A Thursday Quickie

I’m scheduled for an all-day meeting so I don’t have much time to type… Here’s a pretty picture to satiate you

ITP Flickr Pic
Time For A Change

btw – my photography continues to frustrate me. I think that I need to pay more attention to my settings to find out what my lenses can and cannot do. Pictures which look nice in the tiny lcd screen look horrible on my computer.

Tough Night At The Arena, Even When The Ticket Is Free
I was rewarded a free ticket to last night Thrashers game for holding a table down at CNN Center for my friends. Well, that’s not really how it happened but it sounds good. Actually a friend of a friend was able to convert an unused ticket from a previous game into a freebie for me. I returned the favor by buying him a frosty Moloson Canadian.

It looked like the Thrashers had a few Molsons in them as they lost 5-2 even though they out shot Carolina by a nearly four-to-one margin.

TV Worth Falling Asleep To
A few nights of poor sleep, a comfortable couch, and a warm blanket caused me to miss the last half of Top Chef last night. Luckily I’ve got it DVR’d so I can go back and watch the rest of the show tonight. My falling asleep should not be taken as commentary about the show however. For some reason I really like to format of this show, perhaps because it’s more humane than Hell’s Kitchen.

Speaking of Hell’s Kitchen…. If you fancy yourself as a hot-shot chef you can go to an audition for Hell’s Kitchen 3 being held at the Candler Park Flying Biscuit. Even if I didn’t have a full schedule planned for today I doubt that I would go and subject myself to this. I think I am a good cook, however I don’t think that I that good of a cook.

I’ve got to run to prepare for my meeting. See you all tomorrow!

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – studious
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Mew — “The Zookeeper’s Boy” (this is the song whose title I didn’t know the other day)
Website Of The Day – Go make silly signs out of pretzels over at Pretzel Font.
Exercise (b)Log – none

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