It’s Long, And It Could Have Been A Lot Longer

As you can image I spent a good part of my weekend over at East Decatur Station for the Paste Rock And Reel festival that I’ve pimped for weeks.

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of most of the bands on the schedule. For that reason I think I stuck with the known goods. It’s not that I am not open to learning about unknown bands, but trying to juggle my weekend schedule with the festival’s didn’t allow me to do much blind listening.

On Saturday I saw Over The Rhine and Low on the Main Stage. Each show was enjoyable in its own right. However, if Atlanta concertgoers would SHUT THE FUCK UP WHILE THE BAND IS PLAYING, they would have been better. The biggest problem for me that night was that I seemed incapable of reading the schedule properly and missed some of the songs in each set.

On Sunday my appearance on Sunday night was to see A Fir-Ju Well (have I ever mentioned I don’t care for their website?). If you’ve read this space before you probably know that I have seen these guys often in the last six months. On Sunday they put on a really good forty-minute set (their alotted time, so no complaints here), the band was charged up and loud.

The scheduling of the films never quite worked for me. I sat in on one two-hour short-film session that I enjoyed. Of the films I saw in that session, a movie called “I Killed Zoe Day” was the best (imho). The story line was based around two guys who try to piece together the accounts of the previous night when they awake in a strange apartment and find pop star Zoe Day dead on the floor.

On Sunday night I saw a really good, but heartwrenching, film called “Most” which apparently is Polish for “bridge”. The story is about a man and his son. If I went into the plot I’d give away the entire film. I suggest you head to the website, I think that they have a trailer there. The oddity about this film is that it was written and created by American artists, but filmed in Prague. The actors are from the Czech Republic and all of the dialog is in Polish. The movie was shown with English subtitles.

And More!
I ran into an old friend of mine at the festival. She uttered the best line I have heard about myself in some time. She described me as “looking good on paper.” Brilliant! Fucking brilliant! With that comment I also came to the realization that I have lost what little ability I had to meet women. Single ladies of Atlanta rejoice! I’ve got no game.

In a more uplifting meetup, I also ran into fellow blogger Andisheh (aka “Andy”) Nouraee. Andy writes for the Creative Loafing, blogs/podcasts on My ‘Lanta (psst we need a new podcast guys) and also contributes to my Moonlighting Blog. He was trying to pull an All-Marta Day on Saturday. I ran into him upon his exit of the festival as he was headed to Little Five to see the parade, and then returning for the Saturday night festivities. Being a Marta veteran of three months, I wished him luck. Since I never ran into him again all weekend, I am not sure he had success.

Apparently if you want to eat Famous Dave’s bbq you’d better do so on Saturday. I was a bit disappointed when I arrived at the festival on Sunday and one of the two food options had abandoned. Seeing how I had eaten a gyro and some fries the night before, I really didn’t want a repeat dinner on Sunday. Don’t worry, I did manage to find food, it just happened post-festival. My Sunday night dinner wound up being salad and a slice at Grant Central East. Yum!

What Am I Missing Here?
There’s a commercial on tv that I just don’t get. It’s a commercial for State Farm insurance, which probably explains it, but let me know if I am off kilter on this.

In the commercial a woman drives over her husband’s foot while backing out of their driveway. The couple has some witty banter, and in the end cannot decide whether they should file a claim against their homeowner policy or their auto coverage policy.

File a claim? Huh? What the fuck ever happened to going to the hospital and using your medical coverage. Maybe I shouldn’t make the assumption that they have medical coverage, but it’s not like this Lovely American Couple appears out of work and destitute.

Seriously, am I off the mark on this?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Website Of The Day – As I hurtle toward my second anniversary of being alone I take an unusual pleasure of reading other couples breakup letters at e-closure.

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Yesterday’s Exercise (b)Log – approximately nine miles of running

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  1. katlanta says:

    No, nobody has decent health insurance anymore.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am the walrus coo-coo-hiaku-chew say:

    Those who choose to talk
    Over live swirls of music
    have not heart nor soul

  3. aoneill says:

    I’ve been wondering the exact same thing since I first saw that commercial. I’m so glad it’s not just me.

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