Climb Every Mountain

Or at least the mountain closest to Atlanta. Last night I joined a group of hardy souls for a hike up Stone Mountain near sunset in order to watch the sun set behind downtown Atlanta.

Pizza, Pasta, Rice, Repeat
Because I’m not getting the required exercise I am also not losing any weight by following my five-sevenths vegetarian diet. And because of some house issues I am eating out a lot more and noticing that vegetarians have very few choices. I picked up a vegetarian cookbook that I’ve had for some time and almost every entree was constructed around pizza, pasta, or rice.

Friday night I had a near breakdown and sought comfort by visiting my old China Buffet friends and eating meat like there was no tomorrow.

Saturday morning I returned to The Cause and ate a skillet breakfast at Kasan Red (with soy sausage thankyouverymuch) and in the evening ate dinner at Grant Central Pizza because Cantina La Casita was so busy I was ignored so I left in a huff.

Yesterday’s brunch was a return to Cantina La Casita where I had chips and salsa with some vegetarian empanadas. And last night I wound up at Flatiron where I ordered a black bean burger with french fries; while the burger was good, even though it fell apart each time I bit into it, it just wasn’t the same as meat.

I have no plans to give up! I am still going to struggle for a while as I attempt to eat less meat. Maybe I should try eating a salad or something?

This Is Going To Be One Tasty China
However there will be no salad eating at lunch today, because I am meeting Barb and Stacy at Tasty China for lunch. I will also be picking up the Red Rocket (aka my road bicycle) in the process. The bike has undergone an overhaul by master mechanic Allan (aka Service My Tool) and will be all ready for me to ignore until next year (kidding!). [note to self: bring checkbook to lunch to pay for overhaul.]

ITP Flickr Pic
If you look at my Flickr (still looking for alternatives) contacts you’ll see that this weekend we attended one or two of the weekend’s major happenings.

I chose for the “climb Stone Mountain on Sunday evening event” over the “Marietta Air Show event on Saturday.”
Sun Setting Over The City
And had I known, I may have also shot the annual Highland Games in Stone Mountain this weekend as well.

Lights On Concourse Buildings
The retailers have confused the light operator at the Concourse buildings (the King and Queen at I-285 and GA400). For the first half of the month the Queen was turned an ugly shade of red, supposedly pink, in order to celebrate National Breast Cancer Month. During this time the King was darkened, to the point at which I feared that some low flying plane or helicopter might hit it. This morning the King was again illuminated, now in green.

So there we have it, Christmas is officially here as the King is green and the Queen is red.

Less Amazing, But Quite Compelling
I actually fell asleep before I could watch The Amazing Race last night. However, my night’s slumber allowed me to wake early enough to watch it this morning. Here are some observations, including a SPOILER.

I still don’t care for Ken and Tina. Every time they are interviewed he harps on how they are still working on their relationship, and then she looks at him and I think she’s going to open her jaws and eat his head like a snake eats a mouse.

Terence and Sara are going to be around longer than I wish. I predict that their relationship post-Amazing Race will falter quickly. He is such a wuss that I can’t imagine her putting up with it for too long. “Give me some love. Touch my hair.” Yes, that’s what he said…

The divorcees are just complete bitches (at least this is what the editing leads us to believe). They probably married me who were into their own looks as much as they were, and that’s why their marriages ended. Next week they make a Teen Wolf reference. Teen Wold was in the theaters in 1985. Old much?

Nick and Starrrrrrrrr. Is it wrong for me to wish that Starr had to finish the Amazing Race in a sling, or be taken off the show due to injury?

The Southern Belles (aka “Miss America wannabes from South Carolina”) can barely get by. I am glad to see them go. At the end they said that they will be best friends forever; of course they will…. they are the same person!

The seem to like the rest of the teams, but with the exception of the African-American “Long-Distance Relationship” team, I think that they are mere blips on the radar.

Work French Press : 2006-2008
Instinct can be a very funny thing. This weekend I began a subscription order of Yuban coffee from Amazon. While doing so I convinced myself that I was going to have to make more of my own coffee at the office in order to not have the shipments stockpile. I was okay with this since I knew that I had the means of making my own coffee using my French press.

This morning I arrived at work and remembered that I had forgotten to wash out the French press from last Friday’s brew. No worries… As I walked to the break room I started patting myself on the back for using a French press, which is obviously reusable and uses no filters, over a standard percolator.

While washing the French press I noticed it had developed a large crack in its glass vessel. Dagen! Now what to do? But another French press, or buy a standard coffee maker?

Rough Art, #1

Rest in peace my old friend.

Same Old Deadbeat Dads, Brand New Outcome
Wow, I won a game! How’d that happen?

My East Atlanta Deadbeat Dads, including a starting player on a bye week and one scoring negative points, managed to win! I even managed to have players scoring big numbers while sitting on the bench. I take no credit for the victory, I thank my opponent for having a team who played worse than mine did this week.

