Things in Atlanta I miss

My post about Market One along with an email conversation with a friend today made me think about the things in Atlanta I miss. Since this coming January marks my tenth anniversary of living in Atlanta, I feel qualified to pontificate on the things which have gone since I moved here.

– The Point: One of Little 5 Point’s old music venue / bars. Used to get really good bands that you could see up close and personal.

– The Stein Club: Like drinking in your family’s old den. Smoky, wood panelling, black and white pictures of people having fun.

– Frijoleros: The former Atlanta “burrito nazis.” Order Here, eat fast and get the hell out. I saw a man get yelled at by the guy behind the counter because he had yet to order and moved beyond the “order here” sign.

– French Quarter Food Market: It was never “the best” cajun, especially once it expanded, but dammit it had some awesome Po Boy sandwiches.

– Gumbo A Go-Go: Cheap cajun eats, served no-frills style on cafeteria trays.

– Tortillas: Another of Atlanta’s non-chain burrito joints. According to sources they were forced out of business by the chains.

– The Crazy Horse Saloon: The newest of “The Gone and Sorely Missed.” Where will I go on New Year’s to do karaoke with drunk fucks missing at least half of their teeth? Where will the tone deaf go this year?

– Harris Teeter: I never thought I’d miss a chain grocery store, but I do. While I never was successful picking up dates whilst “Teetering” there was always the hope of doing so. Guess I’ll have to travel to North Carolina to keep the hope alive.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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