Free To A Good Home

My officemates kill me sometimes. Our breakroom table has become the land of the “free to a good home”, and I am afraid that I am one of the people who started it.

I am notorious for bringing in party leftovers — pretzels, chips, etc — so that they get out of my house before I can eat them all. As was to be expected, other people started doing the same. I used to joke that I could bring in chocolate covered turds and by noon they would all be eaten.

But then something happened…

Food someone how turned into “Whatever I don’t want, I’ll bring into the office. Certainly, someone will want it.” Over the last six months our breakroom table has seen the following items offered up
– drinking glasses
– a wreath made of sticks
– headphones
– computer games
– an executive desk dartboard game
– deodorant, thankfully unused
– diapers, thankfully unopened
– expired aspirin (yes, expired!)
– a sheet of paper (ok, this was a joke by me. I wrote “Free piece of paper, please take” on a sheet of paper just to see if anyone would take it. I think someone threw it away)

Amazing! Anyone have suggestions as to what I should try putting on the table? I’d love to hear them. Keep in mind I am not willing to do anything that will get me fired. 🙂

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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18 Responses to Free To A Good Home

  1. Wonder what would happen if you put yourself on the table? Around your neck a wee little sign that says,

    “Free to a good home that supplies lots of beer! Need extra room for t-shirts and gadgets. (No diapers needed)” 🙂

  2. Paulie says:

    ananonymousgirl, are you a hasher?

  3. No, but I’ve heard of them! Maybe, deep down, I’m a hasher wannabe…as long as I don’t actually have to run!

  4. Sorry if that wasn’t the answer you were looking for…

  5. Paulie says:

    No, it’s not that. It’s that you used a phrase “wee little”, which led me to believe that you were since my hash name is “Wee Little Bit”.

  6. I guess that would lead you to believe I was a hasher, but alas, am not. Curious though – why are you called “Wee Little Bit”? Or, do I really want to know…

  7. Paulie says:

    The true story is that there was only a wee little bit of information known about me at my naming. Any other potential similarities to the truth would be purely coincidental.

  8. Assuming that fellow hashers know more about you, what do you think they would name you now?

    And of course, potential similarities purely coincidental.

  9. Paulie says:

    Based on the knowledge that anything I say here can and will be held against me (there is always a possibility for a renaming), I respectfully decline to answer that last question. 🙂

  10. I understand your hesitancy, however, be careful! They might rename you “Big Ol’ Wuss” 😉

  11. Paulie says:

    Are you sure that you are not a hasher?

    And by the way, what has happened to your blog ananonymousgirl?

  12. Still not a hasher, though the idea is appealing if I can just attend the fun stuff and not have to run…I have a huge aversion to running – it quite literally takes my breath away!

    I haven’t been a good girl and posted often enough so I figured no one was actually reading it. Nice to know that someone out there was! It’s back up and maybe it will give me the incentive to be wordy.

  13. Paulie says:

    As I have been told by other bloggers, regularity breeds readership.

  14. Which I will agree with, but it also helps if someone actually comments from time to time. The chirping crickets can be very annoying.

  15. Paulie says:

    Then you need to self-promote to your friends. My friends, who may or may not have read recently, all know about my blog.

  16. I’m not a good promoter, but I envy those that are. Why do you think I use ananonymousgirl? There are only a handful (as in count them on one hand – as long as you don’t have any family that were in the movie Deliverance – then we might have a problem) of people that know it is me. Besides, in a drunken stupor I might actually wax poetic one night and type something I don’t want anyone I know to know! See all that knowledge? 😉

  17. Paulie says:

    Hmmm, I guess I should have thought about your blogger name….

    As far as the druken stupor typing, try these

    – prepare your topic list ahead of time and stick to it
    – write only in the morning when inspired by something that happened to you the night before or that morning (this is my technique)
    – install a breathalyzer on your keyboard as a safeguard 🙂

  18. Though I totally appreciate the tips of making a list of things to talk about, or actually saving everything for the morning, you are giving me WAY too much credit! First off, I’m not that organized! Secondly, I have enough trouble getting out the door in the morning, let alone taking the time to write something. Besides, I have my epiphanies when I’m three sheets to the wind…

    My hasher name might be “Late Out the Gate” or “Fate to Procrastinate”. Possibly even, “Is She Here Yet?” or “Fly by the Seat of Her Pants.” I think you get my drift.

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