watch the Falcons game, currently being played as I type … Continue reading

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Taking a random trip to Athens today. Oh wait, no I’m not… Today is going to be super busy. Will toil at “XYZ Corp” until about 5pm, and then head to drink with the Germans at Wild Heaven tonight.

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