Are You Ready To Yawn?

Yesterday was Apple‘s “Let’s Rock” event. A new iPod Nano? A reduction in options for iPod Classic? An updated iTunes? That’s it? Yaaaaaawn.

Now That’s What I Call Networking
I’ve been to many meet-ups in this town, many of which have produced nothing. Last night my friend Maigh orchestrated a great time at the Cypress Street Pint & Plate for the inaugural Atlanta Tweet-Up. I met many people that I would not have otherwise, and in the process was introduced to a few Twitterers who also live in East Atlanta.

The Cypress Street Pint & Plate (horrible name imho) is in one of those locations that you think would never fail, but in the past has hosted more than one failed restaurant venture. Perhaps it’s the lack of parking? Perhaps the proprietors had not struck the proper food/price balance for the neighborhood? Beats me. I had a near-handful of Sweetwater 420’s along with samplings of some half-priced (before 7pm) appetizers — french fries, onion rings, cheese dip, hot wings. Of the appetizers I tasted the wings and onion rings were the clear winners. And be forewarned, not only is it really easy to miss the parking garage best suited for parking for going there, it also cost me $5 (aka one Beer Unit) to get out of it.

It’s JalapeñoBeach FTW!
I finally decided that my new “brand” for all of my photography concerns shall be Jalapeño Beach. It makes sense that I should start re-branding myself for my photographic work since soon I’ll be receiving business cards pointing people to my photoblog at Jalapeño Beach (look at me drop in the self-promotion). Soon, you will also be able to check out and perhaps purchase my work at Red Bubble under the user name…. JalapenoBeach.

Next up: getting someone to create a logo. Then, all I need to do is take quality photographs…

ITP Flickr Pic
Last Saturday I visited the Roosevelt Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia. I thought that there would be a lot to shoot, but instead this is all I came away with.
A Presidential Throne
In case you are wondering, that really is sixty-year-old toilet paper.

Netflix Must Love Me Right Now
Not only have I not watched a movie in over a month, I’ve yet to give up on the ones (whose titles I can’t recall) that I have at home. Therefore Netflix has had to do absolutely nothing to earn my monthly subscription. Not that’s a business model I completely understand.

Dominant Mail
I’ve yet to completely catch up on my mail since returning home. It’s not like there was a huge Santa Claus sized bag waiting for my return, but for one reason or another it has taken the lowest priority on my list of chores. I wonder how much it would cost to hire an assistant?

Half Minds With Sharp Knives
No, this is not about former-Top Chef cheftestant Richard Blais leaving the Atlanta restaurant HOME. Instead, this is about the meeting of the minds tonight at George’s that will occur between Niplets, Little Easy, and yours truly. We three will be cooking up a mess this Saturday night for the annual Lake Hartwell Black Sheep Hash “campout”. I’ve helped out in the past so I’m not concerned whether or not we can pull it off, but I want to find out what we’ll be serving up.

And who knows, if the weather is not complete shit I’ll even get a run in beforehand.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – harried
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Rapture — “No Sex For ben”
Website Of The Day – One of the Twitter Followers/Following I finally met IRL is Evan LaPointe who has a thought-provoking called There Are Two Types Of People In This World. And don’t worry, it has nothing to do with binary numbers (you know that joke if you are a geek like me).
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Monthly Foot Mileage – 3 miles
Monthly Wheel Mileage – 73 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car
Monthly Marta Rides – 0
Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 3 (110)
Books To Read To Earn Kindle – 4

September Goals
No idea

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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21 Responses to Are You Ready To Yawn?

  1. Debbie says:

    60 year old tp looks a little scratchy.

    I just went searching through the archives to find out when we started with the bed making goal. I thought it was closing in on 6 months. It is; today makes 162 days of a made bed at the Brady household. Do you think Publishers’ Clearinghouse will show up with a check soon? Will something appear on my computer screen after I make the bed for the 180th time?

  2. 162?!? Good on ya! I broke my string again this weekend because I didn’t make the bed at your Day Spa. 🙁

    I will be doing my best to keep my current string going for a while. It’s strange, but it really is a calming influence to walk into a bedroom in which the bed is nice and tidy.

  3. Martha says:

    calming influence to walk into a bedroom in which the bed is nice and tidy

    I’m getting the same sensation with my clean and tidy kitchen. Now I need to extend this to the rest of the house, which is one of the reasons I’ve decided not to go to Lake Hartwell this year 🙁

    ps if you need an assistant I work for beers.

