ITP Is Under Attack!

Oh those fucking spammers! While I run software to try and keep them at bay they have figured out how to get around it and post comments to the site. The last few days I’ve had to manually delete a dozen or so comments which managed to find their way through the filters. To shut down these bastards I am going to implement a new policy of turning off comments for posts which are more than seven days old.

To make matters harder, my webhost seems to be having problems as well. As I try to turn off comments I am getting timeout problems.

Those Pornographers Were Fully Clothed

After a smashing beef brisket dinner at the Yacht Club the group shambled over to Variety Playhouse for the show. To my pleasure we arrived while Immaculate Machine was still on stage. I enjoyed their set enough to buy their latest cd while on a beer run during Emma Pollack’s set.

Pollack’s set was alright. It was aptly described as “white rice” by Terri.

The Pornographers took the stage and knocked out a really decent set of music. Within their initial set they played the majority of the “known” songs from the band’s catalog. To their credit they also peppered the set with a little crowd banter, including a somewhat funny exchange between AC (Carl) Newman and the crowd as he held up the show until people stopped yelling out song titles.

The band played (at least) two encore sets. I was present for the first, but since the clock had progressed past midnight as the second encore started I cashed in my chips and headed home.

To my fellow concert-goers (those being the ones around my friends and not my friends). I’ve asked this before, but WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP DURING THE SHOW!!!!????!!!! Why people continue to be so damn inconsiderate and hold conversations during a concert baffles me. I am adding the following two band names to my list of names in case I ever start a band.
– Shut The Fuck Up!
– Stop Talking

If you are considering starting a band you have my permission to use either.

For my companions who wish to relive the experience without the joy of being near me, and without the frustrations of being around the asshats near us, check out the New Pornographers’ concert recorded in Washington DC a few nights ago by NPR.

Happy Halloween
And as far as I am concerned never Happy Hallowe’en.

ITP Flickr Pic

Pumpkin At Night, #2

I don’t think that it’s very easy to take photos of jack-o-lanterns. Try it tonight and see for yourself. btw- When this was taken I was also inebriated so that might have made it a wee little bit harder.

October Wrap
Did I achieve happiness? No, far from it actually?

Will I be able to take Sarah’s advice from yesterday to be more accepting of myself? Hopefully, but probably not. Before you jump down my throat, here is my reasoning…

People have told me for a long time to love myself. Well, that’s been more than a little difficult since I have been fairly unsuccessful in getting women to love me. It’s rather a vicious cycle.

Picture a rubber ball (a red-striped pink Spalding ball for those who grew up in the 1970’s). With each successive bounce the ball fails to bounce as high as it did previously. If the height of the ball represents my confidence, and therefore my ability to love myself, then with each rejection it’s height shrinks. Under its current course it will eventfully it will be flat at which point I give up completely.

To me the “no one will love you until you love yourself” concept is a difficult to grasp as the “no one will hire you unless you have experience, but how do you get experience if no one will hire you” paradox.

Perhaps The Scariest Thing To Be Seen Tonight
Will be the sight of me attempting to run. That’s right. Damn the torpedoes I will be at George’s tonight for a run. Who knows, perhaps I’ll even stop at a few houses for some candy. I will be in a costume after all — running gear.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – What mood don’t I have today? My body is raging with emotion.
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Built To Spill — “You Were Right” (btw- my favorite Built To Spill song)
Website Of The Day – For a long time I pimped Gmap Pedometer as the site to use for planning running maps. I’ve recently heard of Running Map, which seems to be a viable competitor.
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Monthly Mileage – 16 miles
Mode Of Transportation To WorkMarta

October Goal
1) Find happiness

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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26 Responses to ITP Is Under Attack!

  1. Martha says:

    Paulie, there may not be ‘the one woman’ to love you but you have lots of friends and Reece who do love and care about you. Please don’t forget about us!!

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Oh I never forget my friends (at least I don’t think that I do). Without you all I’d be living in a small shack in the middle of nowhere blogging my manifesto. 😉

  3. Terri (SW) says:

    Hey- what songs did I miss? I hated having to dip out before the end of the show. Damn job!

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I am lousy with song titles. Here is the set list from Saturday’s show in DC. I don’t think that they changed that much. If I remember correctly our first encore started with “Jackie”

    All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth
    Use It
    Myriad Harbour
    Electric Version
    All the Old Showstoppers
    Jackie, Dressed in Cobras
    The Laws Have Changed
    The Spirit of Giving
    My Rights Versus Yours
    Mass Romantic
    Adventures in Solitude
    Testament to Youth in Verse
    Twin Cinema
    Go Places
    Sing Me Spanish Techno
    The Bleeding Heart Show
    The Bones of an Idol
    From Blown Speakers
    The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism

  5. Martha says:

    The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism – I’m pretty sure I know this one 🙁

  6. Terri (SW) says:

    Of course, I leave during the song before “The Bleeding Heart Show” (if this is indeed the set list)- I am an arse.

    Hey- did you know The Sex Pistols were on Leno last night??? WTF???

  7. Steve says:

    Maybe you fellow concertgoers thought they were at Chastain?

    And years ago, several of us wanted to name a hasher “shut the fuck up” but Sani wouldn’t let us… 🙁 Trust me, it was perfect.

