Stuck On The Connector: P’cheen Keen

Let me get this off my chest first, if you are going to open a business in the 2000s you should have a fucking website!!! I don’t know if webdesigners are that slow or if it’s cool not to have a site these days, but lately I have been thwarted often when trying to get a weblink for new businesses in Atlanta. In this piece you will see nfws which means that I have searched for a website, but have found no fucking web site.

P’cheen Keen
On Saturday evening my friends Stacey (preggers), Andy (her husband the culprit) and I went to see Wanda Sykes at the Tabernacle (nfws). After the show we were feeling a bit peckish and decided to grab a bite to eat and a beverage.

P’cheen is a relatively new bar / restaurant in the Old Fourth Ward (Highland Av) which was once known for housing Roman Lily Cafe and the original location of Jake’s Ice Cream. In recent days this section is mostly recognized as the home of Zuma Sushi (nfws).

P’cheen (Gaelic for “moonshine”) is a small space which uses every inch effectively. There are ample tables for diners, a sit-down bar, and a small window space which (much to my surprise) was big enough for two turntables and a microphone DJ.

I originally planned to order the fish and chips (which Stacey ordered), but was lured away when I decided that I wanted an appetizer of pomme frites with three dipping sauces and a panini consisting of Merguez lamb sausage, bleu cheese, caramelized onions and jalapeno marinara with a side of onion rings as my entree. I highly recommend ordering either, or even both! The fries were delicious, slender and wilted when picked up; some might say that they needed to be fried again, I disagree. The dipping sauces provided were a mustard based sauce, a sweet and spicy sauce, and a slightly chutney-flavored sauce (this is the best that I can do to describe these sauces since it was late, dark inside, and my palette is not that sofisticated). The panini was fantastic, even with the strong flavors of the bleu cheese, onions, and marinara I could taste the delicious sausage.

As I mentioned, Stacey ordered the fish and chips with sides of British chips and mushy peas. I managed to get a taste of the peas which I found to be as tasty as peas can be. Stacey said that the fish was good, but that the chips were a bit too large to be cooked properly.

If I remember correctly, Andy ordered the shepard’s pie. It appeared tasty, but I am rarely a fan of shepard’s pie so I don’t see myself ordering it any time soon.

My only disappointment of the evening was that my first choice of beer, Asheville North Carolina’s Highland Brewery‘s Gaelic Ale was out of stock. This is not an unusual occurrance for me however. Instead, I drank a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Overall I had a wonderful time at P’cheen and can see myself inventing an excuse to go back soon.

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4 Responses to Stuck On The Connector: P’cheen Keen

  1. Oliver says:

    The girl and I tried P’Cheen for the first time Saturday afternoon. It came off the recommendation of the roomie and his cronies. They’d had the burger, and highly recommended it but I had a hard time ordering an $11 (or was it $9?) burger. Kim had the veggie panini and I had the shepard’s pie and a Guiness. The shepard’s pie was homemade and simple plus the salad was good. The sandwich was really good, even though I’m normally averse to vegetarian dishes. I definitely agree with you that the fries were slammin’. She just got the side so we were stiffed on the dippin’ sauces. I was a little scared that this place would be snobby, but everyone was really nice and unpretentious. It’s walking distance from the crib, so I’ll definitely be passing through here again. Also noticed a couple using their laptop outside. They’d caught a WiFi signal from somewhere (don’t know if it was P’Cheen’s or not.)

  2. katlanta says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ll try to steer the party train that way soon!

  3. Paulie says:

    My mistake. I should have tried that, but when Google returned nothing for P’cheen and none of the reviews linked to a site I made the assumption that no site existed.

    Thanks Ms. Nic!

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