Phone blogging this morning because I accidentally killed the weakening battery in my old iPad Air 2 last night.

Nothing monumental occurred last night, though I am currently battling a painful and annoying skin malady.

Ooop, blog was interrupted as I heard water running onto the break room floor! All my efforts to save the planet by not using paper towels have been undone as I just mopped up a water leak! And you all know how much I love dealing with plumbing… 😡

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Ah yes, 2020. I’m surprised that no one called me out on my glaring error in yesterday’s title. While the year may have changed, my bad habits of eating too much, being slovenly, and sleeping late have not. I will try harder to be better today. I also want to try to take the rest of this month to analyze my priorities in life, there might be some tough decisions in my future; more on these as they transpire.

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Overall a good weekend. Hung out with friends around beers on a Friday and Saturday, getting my first Hop Passport stamp on the latter day. Yesterday was a very long drive to a good Black Sheep, followed by an equally long drive home.

My return to a morning routine was knocked off-kilter by some ass who successfully slung a pair of shoes tied together around the cable or telephone line of my next door neighbor. In my time at the ITP Estate I have each of those lines yanked down by passing vehicles, so I understand the danger of having them hang even lower than they already do. My attempts to remove the shoes using a long branch which had fallen in my front yard failed; I think a ladder and scissors are in order.

Because of this diversion I forgot to bring my breakfast and lunch with me this morning. Poop.

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Morning from the waiting room of my cardiologist at Piedmont Hospital. Today is a follow up visit, so I expect a quick and uneventful visit for my $49 copay.

Last night I played bar Bingo with Bonnie at Elder Tree Pub. With my significant experience you know that I had the upper hand and expected to wipe the floor with everyone else. Of course Bonnie won two games, and I won zero. 😢 Inconceivable!

It doesn’t feel like Friday to me, but thankfully it is. Here’s to hoping for continued happiness for those whose years have started out well, and a quick turnaround for the rest of us.

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It didn’t take long…

– I typed “2019” for today’s title.
– it only took 3/4 of the first day of the year to be annoyed when the M6’s TPMS alarmed on the drive home from Cheddarhead; it had been behaving for so long!
– still no internet at the Waschsalon. I give up on hoping it returns.

With that out of the way…

Yesterday’s hash was a lot of fun. The hash itself was pretty decent. I got dropped when I couldn’t figure out how to get around a fence and had to backtrack; oh well.

My bowling effort was genuine, but not nearly good enough to acquire my fourth championship.

In the end it was great to see so many of the people with whom I’ve spent some interesting times over the past twenty years.


Back to “XYZ Corp” after I finish at the Waschsalon.

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If you are reading this then congratulations, you’ve made it into to 2020 as well!

I had a great evening hanging with friends (hashers) at Stan’s (Lawn Cut Dong) house before we all wandered up to East Atlanta Village to watch the rooster drop.

Looking forward to seeing many people out for today’s Cheddarless Cheddarhead hash.

Here’s to a great year.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

(a little throwback for you all)

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Well, we’ve almost made it through another year. While 2019 has had some high points for me, the last six months of injuries, health related issues, and unfortunate circumstances have taken the wind out of the sails.

I was going to weigh myself this morning, and I may do so anyway just to have a starting number for next year.

No resolutions for 2020 other than to try to enjoy my time on this Earth a little more than I did this year.

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While not the last blog post of the year it is my last vacation day of the year. Fear not for me though as the office of “XYZ Corp” is officially closed tomorrow and Wednesday so I shan’t be in the office again until Thursday.

Thanks to some day drinking yesterday watching American football at Midway I landed on the futon and was down for the count for the remainder of the night. As such I didn’t exercise, nor did I sort laundry, so I didn’t make it to the Waschsalon nor did I reward myself with breakfast at Home Grown this morning.

I will give myself kudos in one area — all of my meals on Saturday and Sunday were prepared with ingredients already present in my house.

I’m going to try to turn the rest of it around today, and set a better course for my future.

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This week I have been like Arby’s — I’ve had all the meats! By the time you read this I am most likely making my way back to Atlanta, and looking forward to a few days of getting my head and diet straight before Cheddar(less)head on Wednesday.

In a classic case of “We should have quit while we were ahead” I allowed my mother to talk me into playing bingo twice yesterday, the first time we won but the second time we did not.

Cheers all.

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I survived Christmas. Though I didn’t get around to watching some of my favorite Christmas shows/movies, I managed to avoid watching duds like the Netflix Original “A Very Murray Christmas” again.

Next up is correcting my caloric intake so I can survive longer.

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