Are There Real Housewives In Atlanta?

There is what must be a fairly popular series on Bravo called “The Real Housewives Of …” where “real” in this case is as “real” as the one in RealiTV. This morning I read the following on (one of my favorite RealiTV sites) TVgasm.

Bravo’s latest installment to the “Real Housewives” has expanded to Atlanta. The preview special will air on July 30 at midnight ET/PT on Bravo. Atlanta will be interesting to say the least…the cast will have an NBA wife AND an NFL wife…hope they don’t catch their husbands cheating on them during the season.

The Atlanta housewives are:
-DeShawn Snow, a mother to three boys and wife to the captain of the Cleveland Cavaliers;
-Kim Zolciak, a single mother of two and aspiring country singer;
-Lisa Wu Hartwell, wife to NFL player Ed Hartwell and multi-business owner;
-NeNe Leakes, an outspoken social butterfly and mother of two boys;
-Sheree Whitfield, a single mom and wants her own clothing line

I wonder how many of these women live ITP? I’d guess none — but I could be wrong.

Read Along With Me
Today’s passage from Notes To Myself.

“You ought to” means “I want you to,” so what not say so?

To all who have helped me — Thanks.

Play It Again Paulie
Last night’s dinner and theater went off without hitch, well except for the fact that I wasn’t really alone at the play after all. While waiting in line I ran into Greg and Jude (known to the hash as Wet Dreams and Tastes Great) who were also there for the show. When Jude said “I didn’t know that you were going to be here.” I snarkily retorted “Then I know that you didn’t read the blog today because I said that I’d be here.” Win friends and influence others — I am a master at those skills!

Dinner was a half-dozen smoked chicken wings and a half-Tomminator (Brunswick stew covered with tater tots and cheddar cheese) washed down with a pair of Red Hook ESBs. Ah health food…. While the food was delicious perhaps the best part was that because it was Thursday night before 7pm the wings were $0.50 each and the half-Tomminator was $2.

I was up for the show “The Clean House” because I’ve heard good reviews and was under the impression that it was a comedy. The show was sold out and as I scanned the room I placed myself in the upper-ten-percent in the fitness category and the younger thirty-percent in age category. And I used to think that going to the theater was going to be a great place to meet women…

It’s hard for me to summarize “The Clean House.” The best way I can describe the play is to say that it’s an ensemble cast whose lives we follow. Matilde is a Brazilian maid who doesn’t like to clean houses; she has moved to the United States after the deaths of her comedy-loving parents — her mother died laughing at one of her father’s jokes; her father killed himself over the loss of his, one true love. Matilde aspires to be a humorist and throughout the play attempts to create the “perfect” joke. Lane is an uptight woman doctor whose house is to be cleaned by Matilde. Throughout the play she struggles with Matilde’s inability to clean, as well as the loss of her husband Charles to another woman, Ana, whom he declares to be his soul mate. Virginia is Lane’s sister; she has not become the woman she aspired to be, and has a love of cleaning. Virginia acts as Lane’s comedy foil and often the regress to their childhood through their actions toward one another. Ana has breast cancer and through a series of necessities winds up being cared for, and eventually living with, Lane. As her health declines Ana decides that she’d like to die laughing, and Matilde, who at this time has conjured the “perfect” joke, accepts the responsibility of granting her wish. Charles returns from a journey too late, only to find Ana dead.

The play was performed well by the actors. I have seem most of the cast members in other plays, so while accepting them as these characters was tough at first, I was able to make the transition.

I’d suggest that you go see the play, however its run ends this weekend and I believe that all shows are sold out.

In other bizarre Horizon Theatre news…. Last night I finally remembered that I had ponied up an extra $100 when I purchased my season tickets and that my name was to appear in the playbill. Sure enough I am in there! So if you go to the Horizon Theatre and want to take a guess at which of those name listed is my real name then I suggest you have a go. If I do it again next year perhaps I will see it they will put “InsideThePerimeter” or “Paulie [eatl/ga]” instead.

ITP Flickr Pic
It’s one thing to paint graffiti all around the insides of an abandoned warehouse.

Spray Paint And Energy Drink

It’s another thing to litter by leaving your empty cans all about.

