Even When I Leave “Early” I Don’t Get Much Accomplished

I left the office “early” about 6:30pm, after spending only twelve hours in the office (ignoring a massive lunch at an Indian buffet which pretty much kept me filled for the remainder of the entire day and night). On my way home I stopped off at QuikTrip (a company which seems to be unwanted in the greater East Atlanta area for some reason) and then into the Kroger in Sage Hill (mostly for convenience instead of scenery this time) for the fixings needed for tonight’s dinner, an upcoming dinner of jambalaya, and then unexpectedly a half loin of pork for a future-future dinner. These two chores wound up costing me an hour of my life and about $100 (how did gas shoot up nearly 10¢/gallon recently?).

When I got home I had enough time to drag the trash cans in, put away my groceries, and consume one Hoplanta IPA from Red Brick Brewing before falling asleep while watching class #4 of the Stanford CS193p series.

Non Programming Nerds Can Move Along
My current hurdle at work (at least on the coding front) is trying to hand-build a four-digit passcode window on an iPad which doesn’t allow the user to dismiss it without pressing its Cancel button, and correctly places itself in the middle of the iPad screen and rotates properly when the device is transformed from portrait-to-landscape or landscape-to-potrait. Seems like this should have been a piece of cake (something I consumed yesterday to help celebrate another team’s success), but it’s not. Yes, I’ve searched the internets. No, I’ve yet to get around to sending out a request on the Atlanta iOS Groups forum.

It’s Top Chef Night
With food in the ITP Estate I’ll be doing the dinner preparation tonight for Top Chef.

ITP-Reader Betsy, be prepared to consume my attempt at chicken cacciatore. So if you want the real deal, you may want to get some at lunch and then compare to to my version. 😉 Also, I have some white wine at the house, but if there is a specific varietal that you think would pair well with chicken cacciatore then please bring it to educate me. 🙂

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Even When I Leave “Early” I Don’t Get Much Accomplished

  1. Steve says:

    I like dealing with QT for several reasons- the gas price is always on the low end, the empolyees are nice and they have my flavor of ATM. Unfortunately, there is only one in the Newnan area, but it is near the park and ride.


  2. Martha says:

    I stayed at the office until about 6:45, it had started to rain when I got out of my 4:30 meeting, figured traffic was FUBAR so I stuck around to make up hours I lost on Monday (it sucks having almost no vacation time). I’m pretty sure my recovery plan did not include a 10 hour day at the office.

    Shoot, I just realize the frozen ‘dinner’ I brought for lunch cannot be microwaved, looks like I’ll be going out for lunch today. Too bad I didn’t have a chance to pack any soup or cassorole that Jenka was so nice to bring me today.

  3. Barb says:

    way, way, way off topic –

    I like it………… no batteries to die


  4. Jenka says:

    To be fair, QT is definitely wanted in the neighborhood, just not at that PARTICULAR location. In fact, we proposed 3-4 more suitable other locations within a mile of the original proposal, each of which were dismissed by the QT Corporation. Heck, Dice and I go to that QT on Briarcliff pretty much every time we need to fill up. You’ll find this same attitude from pretty much anyone in the neighborhood (except the people who were 100% for it, obviously).

    Too bad, Laura! For my lunch I have the last of the butternut squash you made!

  5. Steve says:

    Barb, that just odd.. but it gave be another idea of an invention- a combination alarm clock and water bottle for your bedside.

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