Too Many Interruptions

I think that I should promise that once I get past having appointments all the time that I’ll make an effort to making this blog good (again?). But for now I must say hello, and good-bye immediately for my appointment this morning has taken my blogging time and I have a ton of work to do.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend. As for me it’ll be spent continuing to try to recover from the bike wreck (which will have occurred one month ago as of Sunday) as well as getting many household chores done.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Too Many Interruptions

  1. Barb says:

    what was the verdict on your car?

    but you have that iPad with you always – you could be writing in the waiting room(s)! 😉

    Not sure what is on our agenda this weekend since it is suppose to rain, I guess start on the laundry room (it gets tile & paint too!) Wheelhopper is Sunday in Dunwoody, I’m just not sure if I want to ride in rain. Now that I’m not mis-management anymore, I have a choice about it – which is a great feeling.

  2. No real verdict. They asked if I had used detergent because the oil had some foam. I said no, but then when I went to my car yesterday afternoon I saw the last oil I added was Shell’s “engine cleaning formula.” Go figure.

    I always have the iPad with me, though I’ve been reading “Chefs Story” while waiting. Today’s appointment was at 7am so I barely had time to eat my yogurt prior to going in for the appointment.

  3. sal says:

    I hope you have a great week-end as well.
    I have the Atlanta Women’s 5k…hope the rains hold off.

  4. Martha says:

    Sal, I will see you tomorrow, I’ll be about 10 minutes behind you crossing the finish line 😉

    After that Jerry wants to go shopping, we will be heading up to Dawsonville. They are changing the dress code at his office to changing to business formal (suit and tie everyday) so he needs some new stuff. After that I’ll be moving more stuff out to the shed. I’m finally starting to see some space in the house.

    Sunday we will be running a Sweetwater, rain or shine I guess.

    We had a guy come out yesterday to give us some ideas about adding on to the house. We liked him and his ideas…waiting to get his reference list. Of course we have a few things to sort out before we move forward. 1) my job…2) Jerry’s house.

    How’s PT going?

  5. Barb says:

    Jerry needs more clothes……. I don’t know why, but that makes me laugh.

  6. Martha says:

    That’s why we need the extra room, for Jerry’s clothes 🙂

  7. Martha, are you sure the dress code at his job is changing or is this an excuse for him to buy more clothes? 😀

    PT is going okay. Lisa, I couldn’t work things out with your recommendation (I’ll explain in person next time I see you). I’m going to have to become more disciplined in order to make better/quicker progress — as well as to start taking off some of the weight that I am sure I’ve added in the past month.

  8. Martha says:

    Good point, maybe I should make him bring home a note from work.

    I’m on my own tonight, Jerry’s heading out for a guy’s night (with MY friends!!), I’m thinking I might swing by Delia’s or Nick’s for dinner tonight, should be good fuel for the race tomorrow??

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