GA – one_hour – culture + cheap_beer = AL;

Last night a coworker and I jumped into the Jackmobile and headed down I85 to Auburn, Alabama. We are here today doing on-campus interviewing at Auburn University.

Sweet Home Alabama
My ass! I spent three years in Huntsville, Alabama. When I moved to Atlanta ten years ago I was so ready to leave. I come back to this state for work and recreation only.

However, I do find the college town life somewhat agreeable. That $5 pint of beer at McCray’s cost me $3.75, and the second one cost $2.75 at this crazy thing called Happy Hour. And, I didn’t have to pay for parking. Maybe we can learn something from these people…

Ahh Crap, I Forgot Everything Is On An Hour Earlier
For some reason, maybe it was because I travelled across the Great Central Time Zone marker, I was tired early (an hour earlier than normally?). All of those grand plans to drink all night whooping it up like I was twenty-one again fell apart. I returned to the hotel to settle in, check some email (love free wireless), and watch a little television. Oops, I forgot that whole Central Time Zone thing and by the time I turned on the television, I had missed everything I wanted to see. Thankfully I own one of the new-fangled DVR devices, and if all is right in the world, my “stories” have been recorded.

I Left My Toothpaste, In Boston Mass
(did you sing that like Tony Bennett?) Last night I realized that this is the first trip that I have taken since my trip to Boston for New Year’s. When it was time for me to go to sleep I realized that I had no toothbrush or toothpaste. Either I managed to leave it in Boston, or it is in my other suitcase. Huh? Of course I got replacements! Luckily for me the Holiday Inn Express provides such conveniences at the front desk, so I put on my pants and went down bare-footed dressed in jeans and a white undershirt. I looked like Alabama Royalty!

This Thing You Call A ‘Bed’, How Do You Manage To Sleep In It?
If this room had a couch, I swear I would have been in it. I tossed and turned all night long! I woke up no fewer than four times! I can think of a lot of good uses for beds, but right now ‘sleeping in it’ is not one of them.

(Virtual) Happy Birthday
Today would have been my father’s 82nd birthday. He passed away eight years ago, and for some reason I missed noting the date of his passing back in January. Today’s entry was to be about him, but I don’t feel like writing much about it today. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the man and hold him partially responsible for molding me into what I am today. I miss you dad.

And on a side note, last Monday would have been my parent’s 57th (I think) wedding anniversary. To this day I have yet to figure out how to cheer my mother up on these two days…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – wide awake because my body thinks it is 7am
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Current Read – resumes

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to GA – one_hour – culture + cheap_beer = AL;

  1. AtlSleestack says:

    ahem, GA – ATL = no_different_than_AL

  2. I am slightly disconcerted that you return to Alabama for “recreation”. Since when did wheeling your house from one set of cement blocks to the next become recreational?

    Glad to hear that you are drinking cheap beer, but maintaining fresh breath. But only waking up 4 times? Apparently Oscar has never had insomnia 😉

    And your mom is cheered by the fact that you call her on those days…and every day. Sometimes Paulie – believe it or not – that’s enough.

    Oh, I beg to differ with Atlsleestack. Then again, what could he possibly know? He’s from the Land of the Lost!

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