And in other Deadbeat Dad news…. another one of my players was suspended because of indiscretions occurring off the field. I am like a proud papa right now.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – better
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Regina Spektor — “Better”
Website Of The Day – I’m trying a new file synchronization service called Dropbox. When I get some time with it under my belt I’ll give a revie
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Monthly Foot Mileage – 32 miles
Monthly Wheel Mileage – 0 miles
Monday Morning Weigh-In – 199 pounds (expected to be higher than last week)
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Monthly Marta Rides – 0
Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 36 (110)
Books To Read To Earn Kindle – 4
Vegetarian Days – 13
Carnivore Days – 6

October Goals
1) Lose no fewer than three pounds
2) Drink nothing but water, coffee, beer, wine
3) Run no fewer than 75 miles
4) Bike no fewer than 125 miles

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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17 Responses to Climb Every Mountain

  1. Martha says:

    God it was just a beautiful weekend. I spent as much time as I could outside, got lots of yard work done on Saturday. However it was a little to chilly this morning to be laying on the ground doing push ups…I’m still trying to warm up.

    Next weekend I may need to make the time and head out to one of the parks…I’ve been in Atl 10 years and only been to Stone Mountain that one time we all rode out there. Sad I tell you.

    The hash was fun and Nibbles finished her first yesterday. She got lots of attention and I think made Reece a little jealous…wondering why Betsy didn’t have her wrapped up in a blanket, carring her around.

  2. I’ve carried Reese around. Some doggy needs to go on a strict five-sevenths vegetarian diet.

  3. Barb says:

    All the trees are a changin up there in NC – it was about as beautiful of a fall weekend as you can imagine. A little chilly camping, but that was to be expected. Campgorund was FULL as of Thursday evening, we barely got sites. That is one problem with the FCFS campgrounds, you roll the dice. it all worked out fine though.

    Martha – we could always ride out to Stone Mtn again, I haven’t been out there in about 10 years myself. Maybe Paulie would want to test out his “new” bike?IF we take a bike lock, we could do some exploring. I’m single all weekend, and all I’ve got planned so far in a dinner thing Sat. night.

  4. Martha says:

    Ah, that is good to know. I will call you the next time I find Toby passed out in the back yard and need help carring him to the car. I’m still not strong enough to lift him from the ground.

  5. Martha says:

    Hey Paulie, I’ve found new friends in the frozen food section. They are now packaging the veggies with sauce/glaze, pop in the microwave and your done. I bought green beans with bacon glaze (okay not 100% veggie but still low cal) and asparagus with orange ginger. The other night I sliced up some squash, tossed with some olive oil, garlic and low fat feta, baked for 20 mins…yummy. Do a quick fish filet or shrimp (okay not 100% veggie but really good for you) and you’ve got a great, healty meal.

    Also try subing quinoa for rice or pasta…lots of protein and fiber, it is also gluten free.

  6. Once I get the kitchen back up and running I am sure that I will have many other opportunities for vegetarian fare which doesn’t require one of the Trinity of Vegetarianism.

    I’ll check out your microwavable frozen suggestions. Thanks!

  7. Barb says:

    oh, I forgot to comment on Amazing Race – I really dislike most of the people this year. I don’t know who I want to win. The only ones that don’t totally annoy me are the mom & son.

  8. Laura says:

    Being a veg the last 19 years (holy crap, I’m old), I think they are more options now than ever before. I do agree with you, though, that they are very limited. As for the carb heavy options, I didn’t realize that until I got knocked up, put on bedrest and didn’t want to become a whale. Now I add a lot of proteins to my meals. Much to Bob’s chagrin that means more meals made with tofu! As for good cookbooks, have you done the Moosewood books? There is a low-fat one that I love. There is a bitchin’ recipe for sweet potato quesadillas!!

  9. Barb says:

    I have a Moosewood cookbook if you want to borrow it to check it out.

  10. I should be okay with cookbooks for a while. I need a working sink and some time at home first.

  11. Gentri says:

    Well, I made up for all of you good Vegetarian-ists this weekend by participating in the 11th Eggtoberfest… lots of yummy stuff, not too much however was vegetarian… to say the least! If it was veggie, it was probably wrapped in a heart stopping piece of bacon… what can’t bacon do?

    Here we are, the Merry Naders:

    Bob should just be happy that someone else is doing the cookin’!!! 😉

    What happened with the sink?

  12. Funny, I was driving out to Stone Mountain yesterday on Memorial Drive and wondered when Eggtoberfest was. That make two events that I went right past (the other being the Highland Games) and didn’t attend.

  13. Martha says:

    I’m ready for a new coffee maker, mine works fine but the carafe seems to confuse everyone at Sunday runs.

    I’ve been using the espresso maker all summer for iced coffee, about time to switch back to the hot stuff.

  14. It confuses us because we ain’t too bright. After all, we are getting up early on Sunday mornings to run!

  15. I run my mouth often.

    I run out of beer often.

    Fuck yeah I run! 😛 (just not tonight or until my knee is stronger)

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