Hey Sother, If You Read This You Should Have Come Down To Atlanta This Week

Sorry about the title, it’s an InsideThePerimeter insiders’ joke.

Hey Web Developers, Do Me A Favor
Please ditch the fucking sound from your websites, or at least initialize your site to have its sound muted until I turn it on. Some of us open websites at the office and it’s pretty damn embarrassing to have some site start playing music loudly when you are not ready to mute it immediately. Just because you can have sound doesn’t mean that you should have sound. My 2 cents.

More Reasons For Me To Hate Lake
I forgot to mention this yesterday, and for those of you who couldn’t watch
The Amazing Race 9 on Tuesday night were probably pleased that I didn’t have a spoiler yesterday. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the “Double D’s” I was more than a little pissed that Lake’s decision to stall them at the roadblock was a major factor in their getting booted off on this week’s episode. I’ll miss the eyecandy.

Ach! Mein Gott!
Yesterday I decided to update my Amazon Wish List. Most of the items on the list are of “medium” and “high” priority, with a few exceptions categorized as “highest” priority. Well, that was until yesterday when I noticed that for some reason “highest” had been replaced with “Muss ich haben”. I shit you not, somehow the German equivalent of “I must have” has replaced “highest”, at least for one day. Is this Flickr envy, because Flickr greets us with a different language’s term for hello everytime we log in?

Most Interactive Bob Mould Show Eva
The Bob Mould I saw last night was different from the Bob Moulds that I have seen in the past. This one was (mostly) at ease on stage. At points Bob even interacted with the crowd! This from a man whose only spoken words during a Sugar show years ago was “That’s why we don’t take breaks” when fans started screaming out the titles of Husker Du songs during a momentary silence. Bob talked about Asheville (the previous show), a smattering of current event stuff which ended in a joke about how “his people” (he’s gay) would only picket if they canceled “Project Runway”, how every new band, save She Wants Revenge, sounds like Joy Division (he challenged us to prove him wrong), and he asked what shows we had enjoyed recently. Bob even signed autographs after the show. All this and I was home by 10:30pm. Incredibly. Fucking. Cool!

As for the set… For the long time fan it was a flashback spanning twenty-plus years. Bob played for well over an hour, completing approximately twelve-to-fifteen shows (I can’t count that high). The set was Bob with guitar; he started with an electric-acoustic (is that a misnomer?) and about two-thirds of the way through transisition to his electric-blue electric Fender. The set consisted of songs from Husker Du (“I Apologize”, “Hardly Getting Over It”, “Makes No Sense At All”, “Celebrated Summer”), Sugar (“Hoover Dam”, “Panama City Hotel”, “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”, “Your Favorite Thing”), and of course works from his solo career (“Wishing Well”, “Paralyzed”, “Circles”, “High Fidelity”, “See A Little Light”).

Hey! Where are the pictures? Um. I forgot my camera. I’ll try to remember tonight. Yes, I’m going back for more. You’ll recognize me as the nerd dressed in the Bob Mould “Modulate” t-shirt that I purchased at a Bob Mould show at the Variety Playhouse four or so years ago.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – actually? pretty damn good
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Website Of The Day – When a site such as Simply Bovine gets sent to me, how can I not pick it? Thanks Stacy.

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