Delta Take Me Home — So I Can Go Away Again

Nary a shutter snap has been heard on this trip…. Again there will be no photo today.

Three Weeks Of Travel Has Taken Its Toll
Well, it has really been the three weeks of eating out (three meals) and having a beer or two with each meal combined with the complete lack of exercise. I feel incredibly sluggish and thankful that my stint of traveling for work is coming to an end.

While In Raleigh You Should Visit Schoolkids
I had a break in the action for lunch yesterday and hoofed it over to Schoolkids Records. My effort was rewarded as I was able to find the (fairly) new release from Foreign Born in the used bin. W00t!

Rats! The Flight Appears Full
As I have learned to do recently I checked in using the kiosk for my return trip home. Recently I have had good luck changing my seat to an exit row, but today I have not been fortunate. The only two exit row seats were middle seats, and I think that I’d rather take my chances in an aisle seat instead.

While In Alpharetta, GA Try The Breckenridge?
My friends and I went out for dinner last night at an ale house that sports and impressive beer list. Of course I was please. Whilst perusing the beer menu I saw that they had an amber ale from Breckenridge Brewery, but was more than a little confused when the identified the beer being from Alpharetta, GA. Can anyone shed a little light on this?

We stopped at a beer store to pick up some libations for the evening and saw no mention of the beer’s origination being anything further east of Breckenridge, CO.

A Return To Normality Begins Next Week
Return the, won’t you?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – cranky
Current Music – none, and I am trying to block out the conversations around me
Website Of The Day – Looking to improve yourself? I know that I certainly am. I am thinking of checking out the self-paced tutorials at
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Monthly Mileage – 0 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – N/A

October Goal
1) Find happiness

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Delta Take Me Home — So I Can Go Away Again

  1. Brenan says:

    Do today’s digitial cameras actually have shutters that “snap”? If not then I suppose that phrase will join the ranks of the culturally (generationally?) archaic — kind of like calling cd’s or digital downloads “records”.

  2. Ray Swords says:

    Many digital cameras take images without a sound. You can often turn on or off a sound the camera makes that tries to sound like the shutter of a film camera. the sound lets you know when it took the picture.

    The digital SLRs still make the sound that the mirror makes as it flips up, but no shutter sound.

    The image is captured as the chip in the camera activates the image.

    We really don’t know how many things “work” now because the technology is so complex and proprietary. Often the information we receive is the spin the marketing department releases and may or may not be accurate.

    i.e. the digital cameras still use the term shutter speed and there is no shutter.

    We kinda hafta relearn what happens at any given “shutter Speed”.

    It is all new…

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Thank you. This comment thread has humored me while I wait for my luggage.

  4. Ray Swords says:

    I get to humor myself while I wait for the next patient. Working in a dark room getting visually impaired old people to fixate on a light and essentially working a machine that might as well be a video game.

    It is great fun to hear of your travels…

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