So This Is How The (Metro) ATL Spends Their Weekends?

After being a continental jetsetter the last few weekends I decided to crash in my home town, well more specifically, the towns which surround my hometown, this weekend. Let it also be known that I spent each night at home this weekend (read “I was a loser”). And, let the record show that I also read an entire magazine (Wired) front-to-back; laugh at me if you wish but this is rather a major accomplishment for me (read “I am a complete loser”).

If It’s Saturday This Must Be Gwinnetta
I am not a fan of Gwinnett County (calm down Cobb County, you run a very close second). As I thought of a title for this section I realized that I only know Gwinnett County as “Gwinnett County.” I have no clue of a name of a town/city within the county, henceforth I will always be in my ficticious town of ‘Gwinnetta’ when I enter the county in which “Success Lives.”

Why was I in Gwinnetta? For my annual pilgrimage to the Folkfest (follow the link for nudity), this year’s being aptly titled “Folkfest 2005” (although in Folk Art Circles I believe it’s pronounced “Folkfest Naught-Five”).

Andy, Stacey, Laurie (who I see but once a year for this trip so if it’s spelled L-o-r-i please forgive me) and I made the trip to the land of tempra paint on wood with misspelled words (that’s what makes it folk art). Sadly I saw nothing that “spoke to me” so I left the event empty handed. Andy and Stacey scored by purchasing a piece from some artist who they believe to have one foot in the grave.

The day was capped off nicely with a fantastic lunch at Agnes & Muriel’s. Have you ever wondered how mac ‘n cheese could be any better? Deep fry it of course!

If It’s Sunday This Must Be Newnan
With one successful trip OTP under my belt I threw caution to the wind and attempted another yesterday. This time the Jackmobile was turned southwest and headed to Newnan to run the Black Sheep Hash.

Did someone ask if it was hot? It was ungodly, motherfucking, can’t-stop-the-sweat hot yesterday. Luckily the trail got screwed up and I wound up running (or walking if you will) only half of the intended length. Was I sad about this? Hell Fucking No!

Have I mentioned that today’s blog is not G rated?

With the ending having a swimming hole, a keg of beer, and pork to eat I dare say that I was as happy as a pig in slop. Oh wait, that would make me a cannibal, wouldn’t it?

Are You Ready For Some Headknocking?
Football season (as far as ABC/ESPN are concerned) is once again upon us. This means that Meet The Hashers must skullcrush an hour earlier starting tonight. It seems as if Taco Mac in the Highlands would rather cater to the Jocks instead of we Trivia Nerds. Go figure. I’d stay for the football game too just to spite them, but I’ve got a new magazine that I need to start reading…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – not too bad, actually
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, channel 26 playing Dressy Bessy — “Side 2”
Website Of The Day – It’s social. It’s musical. These are two characteristics often used when referring to me. Therefore Last FM must be cool. It was suggested to me on Friday and I played with it over the weekend and much like me, it is cool.

Yesterday’s Exercise (b)Log – hashing for about an hour
Monday Morning Weigh In – I forgot to step on the scale today. Honestly, I forgot! ‘Scuse me whilst I shovel some peanut butter into my mouth.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to So This Is How The (Metro) ATL Spends Their Weekends?

  1. katlanta says:

    I had similar good fortune on the Wheelhopper trail! Seems a few people got into the wacky juice a little early and marked some checks backward. At least that’s my excuse. It was 95 degrees at Clemson; can’t imagine it was much different in Newnan. And I hear ya about the “folk art.” Some of it is total “crap.”

  2. Paulie says:

    Here’s my theory about folk art

    If it’s folk art it doesn’t have to be crap.
    If it’s crap it’s not necessarily folk art.

    And now for my theory about art

    If I can do it, it’s not art; for I am not an artist.

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