Waiting for the Waschsalon to open on a warm, humid October morning.

Christmas came early for the Atlanta United yesterday with the Seattle upsetting Los Angeles. Now, if Atlanta can beat Toronto tonight, Atlanta will host the Championship match.

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Really tired this morning. Poop.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 215.0 pounds ACK! (+2.6 from last week’s weigh-in); WRONG WAY!!!

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At work on Friday all I did was daydream about how much cleaning and organization I’d accomplish by spending Friday night and all day Saturday home alone. To be fair, I cooked a lot, and I did manage to ride my bike on the trainer for an hour on Saturday, but I accomplished little else.

Yesterday morning I tried making a corn pudding, which unfortunately did not work out at all. Even letting it cook more than thirty minutes than instructed it was far too unset, even for a “pudding”.

Unfortunately I am also having more iOS woes, this time related to battery life with my now-aged iPad Air 2. Since loading iOS 13 I have noticed that the battery runs down more quickly than I ever remembering it doing so before. For numerous reasons I don’t travel daily with an iPad any longer, but it’s still bothersome that this is occurring.

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Feeling totally unmotivated this morning. If not for a haircut appointment this afternoon I’d might have stayed in bed all day.

My weekend will mostly consist of clearing, organizing, and purging. There is a possibility that I will hash on Sunday, but I am making no commitments.

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I’m being lazy this morning, almost as if I were practicing for a weekend of rain…

I am hungry however, so I guess that I should get out of bed soon.

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I have started my day with a good deed. While getting into the elevator this morning I found a debit card on the floor. I had to call building security in order to turn it over so that hopefully the card’s owner can reclaim it.

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Given that I hope they will be my meal ticket for awhile, I try not to be too critical of Apple, but I think that they have screwed up big time with iOS 13. For the first time I find myself constantly frustrated with their networking, having to resort to nonsensical tricks like killing/restarting apps to get downloads to complete. Of course it could be AT&T’s shitty service too…

Fair hash last night. No surprise, my ankle still hurts. Both Bonnie and I were intrigued to be hashing near West Lake MARTA to see where one would end a Monday night. Alas, the trail was A-to-A, and you had to drive to a restaurant for dinner. Knowing nothing about the restaurant chosen, nor how far behind we were, I pulled the plug and ate dinner at Manny’s near Cabbagetown instead.

The Jets suck.

Tuesday Take of the Tape: 212.6 pounds (-0.6 from last week’s weigh-in); I’ll take it.

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Unfortunately Saturday was a washout at LEAF, but it did allow us to get out to Pisgah Brewing, and eat pizza while we were there.

Thankfully we were in a camper as Friday night was really cold, and Saturday night really wet.

I would have been home at 6:30 yesterday if not for a 40 minute delay caused by a stalled tractor trailer which blocked one lane of I-85. When I arrived home I ate dinner, showered, and almost immediately passed out on the couch.

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The only running my ankle affords these days is running late. And I am…

Have a great weekend all!

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The temperature drops below 50°F and with it drops my desire to get out of bed. For the first time in a while it’s past 8am and I am still in the sack.

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