Somewhere Above The Gray Is A Star Called The Sun

It’s still up there, right?

It’s Like 10,000 Knives When All You Need Is A Spoon
Thanks to the efforts of The Faint and Bright Eyes the night before Spoon had a lot to live up to last night at Variety Playhouse. In my world they missed — bigtime.

You have one “hit” on your latest cd — PLAY THE FUCKING SONG IN CONCERT!!!

My overall opinion of Spoon’s music is that it is far from infectious. My blog, my opinion. To be fair I heard much lauding about how the band delivered “pure rock-n-roll” and that they sounded “tight”, from others when I was leaving the venue. Whatever…

I Am Laughing On The Inside
My recent trips to concerts have humored me.

Maybe it’s because they no longer have to “fill” an entire album, but most bands have lost the abandoned insert guitar/drum solos, and experimentation while on stage. Many of the bands I have seen this year sound exactly as they did on cd. Too bad.

At least once a show something or someone causes me to have a flashback to a concert long since past. Many of these memories have not been dredged up in well over a decade. I nearly started laughing aloud the other night when I thought about the idea of wearing my Pat Benatar concert t-shirt which hangs in my basement, that I bought at my first concert in 1980 — before most of the kids in the arena were born!

This One’s Dedicated To The Ancients
Bob Mould is touring this Fall. He’s once again taking out a full band, which unfortunately does not include Athens Georgia’s Dave Barbe. I am as excited as a little school girl!

I never got to see Husker Du perform live; Clearwater/Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida just wasn’t that “hip” in those days. I did get to see Sugar perform in 1994 (the night I nearly killed myself driving home to Huntsville, Alabama from Atlanta after the concert). And I’ve seen Bob perform solo twice since moving to Atlanta (including an extremely fun evening at The Earl).

I can’t wait.

Sweet Lime You Say?
My friends and I dined at Sweet Lime in L5P last night. You might know Sweet Lime better by the name “That $1 sushi place where Bang used to be”, because up until eating there last night I had no idea what the name of the place was.

What used to be at a certain location is a popular topic of conversation for me and my friends. While eavesdropping on the conversation at the table behind me I realized that I am not alone with this fascintation.

I can’t recommend the place highly however since the service was scattered, Andy described his drink “like drinking a cigar”, and the sushi was decent but no better.

At Least It Wasn’t A Scene From Hell’s Kitchen
Hell’s Kitchen starring Britain’s Culinary Bad Boy Gordon Ramsey is Fox’s latest attempt at RealityTV. It made its series premiere the other night and I’m hooked. Blast You Fox! Please promise me you won’t take this off the air before its conclusion (see also “Playing It Straight” and “My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss”).

One of the contestants is a Stockbridge Georgia lad named Dewberry — bless his heart. Rumor has it that Dewberry used to be a pastry chef at the Flying Biscuit. Can anyone confirm?

I Wish I Wasn’t “A Scared” Of Scary Movies
Recently I’ve seen advertisement for a movie called Haute Tension (High Tension to us English speakers). I can’t see it. I know I can’t, eventhough I have a fascination with its star Cecile De France. Based on her appearance in the promo poster she would make her an excellent candidate to revive Helen Slater’s roll of Billie Jean Davy in The Legend of Billie Jean.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – well rested
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Spoon — “I Turn My Camera On” (their one hit, btw)
Website Of The DayUrinal photos from around the world. Here’s a direct link to a urinal at UPS’ HQ in Atlanta. Thanks Bill!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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