It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It

And the last day of the year appears as if it’s going to be as busy as the rest of the month. The app is supposed to be submitted to Apple… we’ll have to wait and see.

Normally I end the blogging year with three posts — The Good, The Bad, The Ugly — but this year has been too crazy for that. In summary 2012 was a mixed year, with some exercise (no weight loss), a couple of dates (want more in 2013), a lot of fun with friends.

Friday Night: No Bowling, Mexican, And BOOM!
I left work too late and too harried to go bowling, even though I made it to the alley while the gang was bowling their first game. I bought a pitcher of beer to share and caught up with everyone while they bowled.

After bowling we all meandered (via car) down to Pancho’s on Buford Highway. I think it has been about six years since I’ve been to Pancho’s — not much has changed. We were served by a waiter who enjoyed amusing himself, but the food was edible and the beer was cold.

After Pancho’s I headed home via Briarcliff and stopped into QT for gas and a cup of coffee. After filling up, I exited the building and as I approached my car heard the sound of a transformer near by go BOOM. I looked over my shoulder and watched the transformer across the street go BOOM, emit sparks, and the all of the lights around me went out.

I drove home, sat in my bed, and was asleep so fast and hard that I neither had more than two sips of the coffee I purchased, nor heard the phone when my mother called not more than twenty minutes after I returned home.

Saturday: Sleep In, Lunch, Lavanderia, Home Body, Sleep Very Early
I was surprised to wake on Saturday morning to see my coffee nearby and the voicemail light on my phone blinking.

I had forgotten that ITP-Reader Barb and I had talked about driving out to Lawrenceville, so I packed up the Jackmobile with dirty laundry and drove up to the “Chinese Food Court” to eat lunch prior to hitting the lavanderia.

“What’s that?” I asked the food vendor?
“Dragon fish” he answered.
“I’d like that please.” I said.
“Are you sure? It’s spicy with red peppers and peppercorns which make your mouth numb.” He followed.
I smiled and said “Perfect.”

The food was fantastic; by meal’s end my mouth was indeed numb and I was satiated.

I was supposed to hit up Target and Home Depot on my way home. But was feeling lazy, returned home immediately, and never exited the house again on Saturday.

Sunday: Sleep In, Target, Lunch, Kringle, Home Depot, Relax
I slept in again on Sunday, choosing to skip a final pancake breakfast of the year and head to a final gluttonous Chinese buffet instead.

Prior to filling my belly I stopped in to the Target on Lavista where I purchased all of those little necessities needed for daily life.

After eating I headed over to Public Enema’s house where I helped cut up the Cheddarhead kringle (see below) and watch the Falcons game.

I Am On Kringle Patrol

After fulfilling my kringle duties I headed to Home Depot and purchased a new chainsaw (that’s right, it’ll be a chainsaw massacre January — or February — or March…). Can someone explain to me why a plastic gas can costs $12? Yeesh!

Again I returned home never to out again.

So much for my desired “really nice dinner at The Shed” that I considered each night.

Tomorrow I’ll Be A Part Of The Cheddarhead Helper Team
Oh the weather outside is supposed to be frightful!

I was planning on making Cheddarhead 2013 my official return to hashing. However, since I volunteered to deliver the kringle (a tradition started by ITP-Reader Lisa and her sister Amanda) I will not be able to actually run the hash. Instead I’ll be at the start to enjoy the fun (hopefully it’ll not be raining then), head to the beer stop (and enjoy a beer or two), and then make it to the end so that I can help get things ready for when the pack arrives.

Hope to see a lot of you out there.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It

  1. Barb says:

    Your pocketbook will be glad you didn’t go to Lawrenceville, a case of wine & a case of beer later, I finally left, spending more than a I should have, but damn they were great deals! Leslie opened the most expensive bottle in the place for us to share (and not pay for), it had a # on the label, it was from Heitz Cellars and I think was supposed to sell for $160 or something like that. She decided she’d never sell it, so we should drink it. Who was I to argue with that?

    That Falcons football game was a waste of time yesterday, but the Packers Vikings game was a good one.

    Let us know about chainsaw massacre day, Allan may want to participate.

  2. Ha! My wallet is hurting for other reasons. Tune in tomorrow (or talk to me at Cheddarhead) to hear about the other post-Christmas gifts I am getting myself.

    So far I’ve “received”
    1. An unrealized LA Fitness membership
    2. A $200 chainsaw

  3. Steve says:

    $12 gas cans because they have “safety features” so you don’t blow yourself up- and don’t think they can be used in a pinch to put gas in your car, because they can’t- without a long funnel.

    Hopefully, the slight sore throat I had Friday which turned into a full blown cold on Saturday will be gone by tomorrow’s Cheddarhead. I may just have to bimbo if it’s raining. I certainly have to defend my bowling title, if nothing else.

    We bid a fond farewell to Sadie yesterday. She returned to her owners farm and her sisters looked at us as if to ask “Who are we going to boss around now?”.
    Debbie rode Phinney for the first time yesterday- they both seemed to enjoy it.

    Hopefully, I’ll see most of you tomorrow.


  4. Martha says:

    Steve, I hope you didn’t get the same cold I’ve had…it started Wednesday on the drive back, full blown by Thursday/Friday…thought I was doing better yesterday but still not up for a full-fledged run. No fever, chills, etc. just lots and lots of coughing and congestion.

    I’ve ended up taking more time off work than I planned but it’s been nice. Wednesday is going to be a rough one when I have to go back.

    No big plans for tonight, nice dinner at home and maybe out for a few drinks, then NYD brunch with friends tomorrow.

    Have a safe and happy new year everyone!!

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