Trying to subscribe to a new lifestyle — “Experiences over Possessions” — wish me well.

Fun night at a fundraiser at Wild Heaven Brewery for Goethe before returning home to watch the Falcons game, currently being played as I type this.

One game into the season and I think I am already done with watching NFL games…

And now I am up at 5:30 to watch a sport that does interest me — Australian Rugby.

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Taking a random trip to Athens today. Oh wait, no I’m not…

Today is going to be super busy. Will toil at “XYZ Corp” until about 5pm, and then head to drink with the Germans at Wild Heaven tonight.

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This was supposed to be the post where I happily declare that I made the final payment on the M6! And then…

Yesterday wasn’t frustrating enough that on my drive home I had to take a right turn too sharply (again) and clip another curb? So goddamn annoying! Sometimes I think I’d be better off not owning a car…

Obviously I was angry with myself. But in hindsight I remind myself that the M6 is just a possession and that no one, nor no one else’s property was damaged by my misjudgment so I have struck out that text. Moving on…

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Took the entire long weekend off – from hashing. I went to the theater on Saturday night and saw “The Book of Will”, a bike ride on Sunday, and four-mile walk yesterday. Sprinkled into each day was sports watching, code writing for “XYZ Corp”, and a smattering of German.

Unfortunately it feels as if I am going to be adding “lower back pain” to my repertoire of maladies; it has been bugging me since Saturday.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.8 pounds (-0.2 from last week’s weigh-in). I feared much worse…

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I skipped Black Sheep yesterday in favor of doing a twenty-mile bike ride with Urban Explorers. Whoa. My sit bones wished the I had done Black Sheep because they were screaming all day. As you will see below I clearly didn’t ride in August, and I don’t think that I did one in July either.

August 2018

08/01 – ?, V, nothing
08/02 – ?, V, nothing
08/03 – ?, V, jogging/walking (55:54, 3.95 miles)
08/04 – ?, V, nothing
08/05 – ?, V, hashing
08/06 – ?, V, hashing
08/07 – 208.0, V, nothing
08/08 – ?, M, lawn mowing
08/09 – ?, M, nothing
08/10 – ?, V, nothing
08/11 – ?, V, nothing
08/12 – ?, V, walking
08/13 – ?, M, nothing
08/14 – 212.0, V, nothing
08/15 – ?, M, nothing
08/16 – ?, V, nothing
08/17 – ?, V, hashing
08/18 – ?, V, lawn mowing, yard work
08/19 – ?, V, hashing
08/20 – ?, M, hashing
08/21 – 209.2, V, walking
08/22 – ?, V, walking
08/23 – ?, M, nothing
08/24 – ?, V, hashing
08/25 – ?, V, hashing
08/26 – ?, V, hashing
08/27 – ?, V, hashing
08/28 – 210.0, V, nothing
08/29 – ?, M, walking
08/30 – ?, M, walking
08/31 – ?, V, walking

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Excellent day yesterday:
– I produced a first deliverable of the next version of “XYZ Corp”’s iOS app
– Wonderful lunch with old friends, and a new one, at OK Cafe
– Great drinks and dinner with friends at Victory Sandwich Shop in Inman Park

Today I am headed to Masquerade to snap up some BOGO tickets for shows there this Fall, before knuckling down to get more work done prior to the long weekend.

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Air conditioner in Waschsalon working about as well as the one at the ITP Estate. Only difference is that the ITP Estate’s isn’t trying to overcome the heat generated by thirty washing machines and twenty

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Woman on the elevator this morning complimented me on my manners, and then praised my mother for raising my right. 😇

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Unfortunately four days of hashing could not overcome the amount of calories I ingested during them.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 210.0 pounds (+0.8 from last week’s weigh-in)

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Fun weekend of hashing, even factoring in the fall onto rocks Friday night I suffered, and getting scratched above the left eye yesterday.

Opened the M6’s trunk after arriving at my dentist’s office this morning to find a yellow jackets crawling around my hash shoes. Hoping it was just waking up and that when I threw the bag on which it was crawling that I released it into the world.

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