Relatively Speaking

My Theory Of Relativity
I believe that Einstein had relativity only partially figured out. The reason I think this is because I’ve never heard temperature included into his theory.

When I woke up yesterday my house felt chilly. Upon looking at the thermostat I noticed that it read 67 degrees. Yesterday 67 felt chilly, while two weeks ago 67 would have been nice and toasty. In a few weeks my house will probably not see 67 again until Fall, and it will be a welcome temperature again.

One temperature. Three different times of year. Three different reactions to this one temperature. Paulie’s Theory of Relativity. Take that, Einstein!

Oh, So That’s What It Means
Yesterday’s “Word of the Day” from was “cum” (I shit you not)

cum: with; along with; combined with.

Huh, you learn something new everyday. 🙂

Do Wut?
I’ve mocked Atlanta’s “Every Day Is An Opening Day” slogan (see my post from the other day) as well as the previously announced slogan from Brand Atlanta, “Opportunity, Optimism, and Openness.”

Yesterday I heard of another slogan which I believe outdoes ours. The state of Washington has sunk money into branding itself in an effort to increase tourism. The outcome of this effort is the slogan “SayWa”. Yes, their new slogan is “SayWa”.

The Hassles of DRM
In case you are not up to date on your acronym dictionary, DRM is an acronym for Digital Rights Management. Perhaps the two most prevalent DRMs in use today for music are Microsoft’s WMA and Apple’s “Fair Play”. These DRMs do one thing that make life annoying, they restrict the use of the digital content that you purchase.

Today this little piece of the Internets was suppose to contain a picture of my iPod showing the inclusion of Kenny Roger’s “Love Or Something Like It”, the penalty for losing my Survivor bet on Week 1. This morning I logged onto Apple’s iTunes Music Store and purchased the song which was then downloaded to my computer, the one that I used to sync my iTunes library. When I updated my iPod I was greeted with the following message.

WTF Apple?

For those of you who don’t want to click through to read the message it says

“Some of the songs on the iTunes music library, including the song “Love or Something Like It”, were not copy to the iPod “IPOD” because you are not authorized to play them on this computer”

Huh? First, a month or so ago I reset my iPod to its factory settings a few months ago (hence its generic name of “IPOD”) using this computer. Second, why would Apple’s iTunes Music Store let me purchase a song and download it to a computer on which it is not authorized to be played?

Thanks for nothing DRM.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – fair
Current Music – listening to Leo Laporte’s “KFI the Tech Guy” podcast
Website Of The Day – Relatively speaking English is a bizarre language. The Spelling Society has posted some poems which highlight this bizarreness.

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Exercise (b)Log – walking, approximately 5 miles

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7 Responses to Relatively Speaking

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cum laude–with praise

    btw-Lake is on my last nerve. I’m bummed the ‘nerds’ are out, I’m left with the ‘hippies’ and the Chicago couple–the rest are annoying.
    The reality TV site you mentioned yesterday ROCKS–almost 1-hour wasting time can be spent there!

    Lastly–“the reason is” is sufficient. “The reason is because” is redundant.

    I’m grouchy. Thanks for letting me bitch—you don’t have to ‘publish’ this.

  2. Paulie says:

    Like it or not you are published. I delete only comment spam. 🙂

    Thanks for the English redunancy lesson (I need all of the help I can get). I am often surprised that my sentences are coherent at all. You should see all of the Insta-Editing that occurs when I pound these things out.

    I was bummed about the nerds getting booted as well. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be an elimination segment. I think I’ll root for the hippies to win it all.

  3. hakeber says:

    “SayWa” = genius! I love it.

  4. Hannah says:

    I loved the nerds. Nerds rule! But they were too pokey.

  5. Paulie says:

    Yeah the nerds were too lovey-dovey to move quickly. 🙂

  6. Leah says:

    I had a similar problem with the iPod when I switched to my Mac. My purchased songs had to be authorize on my new computer (and apparently, you can authorize up to 5 computers to use the purchased songs) before they’d upload to my iPod.

  7. Paulie says:

    Ooh, I’ll have to try that out. It’s not really that I want Kenny on my iPod it’s that I lost a bet and have to have Kenny on my iPod.

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