Full Moon Fever

It Wasn’t A Firebird, It Was Just On Fire
My current office location has been a source of oddities over the last few years. Therefore, there was little disbelief when I was leaving the building for lunch yesterday to hear “Hey, there’s a car on fire in the parking deck!” When I walked through the building doors the story was confirmed when I saw a stream of grey some coming from the other end of the lot (luckily, no where near the Jackmobile).

How does a parked car catch on fire? This is what I’d like to know…

Now Warming Up In The Bull Pen
For years I’ve travelled up and down the connector past Fulton County Stadium / Turner Field and have seen the bar (currently) known as The Bull Pen. In theory this business should be a gold mine during baseball season, at least for the 81+ home games played by the Braves. However, the fact that it is nestled between Turner Field and the Interstate seems to make it off the beaten path for the majority of the fans.

Last night I made my first trip to The Bull Pen since that was the pre-determined meeting location for the group of my friends who attended last night’s game. While it was a somewhat surreal experience for me, it was an enjoyable one as well.

The place is HUGE, with rather high ceilings for bar. I guess the place is really more of a restaurant that sells beer. While I didn’t eat there last night, since I had scarfed down a few slices of pizza at Grant Central East prior to walking to the stadium, the food that I saw my friends eating looked rather appetizing. The beer was “bar prices” as opposed to “stadium prices” — the Sierra Nevada I had was $4, but there was a 5 for $15 offering for those willing to swill Budweiser products.

I dare say that I would be interested in making a return visit. Does anyone know if they are only open during baseball season? Are they open when there is no home game scheduled?

Hard Decisions About Hardware
Some of my aging home computer hardware is about to pass into the Great Beyond. About a month or so ago I pondered jumping to “the other side” by buying an Apple 12″ iBook. I’ve been in the computer game for a long time and I’ve blogged my history with Apple in the past so I know the dangers of introducing another operating system into my network. I not exactly sure what is possessing my to think about adding an iBook, maybe it’s the desire to have another platform available to see how this site acts, or maybe I got caught in the swell of interest in Apple’s release of OS X Tiger.

And then the news that Apple is moving to Intel chips next year hit the streets.

What to do? What to do?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – conflicted
Current Music – MacCast Podcast for 21-Jun-05
Website Of The Day – Celebs have to eat too, why not take pictures of them doing so. Go here to see some.

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4 Responses to Full Moon Fever

  1. The Car! The Car! The Car is on Fire!

    …Could I be any bigger a loser?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t buy an Apple unless you’re changing careers to a graphic designer.

  3. Paulie says:

    SS: I am more of a loser for not thinking of those lyrics! *appearing ashamed at my oversight*

    ANON: My lack of ITP logo and my admission of lack of graphics skills tell me that graphic design is not the field for my — unless of course I want to lose weight by becoming a starving artist. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    The BullPen is open year round. I used to work a few blocks from there and would go to lunch occasionally. They have a Grilled Chicken Salad to die for!

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