Welcome to the unintentional “Media Edition” of Inside The Perimeter.

I’ve come to learn that Brendan Fraser has won an Oscar for his performance in the movie “The Whale”. Had he not been a guest on some podcasts to which I listen I’d never known about the movie at all. The fact that I am now considering watching this film is problematic, for it will violate my rule created for Fraser, the “Never watch anything with Brandan Fraser” rule. This rule was created many years ago because I didn’t think Fraser was a good actor, and yet he was cast in nearly virtually everything. The rule was expanded to include Melissa McCarthy, who I don’t find the least bit funny, about a decade ago.

Last night I jumped back into the Ted Lasso bandwagon to ride it to its series finale this year.

Another bandwagon I hopped onto yesterday was something I just discovered yesterday, Alan Alda’s podcast “Clear+Vivid”. Apparently Alda has been doing this podcast since 2018, so I have clearly not done a good job keeping tabs on one of my favorite actors. With over two hundred episodes in the can I have a lot of catching up to do.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was GLARE

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I’m struggling a bit to ensure that the crops in WLF from getting damaged from the frost. Of course, I as I continue to kill seedlings it may be 95°F outside before I fill the raised beds with plants.

As you read this I should be sitting in front of my laptop relearning how to code apps. I somehow pissed away Monday and Tuesday, and don’t want to do the same today.

I solved today’s Wordle in six attempts; my starter today was CUMIN

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I won’t make the obvious pun that you will probably encounter multiple times today.

I’m considering making a doctor appointment to figure out why I can’t shake this sickly feeling I have had since the beginning of February.

Due to the increasing cost of my homeowners insurance I have opted to pay monthly. I’m not thrilled by this, but it beats having a conniption each year paying one lump sum.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was ARGOT

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 197.0 pounds (-0.2 from last week’s weigh-in); meh

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The City of Atlanta is putting ANOTHER All Way Stop on Flat Shoals between my house and EAV. This will be the third one in that quarter mile stretch within the last year. The three intersections they (will) have made All Way Stops are Flat Shoals / May, Flat Shoals / Newton, Flat Shoals / Milton (Van Vleck). On that street there is only one intersection they’ve left alone, Flat Shoals / Van Epps. This will also be the fifth intersection in the mile stretch on Flat Shoals between Glenwood and Bouldercrest to become an All Way Stop, four or which were erected since 2021. The City is out of control! I’m so fucking tired of this nonsense that if I were independently wealthy I’d start a campaign to stop their madness.

I’m a little less mad that I forgot that March is Phoenix Flies month. Throughout the month there are free tours of buildings and neighborhoods. Prior to 2020 I really enjoyed the odd things that I could discover for free.

Say goodbye to the Southside Beltline until 2025. Converting gravel to pavement starts today and is projected to finish in Q4 2024. I’m pretty sure that I will be dead before the Atlanta’s circular driveway is completed.

In brighter news my volunteering with Trees Atlanta went well Saturday. We pulled a lot of invasive plants that were are on a piece of property which will eventually be incorporated into Kirkwood Urban Forest.

This morning the M6 is in for its 100k mile maintenance. My how mileage flies… I hope that they don’t find another expensive repair this visit.

I’m going to have to cover my beautiful potato plants for the next few nights to protect them from the predicted freezing weather. Dangen!

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was FICUS.

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Don’t look now, but Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend.

Betsy and I are eschewing our weekly Saturday walk to volunteer with Trees Atlanta along with our friend Lynette. We’ll be doing some cleanup at the Kirkwood Urban Forest. For anyone here is heading to Newnan tomorrow for Black Sheep Founders Day, have a great day. I’m obviously taking a pass this year, not that my ailing knees would allow me to traipse through the swamps of Newnan.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was REMIX. Today was not my best Wordle strategy day.

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My Irish stew was good, but my Irish soda bread was fantastic. I have some of each left over, and in order to make this a vegetarian day I will hold off on eating the stew, but will certainly be having some of the bread.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was LUCKY. I know, stupid starting word, but I was hoping to have some of the luck of the Irish on my side today. Today’s word had me stumped for quite some time.

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The only two downsides to last night’s show were the parking cost, $15, and the size of the crowd packed into the Masquerade’s Heaven. I had a good spot in the floor but wound up leaving early because I was annoyed by the people around me. One good revelation from last night is that I am so much older than the people going to shows like this that I never again have to try to meet a woman at them; I’m older than their fathers.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was CHAIR

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Good day yesterday, 35 miles on the Silver Comet. Many thanks to our friend Tammy (aka “In My Behind”) who touched base on a Sunday and we set up our ride yesterday. We both have signed up for Spring Tune Up and wanted to kickstart our training.

Making a trip tonight to Masquerade for The Beths show. I’ve seen the band a couple of times before, this will be the first time I’ve seen them solo.

I solved today’s Wordle in three attempts; my starter today was SPEAR

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 197.2 pounds (-0.2 from last week’s weigh-in); I’m doing a poor job at weight management. I hope to improve upon this starting today.

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On Saturday night, after securing my third annual Georgia Beer Day glass, I returned home and made myself a Beyond burger, with a piece of lettuce from WLF. Lettuce from WLF? It’s a miracle!

My first brewery stop, an obscure location called Local Ties Brewing in Carrollton, Georgia was sold out of glasses by the time I arrived, but I was able to score one at Cochran Mill Brewing later in the day. I nearly stopped at another new-to-me brewery, Awkward Brewing in Fayetteville, Georgia, until I saw their beer offerings on Google; not for me…

Add raccoon to the list of critters in WLF. Yesterday morning I went outside to do a bit of seed sowing, and at one point heard a grunt and saw “something” racing toward the back of my yard. At first I thought large cat, or small dog, until I got a look at it and realized that it was a raccoon. Thankfully its thoughts turned to fleeing rather than attacking because I would have been completely outmatched.

I solved today’s Wordle in five attempts; my starter today was BROIL

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March is the month when I fork over money to an insurance company for home owners insurance. Annoyingly my insurance company has raised my rate nearly 11% from last year. Yes, I am aware of inflation, but 11% in one year? If this company needs money so badly perhaps they could stop buying the naming rights for sporting arenas?

Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of my father’s birth.

I solved today’s Wordle in four attempts; my starter today was FRUIT

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