They’ll Be No Blog Today

Things have gone from bad to worse. I am tired. This is great for my $30 / week project because I am thoroughly depressed and not the least bit hungry.

Until tomorrow,

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11 Responses to They’ll Be No Blog Today

  1. Sal says:

    Sorry but “no blogging” is not allowed…the purpose of a daily blog is to blog daily. I just can’t get through my day without it. So, should I harm myself today it will be all your fault…….don’t feel guilty or anything though……I’m just saying…..

  2. Steve says:

    Curry Honda decided they liked Paulie so much they would have a repeat performance today. Sorry.

    On brighter news, today is Fat Tuesday, so get your drink on, for tomorrow Lent begins.


  3. sal says:

    But if he did get his drink on……he wouldn’t be able to eat for the rest of the week, unless, like the government, he borrows against next’s week’s $30.00 allotment and promises to pay that back….but then the next week comes and he’s short again so he continues to borrow every week until it gets to a point where he says “how did this happen.”?

  4. Oh, and who wants to do some manual labor? I’ve now invested over $2000 that was earmarked for plumbing. After today I will have sunk $2600 into the car in two days.

  5. Barb says:

    wow – what else did they find wrong with the car?

  6. The seal between the engine and transmission is leaking. I saw some liquid on the carport this morning and saw the leak when it was on the lift today.

    They mentioned it as the “expensive” repair yesterday that they thought would be alright and we’d keep an eye on. Now it’s getting repaired.

    This will be the last “check up” the Jackmobile gets.

  7. Beth says:

    Paulie — I feel your pain and will join you in whining about car repairs. We spent 500 bucks getting a headlight replaced on the Mazda (that was the the cheapest quote too) AND we just did our taxes on Fri night (mistake) only to discover that we OWE this year. Grrrrr. February is poverty month in our house and maybe March too. And on top of everything, the hash went up in price in Jan!!!

  8. Steve says:

    Paulie- come to Georges tomorrow and let me give you some economic relief, liquid style.

  9. You know what’s really depressing? Today’s blog was going to be a celebration of the fact that today is my mother’s 79th birthday.

    Steve, I just may take you up on that. If not, I’ll be at the monthly TweetUp which is occurring down the road at Manuel’s.

    Beth, I still need to do my taxes and fear I owe as well. “I CALLED ‘UNCLE’!!!! ALREADY!!!!”

  10. Stacy says:

    Bright side? Jack should be all problem / worry free for a while now!!! Everything’s brand new on him! 🙂

  11. Martha says:

    Happy birthday Paulie’s Mom!!!

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