I received a new doppelgänger reference last night. When I was younger people used to tell me that I looked like Christopher Reeve. Last night I was told I resembled Jürgen Klopp, former German soccer player and manager, and current manager of the Liverpool club. I guess it’s a 50+ white man thing… 😉

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“Interesting” Moonlite hash last night, comprised of some seemingly ill-advised use of private property. I’m actually a little surprised we weren’t visited by Sandy Springs’s Finest… My Apple Watch recorded 1.6 miles, I have to believe it was longer than that.

I had to retire one of my oldest pair of wool socks last night because one ripped cleanly at the heal when I pulled it on my foot while changing in the car. Good thing I had a spare pair of “running” socks in my gym bag.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.8 pounds (+0.6 from last week’s weigh-in); given the amount of pork I crammed into my mouth last night I am surprised I am not heavier.

Announcement: My goal is to be sub-200 pounds by January 1st. I am going to attempt to exercise almost every day starting November 1, and will be wiser about the amount of food I consume.

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I *may* have improved your blogging, well commenting, experience. Yesterday I attempted to add the GDPR-compliance code to this site so that you shouldn’t have to enter your name and email every time you want to add a comment. ***fingers crossed***

Well that was the worst sports weekend I have had in a long time, all of my teams lost.

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It’s been a tough restaurant week for me. Last night I had my heart set on eating some salad and pizza only to find Slice closed for a private party. Finding a suitable vegetarian meal downtown was rather difficult for me, and I wound up settling for a veggie burger at Landmark Diner. Meh. It was fine, but not what I was craving.

The play was good, if not somewhat predictable. Oddly, the theater was only about half-filled. Pity.

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Started today out by picking up a cup of coffee from Joe’s on my drive to work.

Tonight I will be seeing a play at Theatrical Outfit.

Good times.

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I planned to vote early and then reward myself with a couple of vegan donuts at Revolution Doughnuts. I accomplished one of these tasks, venture to guess which one? 🙄

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Ever have your mind set on eating a certain, fairly common, cuisine and go to extreme lengths to eat it? Last night — Mexican.

Given the starting location of Peachtree and Collier Road, the order of failures was:

El Azteca on Peachtree, closed due to a plumbing problem
Pancho’s on Buford Highway, closed last night for some reason
El Potro on Buford Highway, temporarily closed for repairs
Las Margaritas on Cheshire Bridge, closed Mondays

Bonnie and I were finally able to satisfy our craving at El Ponce (née El Azteca) on Ponce. As they say in Mexico, ¡Oy Vey!.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.2 pounds (+4.4 from last week’s weight-in), a not-surprising, post-colonoscopy rebound.

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Every LEAF writes its own chapter in history. I thought this Fall’s version would be about the cold temperatures and not the gale-force winds on Saturday night / early Sunday morning that mangled numerous tents and canopies, snapping some trees, and destroying one festival tent. I heard there were some injuries, but I do not know any more about that.

I saw a great band (artist), Kishi Bashi, perform on Saturday night too. They (he) play a sold out show in his current home of Athens on November 3rd.

I know it was chilly here, the temperature inside the ITP Estate was only 64°F when I arrived home last night.

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Packing up for my semi-annual trip to Black Mountain, NC for the Lake Eden Arts Festival, aka “LEAF”. The winner of this year’s “Most Unfortunately-Named Performer” is “Mitch McConnell”, who I am assume is not this Mitch McConnell. 😉

Have a great weekend all.

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My day started out alright and I am going to see how long I can maintain a positive attitude. If you’ve read this space at all during the past fourteen years you know this can be a challenge for me. Wish me well…

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