Mayday! Mayday!

Four months down, not much to show.

I’ve Taken The Fifth
As you can see from my Taco Mac Passport list I have reached beer number twenty-five; this marks the 1/5th mark on my path to 125. This beer was consumed after a morning of pseudo-successful picture taking in East Atlanta, Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward, and near Ga Tech. Of the shots taken on Friday that I consider half decent (most hit the virtual editor’s floor), this is my favorite.

This PBR Will Cost More Than $2

Take The Crap Out Of The Ballgame
This is where I am suppose to gloat about the Mets winning two out of three over the Braves this weekend. However, I have axes to grind.

I am a child of the Cold Wars. Back in my childhood we were shown video of parades held in the evil Soviet Union which highlighted their military power. We cursed the Soviets for doing this. On Friday evening at Turner Field I withnessed a Navy induction ceremony prior to the ballgame followed by a flyover by the Blue Angels during the National Anthem. In my opinion this sort of jingoism, admittedly on a smaller scale, is no different than the old Soviet military parades.

To add to my dismay over our jingoism, I was further angered at the display of commercialism around the third or fourth inning. After the completion of one of these half innings the Budweiser Clydesdales were paraded out onto the field where they proceeded to encircle the field. To me it was a two-plus minute Budweiser commercial! As the horse-drawn carriage passed sections fans were standing and applauding as if these were great American heroes.

Please do me a favor and just play the fucking ballgame…

A Farewell-Ju Well?
While scouring The EARL’s website over the weekend I saw a listing for a July 1st show featuring A Fir-Ju Well. This show is listed with the tag “(final performance)”. Bummer! If you’ve been reading this space over the last year you’ll know that A Fir-Ju Well is probably my favorite “local” band currently.

I’ve sent an email to their management in hopes of finding out the real story, but they have not gotten back to me yet.

Never Has One Man Done So Much With So Little
Sunday’s ominous weather changed my plans from going to the Inman Park Festival to going to the High Museum.

Currently at the High there are two exhibits, one is a quilt exhibit that I had no interest in seeing, the other is the Chuck Close exhibit. For those unfamiliar with Close he is an American photorealic artist. His exhibit consisted of media which spanned his nearly forty-year career. The thing that that struck me the most was that his entire collection consisted of self portraits. Admittedly many of these portraits were done using different techniques and all display enormous talent, but they were all self portraits!

My outing at the High was nearly cut short when the “budding photographer” in me climbed a flight of stairs to get a picture (not of the art, because I know that is not allowed within the High) with my little pocket point-and-shoot. Unfortunately I was discovered and stopped by museum security before I could get the shot.

A note to the people in charge of the High Museum… If you send me a $2 coupon for “member” parking and then charge $10 for “event parking” in your parking garage, I will park for $6 over at Colony Square every day of the week. Of course I looked for free street parking first but couldn’t find any.

Speaking Of Places You Can’t Take Pictures
In an odd coincidence this weekend I picked up a copy of the Atlanta INtown newspaper. One of their monthly features is called “In Case You Were Wondering”. This month’s ICYWW features the old Eiseman Building facade which is located inside the Five Points Marta station. This is the facade that I had intended to shoot prior to being informed that it was illegal to take pictures inside a Marta station without permission. If you happen to see this article in the paper [btw- I’d link to the paper’s article, but they didn’t put it online] you’ll notice a long escalator in their picture; that is the same escalator that I mentioned last week in my blog.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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Exercise (b)Log – biking, 38 miles (EAV Stone Mountain) on Saturday

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7 Responses to Mayday! Mayday!

  1. Andrew says:

    The Blue Angels had a flyover because they were performing at the Naval Air Station in Cobb. The flyover may have once been an American or Soviet specialty, but I now see them at large events all over the world. In France for the start of the 24 Hours of Lemans. The Italians had a military helicopter circle the track at the San Marino Grand Prix last weekend. I wouldn’t read too much into these displays of military power. It’s more for the ‘wow’ factor than anything else.

  2. Paulie says:

    I’m just a cranky old man. Maybe I was really miffed at the delay of game thanks to Budweiser — a beer I can’t stomach.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’d say acrobatic flying is a tad different from parading ballistic missiles

    it was the best part of that crappy (from my perspective) game

    fun fireworks too … more jingoism

  4. Paulie says:

    The Blue Angels may be acrobatic flying, but they are part of the Navy. Check out their web address

    I missed the fireworks. I left at the end of the sixth inning — long story about the loud, shrill screaming out in section 234 and long, slow lines at the beer vendors.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried going to a game at Georgia Tech? They have a nice stadium and the tickets are cheaper. I use to go every year when they played Auburn and always had a great time.

    The only downsides are that I don’t think they sell beer (yeah, I know, that’s a deal breaker for most) and the “PLINK” sound of the aluminum bat. Other than that, it’s lots of fun and overlooked by most.

  6. let me know what you hear about the a fir ju well dirt.

  7. Paulie says:

    @Anon- Thanks, I really didn’t think about Yellow Jackets games. I’ve been known to be beer-free for a game or two, not that it happens often. 🙂

    @FAB- Hey, great to hear from you. I’ll send any dirt your way.

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