It’s Your One Way Ticket To Midnight

Welcome to my bed. Don’t worry, there is plenty of space to share. Since Inside The Perimeter Central is still not operational (keep reading), I’m blogging from the mansion.

Recipe For Computer Frustration
ITP Central only serves as a firewall and a gateway through which I can surf the Internet so I am looking to bring it back up with as small of a hard drive as I can (it currently runs with an ancient 15GB drive that I am not ready to wipe). Tonight I tried to install an old 40GB drive that I had laying around and install Ubuntu Linux on it. It no workey. I suspect the hard drive to be flaky, but thought it was weird was that Ubuntu wouldn’t allow me to repartition the drive. I gave up rather quickly expecting to try again this weekend.

Ebbing And Flowing
Right now I am listening to Radio Wazee because I had to shut down my media pc in order to move its monitor to use with the firewall pc (have a kvm switch, but currently these two machines live in different rooms). Man my computer situation at home is completely fucked up. But I digress…

I used to listen to Internet Radio a lot but now that I have all of my music on demand I rarely do. This is typical with me. I’ll probably wind up listening to Internet Radio for a few days straight and then get bored and go back to listening to my tunes instead.

Wow, Wazee just played “Tear You Apart” from She Wants Revenge. Eventhough they are an Internet Radio station they played the “radio edit” version. Lame! Lame! Lame!

I Am Sick Of Being Sick And Tired Of Being Tired
Not to mention Fat of being Fat. Oh wait, that makes no sense.

Seriously, a lot of people I know have been sick over the last three weeks and it finally hit me yesterday. Fuck. The last thing I need is to be sleeping a lot more and feeling no drive during the hours that I am awake. Besides, I am far too busy to experience downtime; just look at that schedule I’ve created for myself.

Frumpy Old Man
The other night I attended the Sovus Radio / Manchester Orchestra show wearing my light grey University of Florida sweatshirt. In the wrong light I looked like I was wearing pajamas. I felt like such a tool. While I’m not about to scurry over to Urban Outfitters or Hot Topic to pick up some t-shirts, I really do need to reevaluate my bar clothes. Perhaps I’ll buy a really slick suit and pretend that I am some sort of slimy record exec.

As far as the show, I got to see four bands for $9 (including the $1 that Criminal Records charged for a convenience fee).

Here’s a brief statement about each in order of enjoyment [most-to-least].

Manchester Orchestra : I liked their set enough to buy their EP at the show. That should indicate how much I enjoyed myself. The band was tight and into their set. I kept watching the lead singer rolls his eyes to the back of his head as if he was going to go into convulsions. Their set ended with a really nice song that could fit into a Bright Eyes CD without notice; that might be my only critism, we already have a Conor Oberst.

Sovus Radio : Not billed as the headliner, but they played last nonetheless. Full disclosure: I am hashing-friends with the bass player’s father so I really came into the show wanting to like the band. And I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see their entire set because this old man had work in the morning. When I left I had started to feel that each song was like the previous. I could be wrong, I was sick and tired.

Libras : Best looking bass player of the night. I feared that she might be up there solely for her pretty face, but happily I was wrong. She’s no John Entwistle, but now that he is dead John Entwistle is no longer John Entwistle either. Until I heard Sovus Radio the Libras were in second place on this list. In fact as I write this it is still a tough call. With a few more songs under their belt and continued energy displayed Tuesday night this will be a fun band to continue to watch.

Jonzetta : For an opening band, not bad. Had they not said “Thanks” between songs I might have thought they played one thirty-minute-long song. My toes were tapping on the first song, but by the third I had heard enough. I assume that they are young, so I wish them well in their endeavours.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – out of control and not in a good way
Current MusicRadio Wazee
Website Of The Day – Learn more about the Atlanta music scene by reading the Atlanta Music Guide.

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Exercise (b)Log – standing, 6 hours

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. i thought kaufmann was the best looking bassist, but i guess that’s one of the many ways we differ. as for manchester, it was my first time seeing them and i was both impressed and disappointed. i feel like they’re almost really good, but short of that, yes we already have a connor gibbard who does it much much better.

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