Today’s A Nooner

I’ve been spewing venom for far too many days. Today I will try to lighten things up a bit..

Out Of My Comfort Zone
I’m leaving work at noon today to head to Nashville today and “run” in the Country Music Marathon (I’ll be doing half) tomorrow. Yeeeee Haw!

So Kool
When I used to work on near Georgia Tech I was able to walk down to Kool Korner (the alliteration was their idea, not mine) Grocery store for this city’s best Cuban sandwich. The impending doom of the reality of my office moving to Hell, I’m sorry that’s the Perimeter Mall area for the rest of you, combined with David’s birthday wish took me back for the first time in six years. I am glad to say that the store, inside and out, as well as the food have changed little. It felt strange that so much time had past since I had gotten a sandwich there, and made me a little sad that I never put a Media4 business card on their signage.

Today’s breakfast was the remainder of my garlic plantain chips.

You Don’t Get This Shit OTP
My drive into work really inspires this space heavily.

This morning at the corner of Freedom Parkway and Moreland Avenue someone has constructed a life-size (although not very realistic) rendition of a car crashing into a light post. Too funny, unless of course there is a sad message behind it. I just hope that this is not the next phase of some makeshift memorial (I call dibs on that as my band name).

Meanwhile at the corner of North Avenue and Highland Avenue someone has been placing a daily message on one of the light posts. Today’s message? “Chimpeach” BRILLIANT!

After Mr. President ruined prime time television last night I am ready to agree.

The Winner Is….
Double, although I’ve not placed the hammock order yet. I figure that I if can convince some woman to spend a lifetime with me great, and if not I am going to see just how fat I can become. Can anyone say Homer Simpson with a mu-mu? D’Oh!

Gotta Run, Business Bekons!!! Sorry if today’s entry needs a lot of editing, no time to do it…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Website Of The DayEarly Vegas (HINT HINT)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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