In And Out

“In and Out” best describes my behavior over the past twenty-four hours. Last night I went to The EARL to see Captured By Robots! and I just wasn’t into it. I left after four songs. Btw if the sound guy at The EARL is reading this, turn the fucking volume down a bit dude! Seriously this is not “old man” disease talking. I purchased ear plugs for the first time ever, and I saw at least ten other people purchase ear plugs as well.

Shuffling Off To Buffalo Boone
I’ll be in and out of work today as well. I’m headed for a little R&R in Boone, NC. If any has some suggested restaurants and/or photo ops please leave a comment. I probably won’t respond to too much today, but my phone will received comments via email, so I will be able to read them.

Just Out
Wachovia has closed their East Atlanta branch. Bummer. I knew that it was coming because the branch was tiny and Wachovia has just built a new branch in East Lake. I’m just pissed because there is now no convenient ATM for me when I head up to East Atlanta Village.

ITP Flickr Pic
I have no good thematic picture for today.

The Eyes Have It

I was to post a picture of my new iPod Shuffle, but I never got around to taking one.

Stephen Malkmus Is In The Pitchfork Music Festival
Last year’s Chicago trip was built around going to the Pitchfork Music Festival. I just recently found out that Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks are going to be performing at this year’s festival. Dammit! I don’t think that I can wedge in a Chicago trip this year. Double Dammit!

Is ITP Out Of Big D?
It now appears that I won’t be going to Dallas for work. Could there be a Montgomery Biscuits game in my near future after all?

I Have No Idea Who Is Out Of Survivor
Because I went out last night I didn’t get a chance to watch Survivor. Therefore I have no idea what happened. I will guess that Dreamz got booted.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – perturbed because I think that my “crummy” feeling might be something that has been passed around the office. I hope that I shake it quickly so that it doesn’t ruin my weekend.
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing TV On The Radio — “Province”
Website Of The Day – I wish that there was a In-N-Out Burger between here and Boone, I’d definitely stop for a burger. (I know that this doesn’t finish the chain of links I built this week, but come on, it’s the perfect link for today)
Exercise (b)Log – yard mowing, believe me this was enough
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

April Goals
1) Lose two pounds. (starting weight 202 lbs?)
2) Run no fewer than thirty miles.
3) Do twenty push-ups and fifty sit-ups at on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
4) Read three books, specifically
4a) “722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York”
4b) “Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job”
4c) “50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques”
5) Take Marta to work at least ten times.
6) File my Income Taxes. (since they are due in two weeks I better get this done)
7) Wear “nicer” clothes to work at least one day a week.
8\) Cook dinner at home at least two nights a week.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to In And Out

  1. Amity says:

    Ooh, ooh. Go to Coyote Kitchen in Boone. They have these things there, on the back of the menu–I think they’re just called “bowls”. I think the one I had was the “mojo”? So FREAKING good–at least two meals worth of food. Their sweet potato fries are fantastic, too. There’s a sandwich shop downtown, kind of caddycorner from Mast General Store that’s really good, too–don’t know the name, though. The guy that owns it is from Athens.

  2. Amity says:

    Oh, and you missed THE BEST TRIBAL COUNSEL IN THE HISTORY OF SURVIVOR. And, it’s not Dreamz. (That’s all the spoiler you get!)

  3. Barb says:

    I didn’t watch Survivor yet either – now I’m thinking about going home & watching at lunch…….

  4. D.D.D.Dave says:

    eh, its only going to be stephen malkmus solo…no jicks.

  5. Like you’re going to get cell phone service in Boone.

    Open a Suntrust account. They have an ATM in the EAV. Full disclosure: I own a few shares of STI.

  6. Actually, I found out that I am in Blowing Rock, not Boone. And, not only do I have cell service (Cingular), I have internet access.

    Oh what a wonderful world in which we now live!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll be in Hendersonville starting tomorrow, but I don’t have any suggestions for the Blowing Rock area…sounds nice, though.

    Book recommendation: Subway Lives. It’s now out of print, but I’ll loan you my copy some time if you promise to return it.

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