I’m Officially A Quitter

After getting thumped for the sixth consecutive week I have left the East Atlanta Deadbeat Dads for dead. I’m fucking tired of trying only to lose again, so as much as I hate quitters I’ve joined their ranks.

Look! It’s A Shameless Self-Promotion!
I hadn’t realized it, but I never included a link to Jalapeño Beach on this here blog. However, Stacy noticed and thankfully alerted me to my shortcoming yesterday.

As of today a link to my photoblog exists in the right-hand galley near that flashing Flickr badge. Now if I could only remember to update Jalapeño Beach every Monday as my charter for the website dictates.

Just How Strict Do I Wish To Be?
A few hours after eating what was supposed to dinner (which consisted only of two biscuits and a beer) I found myself rummaging through my cupboards for vegetarian snacks. I saw Jello, whose origin was derived from bone marrow, and some “ham flavored” bean soup. Drat! Just how strict of a faux-vegetarian do I wish to be? If I make and eat the Jello and soup does that count as a meat day?

After much soul searching I settled on making a batch of quick grits heavily dosed with cheddar cheese. Amazingly, I thought that it was delicious.

I Know A Gal Who’s Now A Neighbor To Richard Blais
Last night I found out that one of my friends has a new neighbor, and that neighbor is none other than local-celebrity and former Top Chef cheftestant Richard Blais.

While I shan’t be hanging around stalking like paparazzi, I will keep a keen eye open when chance takes me down her very near street.

ITP Flickr Pic
This is a shot I took while roaming around Ducktown, Tennessee on Saturday.
Looks Like One Troop Needs To Work Toward Their Den Maintenance Badge
From the looks of the building it appears that one troop needs to work toward their “Den Maintenance” badge.

Today, Apple Will Dictate My Future
I should probably divulge that I am now an Apple stockholder before I say how super-excited about Apple’s anticipated announcement of its new laptop(s) today. As a frugal stockholder I’ll purchase this new laptop if it is everything I desire and relatively cheap, otherwise I’ll be sinking my somewhat ill-gotten gains into a refurbished Macbook, assuming such beasts exist after today.

Either way, I’m soon to be the proud papa of a new Apple laptop. Just wait until Christmas when I pair this with a new iPhone.

Tonight, I’ll Be Eating Meat
Hashing friends are meeting tonight at Graveyard Tavern for some beer and wings. That’s right, wings. That means today will be a meat-eating day for me.

Perhaps I should race home and whip up a batch of Jello that I can eat for dessert…

Digital Download Of The Week
There are a few releases today which pique my interest.

  • Nikka Costa “Pebble To A Pearl”
  • Keane “Perfect Symmetry”
  • The Secret Machines “Secret Machines”
  • Lucinda Williams “Little Honey”

Of those listed I’d probably go with The Secret Machines. If none of those tickle your fancy then you may wish to Decatur’s own Warm In The Wake a try with their new(ish) EP “Speak Plainly.”

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – not bad, but confused about Life
Current Music – listening to lst week’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” podcast
Website Of The Day – Sometimes eating vegetarian-like has more than just health benefits. A Taste Of Thai has started a campaign to save sea turtles.
Exercise (b)Log – nothing, I’m recovering
Monthly Foot Mileage – 32 miles
Monthly Wheel Mileage – 0 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Monthly Marta Rides – 0
Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 30 (110)
Books To Read To Earn Kindle – 4
Vegetarian Days – 9
Carnivore Days – 4

October Goals
1) Lose no fewer than three pounds
2) Drink nothing but water, coffee, beer, wine
3) Run no fewer than 75 miles
4) Bike no fewer than 125 miles

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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31 Responses to I’m Officially A Quitter

  1. Martha says:

    You missed a good run last night, 5 people and one little dog. We ran two groups, Jenka, JRob and me and Alexis, her friend and a little dog too…

    The veggie chili was good last night, which is great since it looks like I will be eating it for days.

    Graveyard sounds good, I’m suppose to have a date tonight…I’m guessing one way or another I’ll need a drink later…maybe I’ll swing by and tell the story of another wasted evening (great attitude right?)

  2. Andrew says:

    I was excited about the Apple notebook announcement until this morning. It now looks like we’re due a rather pedestrian update. The only big improvement is the inclusion of a dedicated graphics processor in the Mac Books. Doesn’t exactly seem worthy of an “event”.

  3. @Martha: I just wasn’t up for a run last night; not only was I still sore from Sunday (legs, stings, lower back) I was mentally not into running. I did catch up on a lot of television however, including a very entertaining Amazing Race episode.

