Why Isn’t This Hash Wednesday?

I’m Sorry, What Did You Say Your Name Was?
At last Saturday’s hash I was sure that I had notched another hash name on my belt. For those of you who do not hash, hashing is a world-wide society of running-types that run trails which always lead to beer. Check out the web site for the Atlanta Hash House Harriers and Harriettes for more details. After five runs with a given hash group you are assigned a “hash name”, the name you will (most-likely) be called for the remainder of your hashing life.

To date, and the best of my memory, I have come up with the following hash names and have given my explanation as to how I arrived at them (timid readers should skip to the next section now)

  • Some Assembly Required (he was brought to the hospital with his mandible separated from his skull after a motorcycle accident)
  • Au Whatta Pair (she has nice, um breasts, and worked as an au pair in Europe)
  • Ho, Ho, Ho (this unfortunate girl decided to where a Santa hat to her first hash)
  • Stool Pigeon (someone told a story about her showing off a poop as a child)
  • Sunken Semen (she was from Hawaii, ComeOnIWannaLaya had been taken, and something about Pearl Harbor was involved)
  • Cumsicle (rumor has it that she can only achieve climax when it is cold outside)

For completeness the name I nominated Saturday was Boweling For Dollars (the guy is doing irregular bowel research), and my name is Wee Little Bit (obviously jealousy was involved).

When Fat Tuesday Becomes Lethargic Tuesday
Last night I was sluggish (gee, I wonder if four days of non-stop partying and a wealth of food yesterday had anything to do with it?) After stumbling around Best Buy for awhile looking for new toys I went home and laid down on the couch around 8:30pm. I woke up this morning to the alarm clock at 5:30am. My mother called sometime between these two times and I never even heard the phone ring.

Yes, my carpeting still needs to be vacuumed. At least I did manage to get the majority of the trash to the curb.

Looking For Playlists
“In the day” we kids called them mixtapes, now playlists determine the musical ordering of mp3’s. If anyone has suggestions of playlists for the music on my iPod, please leave them. I may not have all the songs you recommend, but I’ve got skillz for getting them.

Trying For Legacy Status
I have submitted “blomage” — to pay homage to another’s blog — to the Urban Dictionary. I am hoping that it will take off that I will be seen as the “Father of the Blomage” — which of course is very different from the “Father of the Blowjob” a title which I would never be an applicant, and “Father of the Bride” a title I wouldn’t mind obtaining at some point in my life, but time is ticking away.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Welcome to the year of the rooster, or as some cultures call them cock. [insert your own filth here] I just might go for some Chinese at lunch, I hope my fortune reads “You will get lucky this year.”

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – recovered and invigorated
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing isadore (another band with which I am unfamiliar)
Current Read – employee performance reviews

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Why Isn’t This Hash Wednesday?

  1. Damn Paulie, you make it SO difficult NOT to respond to your posts! There are several rather witty comments I would love to make. Why am I trying to be good today?

  2. Paulie says:

    I don’t know, why are you trying to be good? You are usually prrr-fectly evil. 😛

  3. Paulie says:

    And why no entry today? Yesterday’s flurry of comments from all parties wear you out?

  4. I am rather puuurrrfect aren’t I? 😉

    I am composing as we speak. The flurry of comments yesterday did tire the fingers a tad, but I had so many ideas floating around in my head I was having difficult deciding on one for today. Who knows? I might actually be a multi-poster today. After reading a fellow kitty’s post today, and the wrath of commenting it caused in me, I finally decided what my post would be about. But have patience – oh great owner of the crouching tiger, hidden dragon (definite jealousy I’m sure) – I tend to ponder awhile. 😛

  5. Oh…by the way…I never tire…

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