I No Longer Want U And I Together

Lewd story about a typing mishap yesterday that I can’t recount for fear of retribution. The QWERTY layout of the iPhone’s keyboard makes it too easy to misspell words.

The ‘S’ Is For “What The Hell”?
I have become a spoiled Apple user. Over the past few years just about any time Apple has held a press conference I have been very excited about what is announced. Yesterday’s announcement of the iPhone 4s has me scratching my head however.

The Apple iPhone 4 has been an incredible phone for the past year. I have rarely been disappointed by it, even though I besmirched its camera capability yesterday. It would have been difficult for Apple to release a new phone which greatly surpassed the capabilities of the iPhone 4. It may have been more difficult than I imagined.

I looks as if I will be saving my pennies for the iPhone 5 — whenever that is released into the wild.

Beer And A Choo-Choo
After yesterday’s career fair my coworker Joe and I walked over to a brewpub called Boylan Bridge Brewpub, of which I had never heard until ITP-Reader Randy mentioned it on Monday night. It turns out that the establishment has been running for nearly three years, but that they just added a large deck which allows for an awesome view of downtown Raleigh (I probably should have taken a photo to include here, but I was feeling rather lazy and uninspired at the time).

At Boylan Bridge Brew pub I had two pints of their bitter beer, which were quite tasty. Joe and I decided to eat dinner there and since I was going to expense my meal I decided to upsell myself and add duck meat to my nachos order. Damn that was a delicious decision!

The Boylan Bridge Brewpub is near the Raleigh Amtrak station. A train schedule (as limited as you imagine) is printed on the back of the beer list. Unfortunately we didn’t stay late enough to see the arrival and/or departure of the train headed to Miami (and will get there twenty hours, fifty-two minutes later as I looked up on Amtrak’s website).

Great Beer, Beautiful Waitresses, And Trivia?
After Boylan Bridge Brewpub Joe and I wandered into Flying Saucer (I bet you saw this coming from a mile away) for a nightcap. Apparently on Tuesday night Flying Saucer hold a trivia competition for which I heard the final question (and incorrectly answered):

What was first introduced by New York’s Rheingold Brewery?

Before the answer, a quick interlude…

As a child growing up in New York, who was a Mets fan who watched games on television (Channel 9 for those keeping score at home) I saw Rheingold’s name plastered throughout the stadium. This was well before I was of legal drinking age, but it left an impression. Note: This was before Schaefer became the official beer of the Mets.

In the early 2000s I visited Manhattan and found out that someone had resurrected the Rheingold brand. I ordered one (of course) but none in the bar were cold. The bartender put some on ice for me, and after my first beer I consumed my one and only Rheingold Extra Dry. It was awful.

The only thing that could be worse the a Rheingold Extra Dry would be a light beer version of that beer — which is the answer to the trivia question. Rheingold Brewery was the first to introduce a light beer into the American beer market.

It’s 7:30am and time for me to head out for a pre-interviewing breakfast. I have an early (but not brutally early as last week) flight home tomorrow. If my insomnia kicks in I’ll have an early blog post. If not, my posting time will be anyone’s guess.

And then it’s on to Savannah. ITP-Reader Barb, I’m bringing the mountain bike. Please let me know what I should bring for the Wheelhopper trail.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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11 Responses to I No Longer Want U And I Together

  1. Steve says:

    I thought perhaps they were the first canned beer, it being an old name and all. (For those playing at home, Krueger Beer, 1935, Richmond VA.- I loove the Google).

    Trains.. I sure wish this country had a usable rail service again. I have no fear of flying, but I’d take a train in a heartbeat if I could. And I think commuter rail could work in these parts, now if only the Ga General Assembly had the same vision.


  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    My guess was a pull-tab can.

    I too wish we’d not ripped up all of the train tracks. When I was a kid we traveled from NEw York to Florida on Amtrak and it was an experience. If I could take a train from Atlanta to Clearwater Florida to visit my mother I would.

  3. Betsulah says:

    “Lewd story about a typing mishap yesterday that I can’t recount for fear of retribution. ”

    Retribution? Who are you texting these days, the mafiosa?

    We’re disappointed in ya paulie. We told you to pay attention to those letters on that keyboard. And ya didnt. Now you’re yappin about it to your little friends on that bloggy thing of yours. That don’t help us out none Paulie. You didn’t listen to reason now we’ll have to move on to the next step.

  4. Steve says:

    “…this little piddy went to sleep wit da fishes, capiche?

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Perhaps retribution was a poor choice of words. My biggest fear is a hash renaming or alternate-hash name. My mistake shall never pass my lips. 😉

  6. Steve says:

    And should you be in the habit of closing your emails with “Regards”, just remember the G and the T are very close to one another. Just one slip of the finger has a whole other meaning.

  7. Barb says:

    Savannah Wheelhopper trail – A – A trail leaving from one of the hotels, bring a helmet, a good attitude, and maybe a camera (I’m sure there are a few photo ops possible, especially if you like cemetaries). It won’t be a tough trail (it is damn flat there, ya know?) – we are thinking about 16 miles, but that is to be determined on Friday when we finalize the trail, there are supposed to be 3 beer stops as well.

  8. Stacy Fox says:

    I had never realized how close the g & t are and how damn funny that is, Steve. I laughed out loud!

    Yeah, Paulie, you need to tell us! We won’t rename you, promise. But you can’t tease and not tell us…that’s just MEAN.

  9. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    One thing I know about hashers is that THEY LIE! 🙂

  10. Steve says:

    But Paulie, we’re your FRIENDS! We would never humiliate you without good cause and a huge audience. After all, what are friends for?


  11. Randy says:

    Glad you enjoyed Boylan Bridge. Even though the Raleigh skyline will never be confused with NYC or Chicago or San Fran, it is a pretty cool view at which to gaze while drinking pretty darn good beer. Hope today’s interviews are productive. Have fun at the Saucer. With any luck, I’ll be able to join you and Joe there on your next recruiting trip.

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