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I own the “Inside The Perimeter” domain, but not the love of the local sports teams. Queens, New York born and reared; it’s where I learned the games and learned the love for the teams. Even in an age devoid of loyality I still love the teams — twenty-seven years after moving away.

Hatin’ The Game And The Playas
Far and away my greatest hate has been toward the Braves. Twelve years of my Mets being no better than second (I exclude 2000 when the wildcard Mets found their way into the World Series only to lose to the Yankees).

This week’s sweep, including two shutouts, has cemented Turner Field as the Mets graveyard. I’ve come to realize that I have a better chance at finding a quality $3 beer at the stadium than seeing the Mets dominate anytime soon.

We’re #2! We’re #2! Ooops, sometimes the balls fall your way and sometimes they kick you in the balls. No further acknowledgement of the Hawks is warranted.

Hockey, I loved you. Once the players were tough, blue collar working stiffs with whom I could identify. Then came Wayne, good old #99. Salaries and ticket prices went through the ceiling.

Just when Atlanta had a team that I might be interested in following (don’t get me wrong, I am still a devoted Islanders fan) players and owners feuded and wound up hanging a “Gone Fishin'” sign on all the arenas. This would have been playoff time. They should be skating.

I am now a season ticket holder (the check cleared, right Mike?). This will be a season in which I root for the Falcons in all but one game.

Monday, October 24th: NY Jets v. Atlanta Falcons

I’ll be the one in the Wayne Crebet jersey. Fuck, I might even wear my Mets hat, Old School Walt “Clyde” Frazier Pumas, and a replica Islanders Stanley Cup ring as well. Whitestone, NY representin’!

Perhaps It’s Because They Still Have Mons Venus?
Atlanta lost the bid for the 2009 Super Bowl yesterday. We lost to Tampa. Ugh. I guess I could take solice in the fact that Houston also lost out, but why would I want to compare our fine city to Houston?

I had no desire to go to the game. I had no desire to tailgate, nor go to whatever “Fan Fair” festivities they would have put on. It’s all about the economy. Super Bowls are good for the economy.

Mr. Blank, here’s your opportunity to roll Home Depot trucks up to your stores, pick up some laborers and start building a new outside football stadium! Do me a favor though and keep it inside the perimeter. Repeat after me “football should be played outdoors, football should be played outdoors.”

Too much of a mob scene for me to hang at Criminal yesterday. I purchased the new Gorillaz cd at the Target and have since found out that there is a ‘super special’ limited edition that is to be had. Glad I haven’t popped the seal on my disc yet.

Stephen Malkmus, Stephen Malkmus, Where For Art Thou Stephen Malkmus?
According to the chap in Criminal Records, no one seems to have the new Stephen Malkmus cd that dropped on Tuesday. I checked the spiffy new Best Buy — nope. I checked the spiffy new Target — nope. Apparently he’s so “indie” he doesn’t want to sell a single cd. That’s Hard Core, dude.

Oh Look! Ms. Jennifer Wilbanks Has Been Indicted
Still want to see the haircut, babe. Quit hiding. Meh, she’s so played.

Looks Like Someone Kicked The Metroblogging Atlanta Ant Pile
Metroblogging Atlanta had a call for authors posting this week; low and behold, people started posting again. Good, I need the reads.

If it didn’t seem like picking up a second job I might have considered submitting an application to be one of there writers.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – look at the calendar! one of my six paid holidays is but two working days away!
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Kaiser Chiefs — “Everyday I Love You Less And Less”
Website Of The DayDoug Henning (R.I.P.) said it best, “It’s all an illusion”. Here is a blog dedicated to optical illusions.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

btw – please don’t tell me that “If I love NY so much to ‘move back’!”, it’s not going to work…

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  1. kalabron says:

    funny you should mention that Metroblogging Atlanta was looking for writers…. I saw that too and immediately thought about you and that you would be perfect.

    heh oh well

  2. Paulie says:

    part of me really wants to join them. what better way to pimp my site? 🙂

  3. I took much flack at Turner field for wearing a Mets hat during their last visit here. You gotta believe!

  4. Paulie says:

    They just might need the Spirit of Tug McGraw to turn things around this year…

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