Full Moon Fever

Last night may not have been the actual evening of the full moon, but it was mighty close…

Zu Fuss Gehen
In English this German phrase loosely translates to “to go on foot.” This was one of the few German phrases that my father, who was 100% German but spoke virtually none, taught me. As a child my father and I walked together occasionally — kind of as our father and son time. I love to walk; it provides a view of the world you just can’t get from your car. I decided that last night’s exercise was to be a one hour walk prior to playing trivia.

Bad Boys What You Going To Do?
Ok, by “Cops” standards it was lame, but I did see Atlanta Police in action. When I left the scene the police were knocking on someone’s door and a dog was barking loudly. I’m sure nothing more than a warning was issued.

Look, Up In The Sky
Last night’s crystal clear sky meant that even with Atlanta’s overuse of artificial lights you could see many stars. I used to know the constellation names, I think that I will try to learn them again.

Is That A Fuel Pump In Your Car Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
As I walked past a gas station I heard two guys talking. “Over there, by pump number six.” said one of them. I turned to look, looking for a cat, opossum, or some other animal. The other guy then chimed “I wonder how long it will take them to realize that it is still in their gas tank?” It was then I realized that someone had driven away with the fuel pump still inserted into their tank! How fucking clueless do you have to be to do this? Ok, I can see driving away forgetting to put the cap on your gas tank, but to leave with the pump still inserted? Shit!

I Bow In Your General Direction, Sir
It’s official, Glenn knows too much shit. I’d call it worthless shit, but since it helps us finish in the money at Team Trivia it has a monetary value. The question last night dealt with an actress who starred in the tv shows “It’s A Living” and “Wings”. Both Glenn and I knew the answer was Crystal Bernard (hello, I was a teenage boy back then….), but when Glenn proceeded to name the other actors, and the fact that “It’s A Living” later changed its name to “Living It Up” because waitresses complained that being a waitress was more than just “making a living”, I realized that I had been served.

Happy Birthday
One my newest friends here in the Atl has a birthday today. So, Happy nth Birthday, Melissa. Take this bit of sage advice from a person who is ten years your senior, always keep in mind that you must grow old, but you do not have to grow up.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – I need a fortune cookie
Current Music – none, it’s a quiet office this morning
Current Read – back to the land of user’s manuals (I swear that I am going to finish something this week, although every night is already booked)

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