New Ways To View Me

Look Who’s Volunteered For Metroblogging Atlanta!
ME! Yesterday I bit the bullet and sent in a request to become an author over at Metroblogging, Atlanta style. It seems fitting that the person with should be an author there, no? I’ve been accepted, pending the submission of a short bio. This will sound odd, but I hate writing about myself.

My Friend Flickr
Today I am becoming a paid member of Flickr. I was skeptical about becoming a member so soon after they got gobbled up by Yahoo, but then I remembered Blogger was once gobbled up by Google as well.

Look for more photos in this space now that I have a half-decent camera and a convient space to dump pictures. Oh, and if you want to become one of my Flickr friends/contacts, my account is InsideThePerimeter. How original…

I Can Ride 55
And I shall tomorrow in a far, far away place known as Cartersville, Georgia. I have to give the folks up in that area credit for their honesty in real estate advertising; their website name is Not Atlanta — truer words never written.

If you happen to be in the area, I’ll be the one doing 55 miles of the Cartersville Century on the red Trek, wearing a Yoo Hoo bike jersey, looking like I am about to puke my guts out thanks to my current lack of exercise.

Good Times. Good Times.

Show Me Your Pride. But Keep Your Penis In Your Pants, Please
This weekend is Gay Pride weekend in the ATL. While I don’t subscribe to that lifestyle, I hear that Piedmont Park is the place to be this weekend. As I said I’ll be in Not Atlanta.

A few years ago I went to Eddie’s Attic over in Decatur on the Friday night of Gay Pride weekend. The place was packed with lesbians (imagine that — lesians in Dick-Hater). It was great people watching until I came to the sad realization that it was like most nights for me in a bar — surrounded by women who have absolutely no desire to go home with me.

Go Gators!
Woo Hoo! My alma mater is making a trip to the championship round of the College World Series. It’s been somewhat lean times for Gators fans of late. Shit, the Gators even managed to lose a football game to Georgia last year.

Good luck lads! I hope you bring home the University’s first baseball championship.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – living life on the straight and narrow
Current Music – Coverville Podcast #102
Website Of The DayThe Condiment Museum. That’s C-O-N-D-I-M-E-N-T, and not C-O-N-D-O-M M-I-N-T.

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5 Responses to New Ways To View Me

  1. glenn5 says:

    While I don’t subscribe to that lifestyle, I hear that Piedmont Park is the place to be this weekend.

    You need a subscription? Wow, I learn something every day.

    What’s the purpose/distinction/honor of being a Metroblog author?

  2. Paulie says:

    I hear that the annual subscription fee is low, but the initiation is quite um, intrusive.

    Becoming a metroblog author is all about marketing. Potentially there is a new readership that might come to this site.

  3. shoobie says:

    whats good for you is good for me (i am one of your only links!)

    also whats good for us is good for the atlanta blogsphere. or is it bloggysphere, meaning mini-blogsphere.

  4. ha. i signed up too but then realized i was going to be out of town for the next three months. and that i have no idea about anything atlanta-related.

  5. Paulie says:

    You still have your finger on the pulse of the ATL scene. I know, I read your blog…

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