Off The Grid

Dammit! A power outage last night at the house brought down my server, and with the power’s return this morning I forgot to restart it. So, I will effectively be off the grid today. I may be able to bring it up again at lunch, but don’t be surprised if I don’t get back to you today. Sorry.

A Hoarse Is A Hoarse Of Course
A long day of talking to college students, followed by the season opening Monday Night Football game has left my vocal chords a bit of a wreck today. How does Dave Grohl do all of that screaming and singing every night for an entire tour?

Strange Days Have Found Me
On the way to last night’s game my friends and I passed a car wreck. Unfortunately I knew one of the participants and, although he was out his car walking, his face was bloodied and he was obviously shaken. I felt like a total tool because I had left my cell phone at home (who would I be calling from the game?) and couldn’t help him out in any way. Since I didn’t see the accident occur (we got there scant minutes later), and I wasn’t driving my car, all I could really do was to clear out and allow the police, firemen and EMTs do their job. I don’t think he reads this space, but if he happens by I want to apologize for not being able to help more and hope you are okay.

Brightest In The Darkness, Loudest In The Silence
I was awaken this morning (around 4:30am) to the sound of silence, or perhaps the light of darkness. If you had a video camera in my house you’d see that there is always a tv or radio on (and I wonder why I don’t read…) and usually a light on somewhere in the house.

Since I had only gone to sleep a few hours earlier I was really confused when I woke up the first time. In fact, I really thought I was dreaming. When I woke again a few minutes later it took my mind a few seconds to piece together what was happening. I stumbled around the house looking for a flashlight (luckly I am pretty smart about leaving them in the same place), but then couldn’t find my cell phone or pda in order to call Georgia Power. I keep one “old time” phone in the house for these occassions, so I meandered to the basement, dialled 411, and then reported the outage. At that time Georgia Power said that the problem had been identified, but gave no ETA for completion. When I called again at 8:00am (after waking again on my own) the power came on immediately; it was like I had flipped the switch.

No CD Pick Today
I don’t have the time or the open bandwith to do my research.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – hoarse
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Rob Dickinson — “My Name Is Love”
Website Of The Day – Oddly, given my current state, Fat Dynamite cracks me up! *doing my best Fat Albert laugh*

Yesterday’s Exercise (b)Log – nothing, no time

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