Really fun weekend of walking, cycling, and beer drinking.

My iPhone SE is starting to show signs of aging, including not connecting to public WiFi access points. Poop.

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Having fixed the rear tire situation on my cycling trainer’s wheel earlier in the week, I had worn the tire down completely and it had put a small puncture in the tube, I had a really good one-hour spin last night. And then I ruined it all by eating and drinking too much. Oops!

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The only reason I am not firing my Social Coordinator / Calendar Maintainer for once again double-booking me is that I am that person. D’Oh.

Here is how I fared with exercise and weight in February:

February 2018
02/01 – ?, V, trainer (60)
02/02 – ?, V, nothing (travel)
02/03 – ?, V, nothing
02/04 – ?, V, nothing
02/05 – ?, M, nothing (travel, lazy)
02/06 – 215.4, V, jog/walk (57)
02/07 – ?, V, trainer (60)
02/08 – ?, V, elliptical (32) / stationary bike (35)
02/09 – ?, M, walking (60)
02/10 – ?, V, trainer (60)
02/11 – ?, M, walking
02/12 – ?, V, jog/walk (57)
02/13 – 214.2, V, nothing (rest day)
02/14 – ?, M, elliptical (30) / stationary bike (45)
02/15 – ?, V, trainer (60)
02/16 – ?, V, jog/walk (60)
02/17 – ?, V, hashing
02/18 – ?, V, walking
02/19 – ?, M, elliptical (30) / stationary bike (35)
02/20 – 211.8, V, jog/walk (60)
02/21 – ?, M, trainer (60)
02/22 – ?, V, elliptical (30) / stationary bike (40)
02/23 – ?, V, nothing (rest day)
02/24 – ?, V, hashing
02/25 – ?, V, nothing
02/26 – ?, V, trainer (60)
02/27 – 212.0, V, walking
02/28 – ?, M, elliptical (29) / stationary bike (40)

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Watching the anticipation build for tomorrow’s reveal of my weight and exercise summary. Speaking of, I must find time to exercise today.

Oh, and I made a photograph yesterday.

A New View (For Me)
This is from the Goethe Zentrum’s new office space.

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Starting to appreciate Romaine lettuce, because I never have before.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 212.0 pounds; first minor “setback” but not unsurprising.

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The key to success is flexibility and I don’t mean being able to touch the floor while standing flat-footed; a feat which my torso-rich body has no difficulty accomplishing. No, the flexibility of which I speak (or type in this instance) is in planning.

On Saturday we were blessed with beautiful weather, and because I could literally walk to the start of Pine Lake (Kroger on Glenwood) I ran a hash for the second week in a row!

Yesterday I was suppose to go for a leisurely bike ride, but the rain foiled that plan. Instead I got high — I went to the High Museum of Srt, and then to The Highlander for a few beers and tater tots. No, I did not see Jackass there.

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Frustrating visit to LA Fitness yesterday.

  1. My workout was not great (some days are better than others of course).
  2. One of my genetic deficiencies is acting up (it was nice feeling pseudo-normal for a while).
  3. The remnants of one of my water bottles leaked onto my jeans making the crotch wet (good thing there was a hair dryer in the locker room so I could dry the pants a little).

I finished my night by making vegetarian chili, watching an episode of “Monk”, and then passing out super-early in bed.

Going to Creative Mornings again, not volunteering this time however. Since I am still sporting a gray beard let’s see how often I get referred to as “sir” today.

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Apparently “XYZ Corp” has a new employee. This squirrel, whose ears and back of head you can see in this image, has built a nest on the building ledge outside the window next to mine, four stories above ground!

A Real Superhero


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Routine day in a life.

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Surprising result after a really good day of exercise, but a really bad day of eating.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 211.8 pounds
Note: in an attempt to have relevant data I weigh myself using the same scale, in the same location of the house, every Tuesday at roughly the same time.

Apologies to ITP-Reader John. I know I promised an action photo of the bottle opener in use, but I had no need to open a bottle last night. Soon.

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