I Need A Vacation

I need a vacation, in part from my life and in part from my city.

Giving Props To Big Orange
The other day whilst shopping in the Home Depot on Ponce I noticed something different. While walking down an aisle I saw a woman writing something onto a board and handing to an employee. After a gesture or two she seemed satisified and walked away (I would have followed but that would be stalking now, wouldn’t it) and I walked past the employee. On the employee’s apron were affixed the letters DEAF, in those reflective stickers people put on their mailboxes. Oddly, if I had not already purchased reflective tape at the bike store earlier that day I would had been looking for those stickers so that I could cut them up and affix them to my new bike helmet. Not needing to ask him a question I walked past with a slight smile which was quickly returned with a nod.

I think the next time I’m in need of assistance in that Home Depot I’ll go on a little journey to see if he is working.

Spring Cleaning, Part I
Last night instead of getting out and exercising I took a night to do nothing but take care of tasks around the house. One of the tasks accomplished was pulling some photos off a old hard drive so that they are not lost forever. Keeping with my current idea of posting some of my shots, here are some of the gems from 2003 that I recovered.

The Bridge To Nowhere

Keep Your Eye On The Finger

It's Hammer Time

Sorry that I didn’t have the time or skills to align these all pretty-like.

NPR: Your New Music Station!!!
When I was growing up National Public Radio (and PBS Televsion for that matter) was either “shit for old folks” or educational. Somewhere along the way NPR got hip (perhaps it is run by GRUPS now?). Now that NPR is putting out some podcasts (remember, I rarely listen to the radio), I am finding this out.

Yesterday I subscribed to the “All Songs Considered” podcast. Recent “All Songs Considered” podcasts have had music from Elf Power, Neko Case, Morrissey, Calexico, and Jack White’s Raconteurs to name a few. Music for the hip, and not for those who fear breaking one…

This May Come As A Surprise
There is something cool happening in East Atlanta about which I had no clue. Furthermore, it has something to do with one of my favorite hobbies drinking biking.

The other day over at the Drive A Faster Car blog Tessa (who ironically doesn’t even own a car) posted that she was unfortunately was a party to a car/bike incident. In her post, she mentioned SOPO Bikes, a bike co-op located right in my own backyard (not literally in my backyard because that would be silly, I thing I would notice people in my backyard). Perhaps if I stepped away from the bar(s) ocassionally and walked the Village I would know these things.

I ride. I live in East Atlanta. I am ready to step forward and contribute. Stay tuned.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – looking for love in all the wrong places or ready to give up, put the bike on the top of the car and drive somewhere far, far away.
Current Music – NPR’s “All Songs Considered” podcast from 13-April-2006
Website Of The Day – Once I figure out where I am going I will start studying the Art and Science of Travelling Light at One Bag.

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on del.icio.us, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Exercise (b)Log – none, arrrrgh to me!!!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to I Need A Vacation

  1. Maigh says:

    Dude, you knew about SOPO…you’re just getting old and your memory is fading.


  2. Andrew says:

    Have you subscribed to the Paste Culture Club podcast?


    Also, NPR also posts live shows for download. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Neko Case, Arctic Monkeys, etc.


    And on a side note, I downloaded Josh Rouses’ Nashville last night from eMusic. Fantastic cd/disc.

  3. Paulie says:

    Eh? Can you speak louder young lady? 🙂

  4. Paulie says:

    Andrew, I have indeed added the Paste Culture Club to my list of podcast listens.

    I’ll look into the live shows too now. Thanks!

  5. Andrew says:

    Since you got me thinking about NPR, check out The Unger Report podcast as well:


    How did I exist before the internet?

  6. Nic says:

    paulie, i’m so glad you have rediscovered NPR! i am an unabashed junkie. speaking of faith was really good tonight and is a great podcast, i think you’d also like ‘between the lines’ on thursday nights… and of course ‘wait wait don’t tell me’. there’s a great short-short podcast of ‘driveway moments’- the stories you don’t want to turn off so you sit in your car like an idiot for 10 extra minutes, dying to pee but unable to move.

    Also glad you had a good experience at the Large Multinational Corporation of which i am a member. refreshing to hear that instead of the usual ‘hey can you tell someone that the dunwoody store is always out of nonstandard mounting bolts?’ um, yeah.

  7. Paulie says:

    @Nic: You are quite the NPR junkie! I subscribe to Wait Wait, and will have to check out the others. Thanks!

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