Pulled Apart, Not Put Together

That is how I am feeling today.

It’s 7:30am, How Can My Day Be Decided Already?
It’s sad when the first minor victory of the day is barely fitting into a pair of pants one size larger than your desired weight.

Where Is The Time? Where Is The Time?
I figure I spend eleven of my waking hours for work (eight working, two+ commuting, one lunch). Wow, that seems like a lot.

Traffic By NASCAR
Going OTP for a concert can only mean traffic and traffic there was. Trying to get to the Gwinnett Civic Center is a nightmare unless you peform the traffic slight-of-hand pulled off by my friend Mike. It involves understanding that most of the traffic is coming from Atlanta, not Gainesville, and exit 111.

Both Weezer and Foo Fighters kicked ass last night. Rivers Cuomo must have had his medication just right because he was the most animated that I have seen him be. There was even a special acoustic version of “Island In The Sun” performed by Rivers in the center of the arena (which would have been real special if the floor was not only partially filled — ouch). Apparently some of the kiddies had curfew because a good 25% of the audience was gone by the time Foo Fighters launched into their encore around midnight.

Anyone Have An “In” With The 40 Watt?
I finally got around to calling School Kids Records in Athens to buy a Sufjan Stevens ticket only to find out that the show is sold out. Fuck. I should have known that it would sell out in a heartbeat, but no one (save FAB) seems to talk much about Sufjan around these parts.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – pulled apart, not put together
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Flaming Lips — “Race For The Prize”
Website Of The Day – nothing lined up for today, gotta run…

Yesterday’s Exercise (b)Log – no time

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Pulled Apart, Not Put Together

  1. blast those uppity athenians.

  2. Paulie says:

    And why is Sufjan only playing the ATH? Why doesn’t he get his ass over and play the ATL as well?

    See if I buy his “Georgia” CD when it drops in 2010(?).

  3. katlanta says:

    Dude, you SO need to drag me out to some shows. I would have even gone OTP for Weezer and Foo action.

  4. Paulie says:

    a’right, Kat. Let me know which shows you have interest in going to, I *always* keep an updated list in the right-hand galley.

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