Your Money Back

I wanted to write a “proper” blog, but the world conspires against me. Okay, perhaps not, but I really have little to report or predict

I’ll Be An iPad Owner Again
I’ve used my iPad (1) every day since I first purchased it two years ago. Yesterday I pre-ordered an iPad 3 from Apple. I hemmed and hawed about when to purchase it because I am due to be in Asheville on March 16th, the original predicted delivery day. When I logged on to buy yesterday the new predicted shipping day has been bumped to March 19th, so I shall be back in the office when my new baby arrives.

Sure, I could have tried marching across the abyss-like parking lot between my office and Perimeter Mall to see if the Apple store had iPad in stock when I return from Asheville, but this way I am certain that it’ll be sent to me.

(I ordered “The Works” in black)

I Worked Until 8:30pm
By the time I arrived home, made myself a cup of tea, and started to get situated it was time to go to sleep. (Related: my super code written earlier in the week turned out not to be so fantastic. Dangen!)

My Weekend

Interspersed will be moments of eating (pancakes perhaps?) and drinking beer.

If She Were Heading To Germany…
I’d wish Barb a “guten Flug” but she’s headed to Spain and I have no idea how to wish someone a “good flight” in Spanish.

To the rest of you I wish a “gutes Wochenende!”

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Your Money Back

  1. Steve says:

    Sucks to have to work so hard, but be glad there is work to do.

    We seem to be a kitty short at the farm. When I went to feed everyone, normally I’m joined by the 2 kitties and I replenish their supply of chow. Yesterday, there was only one, so we spent some time before dark looking in and aound his normal hiding spots. After we got back from dinner, we looked some more and even interrogated his brother as to his whereabouts, but Tate was no help at all. Leaving the bedroom door open through the night was no incentive to appear. If he’s up a tree (and we did look) he’ll come down, but I’m afraid he might have met one of the local coyotes. Sweet little Toddy…

    Barb, have a wonderful trip, take lots of pictures, drink lots of sangria and if you see Alberto Contador, give him the finger with my compliments.


  2. barb says:

    If we see Alberto, Allan & I both will do that. No problem. There might be a cyclist sighting, you just never know, a few of them do live in Girona.

    Bags are packed right at about 50 lbs, the kids have some good Legos to build & other various stuff (we are bring them Battleship, I wonder if I can remember how to play?) I’ll have plenty of room to bring back souvenirs, but probably won’t, I’m not a big souvenir person.

    Been working on trying to figure out how to NOT have the iPhone cost me a bunch of money by accident, so I figured out how to shut off all the data plans, and I will be wi-fi only. I may just take pictures with it, I saw a commercial that tells me it has such a great camera I don’t need another one.

    and yes – the twizzlers are still not opened, and are in the carry-on – for those that are wondering. LOL

  3. Steve says:

    You got it- turn off the roaming/phone and only use it on WiFi. And leave the WiFi off until you need it, otherwise it’s always looking for a network to hook up with- horny little thing.

  4. I got the new Xerox printer in the office to recognize the iMac on which I work. That should be enough of an accomplishment for one day’s work, no? 🙂

  5. Barb says:

    Survived the flight, some very annoying 20ish girls felt no need to be quiet, so almost no sleep was had.

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