Paulie’s Got A New Routine

Once upon a time I used to get up early and work out in the morning. Now I enjoy that extra hour of sleep too much. My new routine is to support my local coffee shop, Joe’s, on my way into work. As of today I have recognized three morning employees, two girls and a guy, and I have learned but one name, the aforementioned Ellen.

I’m happy with this new routine, it complies with my credo “Think locally Support local businesses.”

You Say Chipotle, I Say McDonald’s
Did you know that the latest “cool burrito” joint in Atlanta, Chipotle, is owned by McDonald’s? Yep, sure is. To their credit they have allowed the founder of the chain to continue with the standards which made the chain popular. I’d love to tell you to go to Frijoleros, or Tortilla’s for a locally-owned burrito, but they have moved into the “Atlanta’s Past” category. I say skip the burrito and do yourself a favor by getting some jerk chicken or pasta at Eats on Ponce de Leon.

Second Place Is First Loser
Since I changed the title of an elementary school workbook from “Learning to Compute” to “Learning to Compete” I have known that I have a fierce competitive streak. I hate to lose. I attempted to play competitive sports until I was eighteen eventhough my skills were far-less-than average. I failed miserably, by the way.

You would think that as I near the age of forty this would have subsided, and to some degree it has. I know that my physical skills will never be what they were five, ten, fifteen years ago, but Fuckin’ A (love that 80’s slang) my mind should not have dulled. I am turning forty, not eighty!

Last night’s team trivia outing at Taco Mac found Meet The Hashers finishing in second place for the third week in a row. Marcus Allen! Marcus Allen? I should have known that Marcus Allen was the player to hold the NFL scoring title prior to Emmitt Smith. It’s sports trivia — it’s what I do!

Before my teammates read this and ridicule me, let me say that I love hanging out with you all, but I also love the thrill of victory and the extra $20 that first place brings.

Do You Mind If I call It A Blomage?
As a blogging homage I am copying some material from ananonymousgirl‘s blog, with a slight twist.

(A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie that I should avoid:
2. a book that I should avoid:
3. a musical artist, song, or album that I should avoid:

(B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want — keep in mind you might not like the answers I post

(C) If you are a blogger, go to your blog, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything they want!

Going To Syndication
Look for this blog to syndicate to LiveJournal under the username InsideThePerime (stupid ass limited user names!). I will try to have the dots connected by Friday. Why syndicate? How else am I going to reach World Domination status? I am sure that if Hitler were around today he would be blogging on (which even if it does exist I’d refuse to link to it) [it’s a joke people, keep calm]

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – nervous: Super Bowl Party ‘T Minus Five Days’
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Interpol
Current Read – “iPod & iTunes Hacks”

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Paulie’s Got A New Routine

  1. Before my recommendations, I just wanted to say if you are a regular at your coffee shop – introduce yourself already! Two girls and a guy…wasn’t that a really bad tv show? Okay…distracted for a bit. In your evil plot for world domination you should have picked a shorter name – people remember it better. Blogdom, Blogminion, Blogmaster, Bloginator…

    Thanks for the blomage (I’m better at linking, but want to try blogrolling) – here’s my two cents worth:
    Movie to avoid: House of Sand and Fog (You’ve probably already seen it. You didn’t slit your wrists-this is good.)
    Book to avoid: Anything by Nicholas Sparks. (wrist issues again)
    Music to avoid: Can we say country? (note above)

  2. Paulie says:

    I am *becoming* a regular, and I have introduced myself to Ellen, that’s why I know her name is Ellen.

    I believe the full title was “Two Guys, A Girl, A Pizza Place, A Dog Name Sam, All No Nothing About The Eight Simple Rules To Dating My Teenage Hot Blonde Daughter”.

    Will skipped the referenced titles, country music is already on double secret probation.

    Plan to check out blogrolling this week too.

  3. I know you know HER name, but you said there were others. Regular also means everybody knows your name…NORM!!! “It’s a dog eat dog world out there and I’m wearing Milkbone underwear.”

    Damn you’re good! That was/is the name of that show!

    And double secret probation – I like that…interesting. A good secret is best when shared 😉

  4. Paulie says:

    But I can’t ask the first time I see them. Ok, I could ask, I just don’t feel comfortable doing so. I didn’t ask Ellen what her name was until at least the third time I saw her there working. It’s a *me* issue. 🙂

    My first introduction to country was Hee Haw, the second was the Oak Ridge Boys “Elvira”. It wasn’t until later in life that I discovered Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and the likes.

  5. Your *me* is perfectly capable of saying, “Hi. My name is Paulie. I’ve discovered I’ve been coming here so often for breakfast, I thought I should at least introduce myself.” All the while you are shaking this person’s hand and as they tell you their name, remember to repeat it several times in conversation with them so you’ll remember it. Remember Paulie, we (literally you and I) are trying to overcome our issues (insert Former Self-Deprecators of America mantra here). Also inserted here was my two cents worth 🙂

    Since we are close in age, I too had my first introduction to country music with HeeHaw. As I pick the hayseed out of my teeth and try to get above my raisin’, I’ll leave the Oak Ridge Boys (you forgot Alabama) out of it and just say I never cared for country music in the first place. Though I still get a chuckle out of singing, “We’re not one to go ’round spreadin’ rumors”, I’ll stick with the musical stylings of Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Metallica and the like.

    ***This has been a public service announcement***

  6. Paulie says:

    In time, in time. Notice I did not say that I will never be able to introduce myself, nor that I am not worthy of them knowing who I am. 🙂

    Funny, I did not forget Alabama, in fact I first thought that they were the ones who performed “Elvira.” 🙂 I love the 90’s alternative too, but am finding myself more and more intrigued by today’s “college radio.”

  7. Duly noted fellow FSDA member. You are worthy, unlike Wayne and Garth.

    College radio huh? The reason why Collective Soul is around today! Just don’t be wearing your tweed jacket with suede elbow patches while you listen. Totally not cool. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is fun. It’s like ping pong with humans.


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