One Down, Four To Go
While sitting in the parking lot of the Horizon Theatre I finished reading Nick Hornby’s book Slam. While I can’t remember my ITP Rating Scale right now I can say that it would fall somewhere in the “Traffic Isn’t Moving” range. The book did little for me, which is a shame because I’ve really liked a lot of Hornby’s previous works.

For my next book I am choosing Geoff Ryman’s 253. 253 is a character study book about the 253 people (252 passengers and 1 driver) who are occupying the seven train cars during a 7.5 minute journey from London to Elephant and Castle. Each person is described in exactly 253 words. As the ancient business cards I found in the book last night reminded me, I’ve made a few previous attempts at reading 253. This time I will either make it through the book completely or give up on trying to read it forever.

Help Me Fill My Calendar!
I feel like I am starting to put on weight again (that Amish Friendship “Bread” has nothing to do with this, I’m sure). I’ve come to realize that if I am not training for anything, then I am neither running nor riding. Make some suggestions in the comments! For what it’s worth I will tell you that I have no desires to run anything further than a half-marathon nor any desires to ride anything longer than a century.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – woefully behind
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Joy Division — “Transmission”
Website Of The Day – Now that I am one book closer to buying a Kindle I’ve started researching eBooks. One good site for offering them is Feedbooks.
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Monthly Foot Mileage – 22.75 miles
Monthly Wheel Mileage – 38 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car
Monthly Marta Rides – 22
Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 86 (86)
Books To Read To Earn Kindle – 4

June Goals
1) Run no fewer than 75 miles
2) Ride no fewer than 100 road miles
3) Ride Marta no fewer than twenty times (ten round-trips)
4) Read at least one book
5) Make my bed every day
6) Eat out at a bar/restaurant no more than twice in one week

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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26 Responses to Are There Real Housewives In Atlanta?

  1. Martha says:

    Well I signed up for the Thanksgiving 1/2 last week, that’s pretty far away. There aren’t too many runs until the fall.

    I think that Brad is planning on doing the Wilson 100 in September. I think Covington is in the plan also but not the full 100, maybe the 75. That would be good, you would have someone to train with close in the ‘hood.

    and there is always bootcamp, new one starts on Monday 😉

    * side note, I just tossed out most of a loaf, I found myself snacking too much.

  2. Sal says:

    For some reason watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta doesn’t hold much interest with me.

    Play sounded interesting.

    The book I am currently reading is God’s Problem written by an evangelist turned agnostic.

    Check out the Georgia Ride Calendar….several rides coming up…….

    Join GUTS….come do some of our training runs…..they’re fun……..we are also putting on a marathon and 12 mile trail race in November at Fort Mountain State Park ………

  3. @Martha: The Amish Friendship Bread has been my breakfast all week. How much sugar and oil was in that again? YIKES!

    As yesterday was Day 6 for my second incarnation I added flour, milk, sugar to one – honey to another, to two of the three starters in my possession.

    NO BOOTCAMP FOR ME!!! 🙂 I will consider Covington though.

    @Sal: Good information, I will check out the ride calendar and consider running with GUTS.

  4. Steve says:

    First thing I thought of was the Wilson 100 in September. I think I could get up for that- have to check the social calendar, though.

    @Sal- why doesn’t GUTS send out expiration notices? I know we were members last year but I’m sure we haven’t re-upped for this year.


  5. Steve says:

    SBL Wilson 100- Sunday, Sept. 7 from beautiful Senoia!!! We know where that is, don’t we kids? I see a “camp out” weekend in our future!


  6. Okay, putting it on the calendar…

  7. Max says:

    I thought the same thing about those “housewives”–turns out they’re all OTP (Duluth/Sugarloaf/Sandy Springs). How exciting, right? A whole series about McMansions losing their market value, traffic, chain stores, SUVs, and Pampered Chef parties.

  8. Bob says:

    Here you go Paulie, I have a new challenge for you.

    That will give you something to train for 🙂

  9. I’ve owned rollerblades (hockey-style) since 1994. I have worn them twice.

  10. Sal says:

    Steve: We usually send out an e-mail blast at the beginning of the year. Most of our members re-up at the Fat Ass in January. You are correct…your membership has lapsed which means you haven’t been getting our exciting newsletters!!