    And to all you blog readers and Georges attendees… the mizzus and I are in need of moving boxes!! Yes friends, the time has FINALLY come to head South and in a very quick time frame. If you have moving boxes that are in reasonable condition and would like to get rid of them, bring them tonight (or Sunday or next Wednesday) and I’ll gladly put them to use..


  8. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Terri, download the concert from NPR, queue it up to the point where you left, invite a couple of people to start a conversation while standing behind you, then start the music. It’ll be just like being there. 😉

    Sex Pistols on Leno? HuWhaaa?

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Wow, making the move? Congratulations.

    Hopefully this won’t end your (both of you) participation at our silly reindeer games.

  10. Barb says:

    Steve – the Cut Rate Box Company down in Allan’s work ‘hood can get you some boxes pretty cheap. Bummer we got rid of all of ours when we moved in last year. Allan says we are never moving again, so we didn’t keep them. He will be at the station tomorrow, let me know if you need him to get you some (and big, medium, small, etc.)

    Who’s dressed up today at work for Halloween? (I am….. Mrs. Incredible….. of course)

  11. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I am dressed as a long-hair, beard-sporting, tie-dye t-shirt wearing, employee who’d rather not be in the office. Oh wait, that’s kinda how I look everyday.

  12. Martha says:

    I DID NOT dress up for work today…I’m glad I don’t have to put that costume on again until next year. I’m beginning to be able to breath normally again.

    Barb…you’re Incredible everyday!!

    I’ll keep my eyes open around here for some boxes also.

  13. Gentri says:

    What, no love for the knife wielding, pumpkin carving, moderatly drunk, super duper scary duo of the Betsy and Gentri Halloween fiends that chiseled out that scary pumpkin that graces your blog today?

    You’d think you were ashamed to know us…. 🙁

    … or maybe just wise enough not to fess up!!!! 😉

    Might show up at George’s myself although I have given up any pretense that I go there to run!!!

  14. sarah says:

    Only when you learn to accept yourself will you find true happiness, grasshopper. Happiness comes from within yourself, not from others.

  15. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    What, you two both have action-photo representation on my Flickr stream. That’s not enough? 😛

    Darren Takes Over Pumpkin Carving


    Betsy Carving The Pumpkin

    Besides, I wanted to challenge everyone to try and take jack-o-lantern pics tonight.

    C’mon down to George’s. I’ll be running from 6:00pm to about 6:04pm. I’ll most likely be walking from 6:04pm to about 7:00pm.

  16. Steve says:

    – Barb- let me check with Debbie and see if we need something special from Cut Rate. As I’m from the Southside, I know exactly where on Murphy Ave. they are.

    – Martha, thank you. And I’m wearing orange and black.


  17. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    > Only when you learn to accept yourself will you find true happiness,
    > grasshopper. Happiness comes from within yourself, not from others.

    That must have been a very large fortune cookie. 😛

  18. betsy says:

    i love that martha mentioned there are people and reese who love you. yes people do love you and that’s important. but puppy love is an essential step toward the path of self-acceptance. even if the puppy in question has bad breath and gets irritable when homeless men shamble by.

    the new pornographers show was incredible. but i realize how old and cranky i’m getting because i HATED that college ahole in front of me, who was dancing and singing and basically enjoying the show. i wanted to stab him.

    old. cranky. middle-aged. i think i have a costume for tonight!

  19. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    thankfully you didn’t mention the way-past-college ahole who stood behind you. 🙂

  20. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Very interesting read and responses….

    As for this site you can watch my work in progress as the number of posts in the new category “Comments Disabled” increases.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Re: the rubber ball conundrum (a great name for a band…or a self help book)…I don’t have the answer, just wanted to validate the experience. Yep. The “you’re such a great person…then why the hell am I single?” conversation happens a lot. The only thing that seems to work for me is throwing myself into things I enjoy (whether or not I’m really good at them, which is also a hard thing for me) and spending time with friends (whose opinions of me aren’t colored by the scars, baggage and defense mechanisms left over from their previous relationships). It sucks, though.

  22. Martha says:

    Elizabeth is correct. I just keep busy so I don’t have time to dwell on the things that aren’t the just way I want them. I’ve also had to do a lot of ‘house cleaning’ in the past year. Getting rid of those things/people that do nothing but hold you back and bring you down.

    Lastly, I drink a lot. 😉

  23. Debbie says:

    You’ll probably see more of us at silly reindeer games once we get settled on the frontier! I haven’t forgotten that we have a ITP blog author and commenters dinner at Fox Bros to schedule.

    Barb — does Cut Rate Box have specialty boxes? We need some dish boxes to safely move our over-abundance of kitchen stuff.

    The fun of the red striped Spalding Ball was that you could always pick it up and find a way to make it bounce even higher. If the ball hits a soft spot and doesn’t bounce find another place to throw it. (This metaphor is getting a little unwieldy.;-) )

  24. willy says:

    True that …Sarah..

  25. Leah says:

    Sex Pistols are going on tour, hence their late night appearance.

    No one can love you until you love yourself. So, of course, it’d be hard for a woman to love you if you don’t! I never realized how wise Buddha was until recently. =D

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