Check Please!

Is It Possible For My Brain To Work Even Less?
Yesterday I decided to join my friend Barb and volunteer as Crew for the Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer to be held on September 16-17. It sounded like a good time in mid-September so I happily logged on and ponied up my $50 to be part of the crew. Then last night it hit me that this was the same weekend as the wedding for one of my good friends. I have this wedding noted on two different calendars, but did I think to check either before spending the $50? Nope. What a fucking dumbass I can be sometimes… The only consolation is the hope that my money might help out somewhere. So. Fucking. Stupid.

Allow Me To Rant
Apple is now on my shit list. To be specific, is on the list. Yesterday at the office I needed to look up something on the Apple website and found that they have inserted a Quicktime ad with audio on their homepage. Imagine my embarrassment when this started blaring from my computer speakers. To make matters worse there are no volume controls on their webpage, so I was forced to dismiss their page as quickly as I could.

C’mon web developers, THINK before you create.

Working Toward Greener Pastures
Hey Paulie, what’s up with and when are you finally moving away from Blogger?

Well, that’s a fine set of questions little Timmy.

Yes all, I am finally and far too slowly making the move away from Blogger. I’ve have contracted with Blue Host for a year’s worth of hosting and now am trying to figure out how to do this whole CSS thing. In the short term if you want to have a giggle or two check out and that will take you to the new site (actually there is nothing there yet so be patient — give me at least another week). I will update and in parallel until the big cutover day when there will be all sorts of pomp and circumstance associated with the move.

btw- Anyone who is eager to help me can feel free to speak up. Thanks. 🙂

Oh Showcase, Why Did You?
Last night marked week one of Digital 102 at Showcase. As expected this was a review week of Digital 101 with some added techniques that appears my camera can’t do. 🙁

Unfortunately, in addition to the $10 increase in the cost of the fee they have also decided to cut the size of the instruction room in hald by pulling closed a collapsible divider while keeping the size of attendance the same. So now not only are we more cramped in the room we can hear another class being taught on the other side of the partition. Unless I am guaranteed that this will not take place next session I doubt that I will be signing up for any future classes.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – back to meh
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 26, playing Arctic Monkeys — “A Certain Romance”
Website Of The Day – Maybe I should just donate smaller denominations to many different charities using Give Meaning.

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Exercise (b)Log – nothing

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2 Responses to Check Please!

  1. Anonymous says:

    it is okay Paulie, maybe we can figure out a way you could split it with someone, but the walk does start early, what time is the wedding? Also, either way, it is a charitable donation, for a good cause, I know you want to save breasts from cancer…..

  2. Paulie says:

    I screwed up so I’ll eat the cost. The wedding starts at 3pm so I doubt seriously that I’ll have enough time to volunteer, get home, get ready and get to the wedding on time. Oh well…

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