It’s The End Of Another Month

After three months of not doing much in the way of exercise it should come as no surprise that I am dismayed with the current state of my body. Tomorrow begins a new month, and with it comes a refocusing on the three priorities in my life:

  1. Dropping my weight to something below 190 pounds
  2. Pushing my project out the door and make headways into another effort
  3. Determine what path I want to head down in regards to the rest of my life

Have I a plan? No, not really other than to start paying more attention to these aspects of my life.

On the whole May wasn’t the greatest of months. By now, three months post-accident, I expected to be healthy and back on a road bike. Neither of which has occurred. I spent a large portion of the month working and only time will tell if that was a wise time investment. The highlights of the month included getting out to see some live concerts again, which will be how I end the month tonight by going to see Okervill River perform at Variety Playhouse.

Green Eggs And Ham Corned Beef
Sunday morning I headed over to Grant Park to visit the Grant Park Farmers Market. While far from the most economical trip, I did manage to pick up many wonderful things for my consumption.

On Sunday and Monday I snacked on a loaf of H&F Bread Co bread. Yesterday’s lunch was an omelet made with three of the twelve fresh eggs — including one that had a light-green shell — that I purchased at the farmers market. Last night’s dinner was a roast of white carrots, zucchini, summer squash, and turnips — all purchased on Sunday morning.

I should have been playing a game on The Price Is Right because I wasn’t sure how much money I started with in my wallet (I know that I had more than $30) when I arrived at the farmers market, but when I left with my booty I had but one dollar remaining. With that one dollar on The Price Is Right I could have purchased a neeeeeeew car!

About the only thing I ate after my visit to the farmers market which I didn’t purchase there was the corned beef that I had waiting in my refrigerator for preparation. Not to be a traditionalist I cooked the corned beef with orange carrots, white turnips, red potatoes, (not really red) beets, and red cabbage. As could be imagined after 4.5 hours of simmering the resultant water a was quite red in color. While the meal, eaten with a non-sweet honey mustard also purchased at the farmers market, was quite satisfying it was a little dominated by the amount of cabbage that I put into the pot.

From memory (in order of acquisition) here is a list of items purchased on Sunday morning — multiple items on a line indicate purchase from the same vendor:

  • small bunch of beets ($3)
  • small group of summer squash and zucchini ($4)
  • honey ($6?) and honey mustard ($5)
  • loaf of multi-grain bread ($6)
  • head of red cabbage ($4)
  • puff pastry topped with pumpkin seeds and summer squash ($3, eaten on the drive home)
  • some red potatoes, bag of carrots, small bunch turnips, and a dozen free-range eggs ($14 total)

I forgot that I wanted to get the names of each of the businesses from which I purchased. Had I remembered to do so I would have included that information in the list.

I arrived a little before 10am and heard from those around me that the crowd was pretty small. Sunday morning is a convenient shopping time for me, so I’m sure that I’ll return some day. However, if it’s too much of a hassle to shop due to crowds I’ll make concerted efforts to support the East Atlanta Farmers Market on Thursday evenings.

ITP Flickr Pic
What? A photo?
Books As An Art Form. How Long Until Printed Materials Are Nothing More Than Museum Pieces?
On Saturday I met up with some friends at The Majestic prior to doing a little photography at High Museum of Art.
After the High I had my first Yeah! Burger (we went to the Westside location) before swinging by The Gear Revival and then Hop City — where you can now purchase growlers (half-gallons of draft beer sold in reusable/refillable glass jugs)!

After returning home at 2:30am from a long, unusual Friday it was no surprise that the rest of Saturday was a wash.

Not A Memorable Memorial Day
I’m not sure how I managed it, but all day yesterday I was sick. It could have been from the scant amount of yardwork I did on Sunday, or perhaps that I spent the rest of Sunday in the basement with the air conditioning running. Regardless, yesterday was spent laying about, making numerous failed attempts to write some code, and being a bit bummed that there was no way that I’d be able to even consider making it to the Moonlite hash in order to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of the day that I ran my first hash. All in all it was a pretty lousy day and waste of a paid vacation day from work.

It’s A Sign Of The Times
Well it’s happened, I received my annual property tax assessment for the ITP Estate and the assessed value is now less (by about $30k) than what I paid for it in 1999 — and this doesn’t take into account the repairs which must be executed prior to any idea of selling it. While I realize that a lower assessment results in lower taxes (though this just means the Government will spend more time seeking other ways to take our money) it does put a damper on the idea of selling the ITP Estate any time soon.

Thankfully, I’m not upside-down on my mortgage but I’ll be the first to shake my head and exclaim “Oh really?” when people talk about house purchases being a great investment.

