Perhaps doing laundry mid-week is a bad idea, as I wait for the already-late attendant to arrive for work.

Last night I skipped German class and went straight home instead. At home I did a workout on my trainer, made a second attempt at a biscuit burger, and then failed to do a lot of the other things that needed to happen. Oh well.

A very long day and night awaits me, hopefully starting soon if the attendant ever arrives.

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Last night’s weather made it an easy decision to not hash. I wouldn’t be surprised if people ran a trail because that’s the hashing mentality for you. Instead I popped onto my trainer for 45 minutes and got my exercise in that form.

Last night I attempted inventing the biscuit burger, okay, I know that I wouldn’t really be inventing this… The heavy rain also convinced me not to go to Kroger after work, so for the Beyond burger patty that I had identified as “dinner” I attempted to make a biscuit bun using Bisquick. Had I not been so foolish as to bak the biscuit dough on aluminum foil, to which it stuck mightily, this experiment would have been declared a success.

Have I mentioned how much of a rip off I believe Kroger gas is? Even with my $0.20/gallon discount I paid $2.56/gallon, which I believe is pricier than most gas stations’ normal prices. I know I am comparing apples to oranges here, but at a QT in South Carolina last week I paid only $1.99/gallon! Discuss. 😉

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I still get a bit weirded out typing “2020”.

All in all a good weekend. I spent an enjoyable day of drinking beer with Bonnie in Tucker on Saturday, and we hashed Hog Mountain yesterday. Had there not been yet another landowner getting mad and kicking us off property, it would have been an excellent trail. My nose is also a little worse for wear after having a run-in with briar.

A did a lot of cooking this weekend and will be reaping the benefits of that via eating leftovers all week.

Still slightly considering running Moonlite tonight, but the weather forecasted and my urgent need to do some other personal projects will probably keep me away.

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Happy Friday, friends.

After a thoroughly frustrating day at the office I decided to skip SLUT (the weather made this decision simple). Instead, I headed home last night, cooked a wonderful Indian concoction of tofu, cauliflower, and peas with a jarred Tikka Masala and basmati rice, and allowed myself to veg on the couch.

I am working from home today, so I am hoping that this will facilitate a trip to Kroger, and one down to my basement to finally get some exercise this month.

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After crossing my fourth creek this morning I received an alert from the National Weather Service warning me of flooding. No, fucking, duh! I can’t help feeling that this weather system would have probably produced snow years ago. I guess I should take solace that it won’t produce ice.

I made “Irish Stew”, in quotes because I am not sure how authentic the recipe was and I used fake bratwurst instead of lamb/beef. This was my second crack at this recipe and it turned out better, less bitter, even though I winged it on the amount of spices that I used.

Dear Apple: stop automatically inserting an “a” in front of my proper nouns, for fuck’s sake!

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I’ve nothing to say today. Sadly my life hasn’t been improved back to 100% overnight, so I will have to continue to fight my battles.

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Today’s real post is delayed for about an hour. I will update via comments.

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I don’t belong in this country any longer; I just don’t fit in.

It was a good weekend away and when you read this I will most likely be driving back to Atlanta.

Life changes and medical appointment scheduling are on my agenda this week because I fear my future without them.

On the brighter side: good game last night, and a happy birthday to my brother!

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Good morning on our last day of January. This blog finds me in Thomasville, NC my now traditional stopping city for breakfast when overnighting in Charlotte. Uncharacteristically I have passed Biscuitville and gone down the street to Waffle House instead. Truth be told I really wanted a Shoney’s breakfast buffet, but none are in the area.

Last night I ate a wonderful Ethiopian dinner, believe or not called a “Vegan Combo”. I attempted to go to a new-to-me brewery called “Legion Brewery”, but there was no parking to be found. Instead I made a return visit to Devine Barrel Brewing before returning to my hotel room to pass out.

Have a great weekend all!

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OMG I am running well behind schedule this morning! You’d almost not believe that there was no alcohol consumed at Betsy’s last night, but none was consumed.

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