Too Busy To Blog

With not much to say.

Here’s where I walked yesterday.

And afterwards my boss and I found our way over to Twisted Taco where I promptly ate all of the calories I could have possibly burned off, as well as many more.

Speaking of Perimeter Mall “Mexican” food, we’ll soon be the (proud?) nearby neighbors of a Tin Lizzy’s Cantina when it opens sometime this Summer. Can anyone say “Happy Hour?” This will make the third, if not fourth “Mexican” restaurant which has sprung up in this Sandy Springs / Dunwoody area — and I don’t even include Willy’s burrito place, or any of the mall restaurants in that calculation.

Happy Wednesday all, I have some major reworks to accomplish today (followed by a walk tonight).

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to Too Busy To Blog

  1. Steve says:

    Good morning all.

    Nothing much to report here. We did get word from USAA that the barn would take over $8k to repair. Since we had already discussed with them letting us do the work, as we built the barn in the first place, they are sending a check.

    One of the early season races is going on today and I’m keeping up via Google Translate from a Dutch website. While most of the translations are pretty good, I wonder how some come about-

    One of the top favorites today is the French neoprof Arnaud Demare. He gave his business card in recent matches with victories in Qatar, the GP Samyn and the Three Days of West Flanders. It also looks at the Nokere Berg to?

    Gave his business card? I like that.. I guess the origonal might have been “presented himself”??


  2. Barb says:

    Just got back from the beach, took the kids out of school for the afternoon. Beautiful day again, thought little cooler at the Meditranean than here in Girona. Ate some interesting pica pica, couldbe considered tapas, or maybe just appetizers. I’ll post a few pics on FB.

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