    At least you are getting dates young lady. My desired prospects have been few and very far between. I’m not trying to Eeyore, but sometimes my truth is not all positive.

    @Andrew: I’m still very excited. I have been holding off on purchasing a new laptops for months. Further, with a “good” announcement my AAPL stock may continue to increase in value. 😉

  4. Andrew says:

    I’ve been waiting at least 6 months to purchase a new 17″ Mac Book Pro. A model that apparently no longer exists and will not be announced today. I’m bummed.

  5. Gentri says:

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! Haven’t ya’ll gotten that part of relationships yet?

  6. Barb says:

    If you guys change your mind on beer and wings tonight – (and if anyone else wants to come out, the more the merrier) Dekalb Bottle House is having a wine tasting at Violette’s Restaurant on Clairmont. It is $20 single, or $30 couple, and they don’t require you to actually be a “couple” – just 2 people that come in the door togethe, or I’m not even sure if you have to walk in the door together. If you are interested, you just need to call ahead to get your name on the list, you can pay at the door. Over 60 wines, and some high end sake, and some heavy appetizers. Dekalb Bottle House phone# is 404.636.0790.

  7. Gentri says:

    You guys kill me with the “I’m buying a laptop this, gadget that” I’ll be happy when I no longer have to ogle my CRT TV and have cable… but hey, that’s my reality! … and when has the name Apple and the phrase “relatively cheap” EVER gone together Paulie???

  8. @Gentri: What is this “relationship” thing of which you speak? I haven’t had one of those since the first four years of the GWB administration.

    @Andrew: Bummer. I’ve been waiting for an upgrade to the 13.3″ line. Actually, I’d love to see another 12″ notebook from Apple, but I’ll settle for 13.3″.

    @Barb: Sounds good but I’m going to drink local tonight. btw- There is a new wine store called Total Wine opening in the old CompUSA that my office window overlooks. I’ll be a customer there often I am sure.

  9. Martha says:

    Well Paulie, the only reason I have a date is because I put myself out there and opened myself up to every creepy, old, married and/or loser out there. Considering my track record with men I might be better off not dating and staying home watching more Torchwood (or working out 😉 ).

    As for the run… I did 7.5 miles last night and we did sprints today in bootcamp. It never fails. I’m glad I have the day off tomorrow, though I am hoping to make it to George’s. Oh guess what…bring a friend day is Thursday, I can’t believe I forgot to send you an email.

    @Barb, wine tasting sounds like fun but I think beer and wings are better for drowning my sorrows and trying to wipe away the memory of what I sure will be a disappointing evening.

  10. Barb says:

    there is a Total Wine up on Barrett Pkwy already – awesome prices on everything (especially liquor), but it really is like going to Walmart. Place is huge…….
    AND – we found out the hard way – they don’t give case discounts on mixed cases of wine, pissed us off. They have a great selection of kegs, and lots of the torpedo size, so we’ve been getting those for Wheelhopper.

  11. Gentri says:

    This one is for you Paulie!


    Questing for the perfect woman is folly. A check list gets a man nowhere. Like buying property, you’ll never find all you desire: “I really like her: high ceilings, great amenities, but does she have a south-facing garden?” In my own case, foolishly harbouring a romantic ideal has left me marooned, like a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Travis Bickle, but with more shoes, fewer guns, and the same chin-up routine.

    Link to more silliness of a similar sort (including more by Tom):


  12. Steve says:

    Since your vegetarian diet is a choice, as opposed to religious, moral, or other reasons, it would seem that Jello would be OK.

    And back when you actually got meals on airplanes, I had myself listed as vegetarian. You usually got better food and once I had a little note on mine- “Meal especially prepared for passenger Brady”.


  13. @Gentri : I used to know a TV commercial sales account executive who played golf a lot during the week. When I griped one day she said “You went to college right? Why didn’t you choose a career that would allow you to play golf during the week?” Instead I chose a career that pays well and I’ve had the great fortune to latch onto a company that provided me a few stock options and has never laid me off. It’s not fair, but it is the way the world works. Oh yeah, not having a date in over TWO YEARS has helped me save at least enough for a laptop today, regardless of what price point Apple announces.

    @Barb: Interesting. Since I rarely buy a case a wine (I buy a lot of whine) I doubt that the lack of a case discount will enter into my equation.

    @All: When it comes to women I am one (overly) picky motherfucker. I’d rather sit home alone than force myself into forced conversation or spending time with women in whom I have no interest. It’s been my lifestyle choice, I’ve learned to deal with it even if that entails whining about how shitty my life is.

    @Steve: My travel profile has been set to “vegetarian” for years for the same reason.