  11. Martha says:

    I’ve got a pair of rollerblades in the closet also…a gift from an ex, I’m sure he figured I would kill myself in them and he would be off the hook, lol.

    Wore them twice, fell hard on my ass both times, they haven’t seen the light of day in about 6 years. I really need to decide if I am going to pick up another sport or make room in my closet…anyone want a pair of size 6 roller blades?

    Oh, I can promise I WILL NOT be watching “housewives”… that lifestyle just makes me shudder. I may not be right were I want to be but damn closer than that empty existence.

    I found something for next year I might try, I really need to get a swim coach, it is so sad to see me in the water. I may look like a manatee but I sure don’t swim like one.

  12. Barb says:

    If we are back from Colorado, that “SBL Wilson 100- Sunday, Sept. 7 from beautiful Senoia!!!” sounds like an excellent idea. We might be switching our trip from the week before Labor Day, to the week after. Our biking buddy big gulp from Dallas is messing with the dates.

    Sal – are you riding up to Cartersville with me in the morning?

  13. Kay says:

    *Pedant alert* – Elephant and Castle is a tube station in London. I think the book follows the Bakerloo line from Embankment to Elephant and Castle. Haven’t made it through the book myself, but had an ex-boyfriend who went on about it for a while. 😉

  14. Sal says:

    Yes Barb I plan on riding up to Cartersville with you in the a.m. I’ll meet you at your house.

  15. You Brits are so damn persnickety! You mean to tell me that it takes more than 7.5 minutes to get out of London by train? Have they hired Marta drivers? 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear what I screw up later when I recap the book. 😀 LOL!

  16. Gentri says:

    Hmmm, so you need an ongoing goal… perchance you should train with the idea of being in amazing shape so that the next time you have s*x, you’ll be ready to give her the best 5 minutes of her life………………

    …, I only know this from your droll comments, but if that had been your ongoing goal, you would have been in marvelous shape for quite some time!!!!!!!!!!! (rimshot!!)

    /oh,no he didn’t!
    //oh, yes I did!
    /// yes, you may now call me a bastard! 🙂

    I’m outta here for the next while. Gonna go grab my daughter and hit the road! Ya’ll have a fabulous 1st week to the Atlanta Hash Marathon!

  17. Gentri says:

    PS have a fun and safe ride tomorrow everyone!

    PPS what books would any of you recommend for my reading enjoyment??

  18. Dude, the next time I have sex it will all about me.

    Be good, drive safely. Let me know when you are back in town.

  19. Steve says:

    Gentri- perhaps “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie??

    (I slay me!!)

  20. Martha says:

    >Dude, the next time I have sex it will all about me.

    So you’re going to be a guy?

  21. Gentri says:

    Ok, last one, I promise! 😉

    Will do, we need to go do some reccy-ing! (sp?)

    Yep, Dale could teach me a bit!

    He’s a man’s man, so to speak… you expected something else?!?!?

    FYI – REI having it’s summer clearance, started today! Sale and Clearance

  22. Hitting REI after work. Hoping to score some new hashing shoes for reducing chances of turned ankles.

  23. debbie says:

    Woohoo a Day Spa outing on the calendar! I love it when y’all come down and tackle some athletic endeavor and I cook bacon. 🙂

    I’m on the injured reserve after being stomped by my fat ass horse this morning. Nothing broken but my foot is 2.5x its normal size and hurts like a SOB. I see alcohol in my immediate future…

  24. Ouch! It’s been a bad few months for feet and ankles around here. Glad to hear that nothing is broken.

  25. Debbie says:

    What is up with the siege on feet and ankles!?! I may have a 2nd horse in “camp” (and you know what that means ;-)) soon!

    Hope everyone has a great ride tomorrow.

  26. Martha says:

    I saw the REI sale today also…lucky for me the adversion to sitting in traffic was greater than my need to spend money.

    Debbie, OUCH! I’ve had my foot stomped (and my entrie body toss off) one more than one occasion. My feet/ankles have faired okay, not some much for my knees/ass…I keep falling off the damn bike doing simple things…oh like stoping.

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