Stats & Goals
Current Mood – bummed, tired, still somewhat sick, and need to rally for my first orthopedist appointment later this morning
Current Music – silence at the moment
Website Of The Day – The eggs I ate yesterday were from Gregg’s Eggs.
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Morning Weigh-In – starts again tomorrow

Foot Mileage – 0.0 miles
Wheel Mileage – 0.0 miles
Pushups – 0
Situps – 0
Stairs – 0 flights

Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 0 (0)

Vegetarian Days – 4
Carnivorous Days – 26

Marta Rides To Work – 0
Bike Rides To Work – 0

May Goals
– “Completely” recover from the bike crash
– Not to get sick for the entire month (dammit, I almost made it!)
– Not get fired from my job
– Run at least once
– Eat vegetarian no fewer than five days
– Lose three pounds
Go out on a date with someone else
– Read an entire book, specifically The Laws Of Simplicity

2011 Goals [will be a little more fluid than in past years]
– Reduce my weight by 25 pounds based on the my weight as measured on February 1st
Completely read the book Daily Negations which I received as a Christmas gift.
– Run Sharpened Stone as a real business — one which does not get penalized.
– Save $500 for the sole purpose of donating to charitable organizations of my choice
– Attend at least one professional photography workshop
– Enter no fewer than three photographic competitions / gallery showings
Ride in no fewer than five 50 mile or 50K bike rides
– Run in no fewer than two one half-marathon
– Submit at least one application under the name “Sharpened Stone” to Apple’s iOS store

The Unmeasurable
– Continue backing up all data, including the off-site storage
– Become a proficient programmer in Objective-C
– Do not create a solution for something which is not a problem
– Eat smaller portions

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to It’s The End Of Another Month

  1. Barb says:

    I’m going to have plenty of yellow squash in my garden very soon, and some cucumbers (or maybe they are zucchini). I’ve got some green tomatoes, but nothing even close to turning red.

    I was outside too much of the weekend in the heat. Had a great ride Saturday with Sal & Allan, 48 miles and trying to keep up with them didn’t totally kill me. Sunday was a different story, met a crew down south to ride Silk Sheets, it seemed hotter or something, 28 miles was plenty that day. Monday we decided to mix it up & go mountain biking at a new place called Rope Mill up in Woodstock. Only about 6 miles of trail, but they have done an awesome job building it, a really fun course. Then, helped Allan install a drain for an outdoor shower in the heat of the afternoon, had to get that done before the patio builders showed back up today. Hopefully it will work into the patio no problem.

  2. Steve says:

    It was a long, hot weekend in Greenville working the Pro championships. I had a bonus being able to spend some time with Barbs’ charming inlaws TJ and Mary. TJ was working neutral support for Shimano.

    Sunday there was no racing, so I went north up 85 a bit to the Cowpens National Battlefield. Not from the Civil War, but from the Revolutionary War. I never really think of the Revolutionary war getting this far South, but it did. Maybe I was out of school that day.

    Monday, there was a little bike racing by the Pros. A group of 4 got away, then some other guys bridged up, and it finally came down to a 2 up sprint. (I tried to link the pic from the photo finish camera but can’t do it) It was close.

    I think I’ve finally cooled off… but it took a while.


  3. Martha says:

    It was a pretty boring weekend over this way. Lots of moving, cleaning and throwing away of stuff. I put up MORE shelves, installed some tint to the front windows (with the hopes you can’t see the tv from the street) and did a little gardening.

    I made a yellow squash and corn ‘chowder’ yesterday, I will say it wasn’t too bad.

    My life path? Well I applied to a Graduate Certificate Program at UT today, we will see 1) if I get accepted and 2) figure out how to pay for it (hoping I will soon have an employer that will help foot the bill).

    We missed the Farmer’s Market this week, I was sort of screwed up on what day it was, by the time I figured it out it was too late…

  4. Steve says:

    A Vol? Oh Martha… there’s only one thing worse that a Vol.. (wait for it..) and that’s a GATOR!!!

    I crack myself up.

  5. Martha says:

    I know, I know…just what I need another ‘southern’ school to add to my CV. If a ‘real’ school (like say Purdue) offered a similar program I would be all over it…

    On the plus side, in theory I should never, ever have to step foot on campus.

  6. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    For a second I contemplated changing “Gator” to “Bulldog” 🙂

  7. Steve says:

    Almost even in my book, but I’m not married to a Gator!
    (Hi honey!!)

  8. For the record (and since tomorrow resets my stats with the beginning of a new month), I’ve resisted the urge to eat meat thus far today so I just may be able to sneak in my fifth day of vegetarianism for the month of May.

  9. Barb says:

    I think this is a dumb question, but what the heck does CV stand for? I feell like I should know, but……

  10. Martha says:

    CV = curriculum vitae, it’s used more for scientific or research positions, it is usually longer and more detailed than a resume.

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