  14. Gentri says:

    That’s why I said it was my reality… I, like you, know the reasons I am here (and there are good ones)… I just don’t like “here” all the time!!! …and yes, you are right about dating, it adds up fast! Frickin’ $60 at Corner Tavern with food and drinks last time! Those high gravity beers add up!

  15. @Gentri : And I hope your recent acquisition will help you attain the financial goals you desire. You have more chutzpah than I do when it comes to working hard. Hmmmm, where did that silver spoon I keep in my mouth go? It’s almost time for my daily caviar consumption. JEEEEEVES!!!!

    Maybe the “perfect” woman doesn’t drink alcohol? That would keep the cost down, and provide a built-in designated driver. HAHAHAHAHA!

  16. brenan says:

    “$60 at Corner Tavern with food and drinks last time!”

    …still cheaper than a hooker! 😉

    (not counting the Ponce trannies, though, I suppose)

  17. Martha says:

    After Toby’s Big Adventure last week, there is no retail therapy in my future for the next month or so…why do you think I’m going on this date, I need to eat!! LOL.

    @Paulie, but I do drink alcohol! 😉

  18. >> “$60 at Corner Tavern with food and drinks last time!”

    > …still cheaper than a hooker! 😉

    And you know this why??? 😛

  19. Gentri says:

    My chutzpah, as you say, currently has me living with no hot water… but I am two wires away from having the tankless heater installed with any luck!

    If they don’t drink, then how will they like me?

    I didn’t actually think you paid hookers for the sex,
    I thought you paid them to leave!

    /baa-dum-dup-cymbal noise!
    //I’ll be here all week, sadly…….

  20. @Martha: Well, I hate to inform you that you’ve just disqualified yourself from the “perfect” category. 😛 And if you run that fast on an empty stomach then I’ll never be able to run with you when you are fully nourished.

    Hot water: Yeouch! With no hot water I can’t fathom the amount of shrinkage that must be occurring.

    Don’t drink -> Don’t like me?: I’m no longer legally allowed to make such self-deprecating jokes.

    Hookers: You are correct sir!!! HEEEEEY OOOOOOOH!

    Try the veal folks!

  21. Stacy says:

    Paulie, the other nice thing about the Total Wine store is that they sell beer by the bottle — bunches of micro-brews so you can “build your own six pack.” Or eight. I LOVE that kind of thing — a great way to try new beers (which I know you don’t care a thing about). 😉

    As for meat day, don’t waste your dessert on jello. I suggest bacon. Bacon for desssert!

  22. Me? New beer? And stop exclusively drinking Budweiser? NEVER! 😉


  23. Steve says:

    And speaking of yellowjackets (sorry, I’m catching up on yesterdays blog) I don’t recommend kissing one, as I did Saturday- my lip swelled up quite large, like a bad botox injection!!


  24. Martha says:

    @Paulie, It may come as a surprise but you are not the first guy to express that I am less than perfect. It seems that right now I am akin to the anti-christ.

    Maybe if someday soon I ever get OTP, I may have to check out this wonderful world of beer and wine you are all talking about. Of couse after my preformance at BS on Sunday, It might take me a week to try all in a 6 pack.

    (a beer and a half and I was done…I don’t even know who I am anymore)

  25. @Steve : That sounds painful, but Martha got shot in the WHO-HA (iffen you know what I mean)

    @Martha: If you are the anti-Christ perhaps you should be seeking atheists.

    As for beer drinking you need to give up all of this exercise and commit yourself to returning to you old drinking form. Only drinking a beer and a half violates your Beermuda Triangle membership!

  26. Martha says:

    Steve, my yellow jacket/bee got all the way to third base.

  27. Barb says:

    Paulie – are you channeling Betsy with that Budweiser comment?

    And – though you didn’t comment on Amazing Race, it just always shocks me that they don’t read the clues…….. I’m glad the divorcees didn’t get booted, there is going to be some good fireworks between the one and that chick Starr coming up I’m sure.

  28. See, he (it?) stung her WHO-HA!

  29. @Barb: When typing this morning I forgot I watched Amazing Race last night. While I don’t really care for the divorcees (although they are nice eye-candy) I also didn’t want to see the nerds get the boot. They were stupid for not reading their clue thoroughly.

    You are correct, there will be some nice fireworks between Starr and the divorcees. It will make for some entertaining television.

  30. Martha says:

    Paulie, I did find atheist, I’m just that good!

    My recent luck with men leads me to believe it was a lesbian yellow jacket.

  31. Steve says:

    The lip wasn’t painful, just made me talk funny(er) and was not pretty. I can’t even imagine getting stung in the netherworld… ouch!


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