Signs Of Insanity

12:01am is technically the “next” day, right? Well, I couldn’t give up that easily, could I?

“I can eat today!!!” That’s the first thing that popped into my mind this morning. Sad, but true.

What’ll Ya Have, What’ll Ya Have, What’ll Ya Have?
All I could think about while driving into work was the first meal to enter my mouth in thirty-six hours. And long-term readers know of my love of the breakfast…

Ooh, Waffle House! Damn, I’m woke up too late to please myself with an order of hash browns.

Oooh, how about that new Burger King sammie? The sign at Burger King read “Try our enormous omelet sandwich”. It took what little strength my foodless body had to keep the steering wheel from turning. I am sure my arteries will thank me.

Oh, a bagel and coffee from Einstein Bros? Ok, that’s somewhat acceptable. Dammit, I’m blocked into the middle lane and can’t get over!! ARRRGH!!!

So I now sit here at work drinking mediocre coffee and have completed two packets of instant oatmeal. Satisfying? No, not really. Even worse, I have a lunch-time meeting so I can go out for lunch either. Bumma.

Up The Ass, Bob
I may have mentioned this in the past, but I love game shows. As a kid when I would stay home from school sick, the tv was turned to PBS first, game shows next. When I first got satellite tv I was glued to Game Show Network (as it was called back then) watching re-runs of the shows I watched in my youth, as well as some that were made prior to my existence.

Last night I caught myself watching “TV’s Funniest Game Show Moments #5” hosted by Bob Eubanks and Chuck Woolery. Yeah you read that right, #5! From what I watched, it turned out that they could have named it “Stuff Taken From ‘Family Feud’ With Some Older Clips Thrown In To Break Up The ‘Family Feud’ Segments”.

Eventhough no reference was made to it, after changing the channel I found myself singing the theme song to one of my favorite game shows ever — MTV’s “Remote Control”.

Ken wasn’t like the other kids
TV mattered, nothing else did
Girls said ‘yes’, Ken said ‘no’
And now he’s got his own game show
Remote Control

Squatter’s Rights
For the first time since registering domain someone has cursed me for getting there first. Today I received an email from a guy who wanted it to promote Atlanta’s Inside/Outside The Perimeter border war.

Since I have no intention giving this site up, I will give him some ad space here so you can buy his merch, and in turn advertise my website. 🙂 Quality Inside The Perimeter bumperstickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs can be purchased via itpAtlanta. He’s got another site which gives kudos to the OTP life, but you know that I can’t promote that.

btw – props to the guys who got before I thought about getting other Top Level Domains.

Normally, I’d give something as cool as advertising my website top honors as the Website Of The Day. However, yesterday I was sent a link sooo awesome that I cannot resist using it.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – caffeine induced headache
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Ween — “Transdermal Celebration”
Website Of The DayLittle People of America

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  1. Merboy says:


    Breakfast and insanity … good mix for start the day!

    As always, I loved your website of the day. So weird.


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