It’s User Error Friday

Actually it must have been user error Thursday. It wasn’t until 8:30 last night that I realized I never posted yesterday’s entry. Damn, no wonder why no one commented on my brilliant prose! Oddly, and somewhat sadly, no one asked me where the entry was either.

Go look, it’s worth the five minute read…

Welcome LiveJournal Readers!
I think I have stage one of syndication correct; friends of mine on LiveJournal can read my blog via syndication. Those of you over there ‘hello’, and I promise the formatting looks much better if you go either to, or I’ll work on this…

Meep? What The Hell Does That Mean?
I took this Battle Cry quiz today, here is the result…

what’s your battle cry? | | merchandise!
At least they got the easily amused part right.

Caffeine A Go-Go
Well, I managed to work every Friday in January, so to celebrate I have taken the first Friday in February off! Yippee! As I did in December, I have come up to hang at Joe’s Coffee Shop and do some people watching. In reality today is meant to be spent doing household chores before tens of friends invade my house for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

If I hadn’t planned a million activities which run abut to one another this weekend would be awesome. As it stands now I may need another day off on Monday in order to recover.

Websites Of The Week (my name is Paulie and I have endorsed this message)
Here are some websites that I have visited during the week

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – nervous: Super Bowl Party ‘T Minus Two Days’, but happy because the sun has returned
Current Music – random jazz in the coffee shop
Current Read – websites

Got to run, the laptop battery is about to puke and I don’t have my power cord with me…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to It’s User Error Friday

  1. I started to comment on the lack of posting yesterday, but since I AM your most vocal reader, I was being nice and giving you the day off. I’m sweet that way.

    Come on Paulie…catch up. Who knew I would figure out the links before you…hehehe…damn skippy! 😉 Now on to pics! I might be tooting my own horn here, but it’s only because I got so damn frustrated with blogrolling, because I refused to pay, it was easier to sit down with the template and figure it out. I’m cheap that way too 😉

    Thanks for listing me as one of your websites of the week…**blushing**.

    Don’t you love the fact that my last post has got you thinking? Instigation. What a wonderful word. Want a razor?

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