  4. romanlily says:

    One of my favorite things about the Little White House is not even in the home itself but, I think, in the neighboring museum. They have a big photo of Graham Jackson playing the accordion after FDR died. That image kills me every time I see it:

  5. That is an incredibly powerful image, especially when you keep in mind that this was many years before the Civil Rights movement. I saw that photo while I was down there and was stopped in my tracks.

  6. Barb says:

    Since my check got “lost” in the mail for Lake Hartwell (did y’all hear that story, someone is stealing Sani’s mail, but she thinks she knows who it is) – I’m thinking we might not go. We have to come back Saturday nite anyway, and I don’t think I can get off work early on Friday. My boss said something to the effect….. “you just had a week & a half off, and now you want to leave early?”. Plus, friday evening I-85 traffic is one of my least favorite things.

  7. I heard about the “lost” regos on Monday night after our EAV run. That really sucks. If it’s who I think it is then Sani has had major problems with this person in the past.

    I saw your name on the original list of names so I thought that you two would be there. I certainly understand why you might want to take some time away however.

    I’ll probably be up there Friday and Saturday night and take off early Sunday morning again. Especially because from the participant list it looks like this year will be a complete CoupleFest — which one might correctly assume interests me little.

  8. Steve says:

    I doubt anyone who reads this blog (besides me) remembers Sol Cohen’s bike shop which was located on the current location of the West End MARTA station. Behind the counter, he had a copy of that photo… I don’t know what the connection was, but I was always struck by that picture… simple, powerful, moving.


  9. Gentri says:

    I thought this blog was all about pimping yourself out?! I like jalapenobeach. Good name, good imagery. Maybe photoshop a hundred million tiny peppers onto Miami beach for you background?

    I will be a Sat/Sun at Hartwell. I’ve got too much going on at the new house along with softball and a cookout on Sunday to go the whole time!

    Sani need to get this goofball on video… that’s a federal offense right there!

  10. This blog pimps Paulie. JalapenoBeach pimps Paulie’s photography.

    Cool that you’ll be able to make it to Hartwell. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted.

    I agree about Sani’s need to get this guy busted. Bad neighbors are one thing, asshats like this are something else.

  11. Steve says:

    Can you say locking mailbox? I don’t know what the previous owner at our place ever got in the mail that required locking, but we need a key anytime we get the mail!!


  12. Terri (SW) says:

    Yep…my check/ rego was lost as well. Love it that some random dirt bag has my account number and address. I’ve been on constant surveillance of the Wachovia site since this past weekend. Psychedelic P*ssy and my friend Mary, who has only hashed two other times, had theirs stolen as well. Bastardos…

    Re: Who’s Coming?- Lots of new folks on the list, which is cool. Will there be enough ice for all the first timers?

    Can’t wait! Will be there Friday through Sunday…


  13. I’m surprised that they haven’t already installed a locking mailbox. I can’t quite remember, but I don’t think that this is the first suspected incident.

  14. Gentri says:

    Uhm… you know what kind of effort that it would require to get Bunni Banger to do something like that? You’d have to, like, offer him cyber sex on 2nd life or something like that! 😉

    /I kill me

  15. Sani can open a wine bottle…. I bet you she could install a locking mailbox if she wished.

  16. debbie says:

    We have a spare locking mail box that is currently serving as yard art at my office. It’s seriously heavy duty, but didn’t work out so well for a commerical application. I’ll donate it to the Black Sheep Security Cause.

  17. Martha says:

    Sani will have the new mail box installed with nothing but a hash whistle, her cork screw and some from the girls.

  18. Barb says:

    hey Paulie – I saw a lot more non-couple people on that list, you made it sound like you were the only one….. I think if you try, you will be able to have a good time.
    I think from talking to Sani, this idiot just wants to make her life hell, doesn’t necessarily want to steal our identities. (thank god). but yes, I’ve been watching my bank account closely as well.

  19. Martha says:

    okay Iwas reading your Website Of The Day I had to close my office door, I was laughing so hard. Good pick!

  20. Evan was a nice guy. I hadn’t seen his site until last night and couldn’t resist picking it for today.

  21. Barb says:

    he is damn funny

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