Wait, Which One Am I Again?

If you are thinking “Gee, the blog is late. I wonder if Paulie worked out this morning?” you would be correct. I left the house thinking that I was going to do one of my weight routines, but by the time I arrived to my near-work LA Fitness I was in no mood to lift. So I took to the treadmill and Galloway-Methoded myself for an hour (I essentially did “walk one minute, run ten minutes” with a four-minute cool down. Therefore I wound up walking for ten minutes, running for fifty minutes in total).

Today’s Personal Project
Stay up late enough to go see/hear Country Mice perform at Drunken Unicorn. Oh, and call my mother beforehand.

Today’s Daily Challenge
Eat one food rich in vitamin K, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, or asparagus.

Vitamin K is critical because it helps with blood clotting and has been shown to help build bone. A recent study showed that women who get at least 100 micrograms of vitamin K a day are 30% less likely to break a hip than those who don’t.

Perhaps I should go to The Shed for Slider Night and Brussels Sprouts, though it won’t quite be the same sans Mandy.

Lavanderia, Lee’s Bakery, ITP-Reader Betsy’s
I left work early enough yesterday to head directly to the lavanderia to take care of that chore before having fun.

From the lavanderia I drove down to Lee’s Bakery to pick up some Banh Mí sandwiches to take to Betsy’s house. Unfortunately Lee’s has become quite popular with the hipster crowd, so I waited a full thirty minutes from the time I placed my order to the time I left the building.

At Betsy’s she and I watched the final two episodes of Top Chef (boy, talk about anti-climatic, I seriously hated the way that they ended this season) as well as the frustrating finale of The Taste.

By the time I arrived home it was quite late and I think I passed out about twenty minutes after I put the freshly-laundered linens onto the bed.

ITP Flickr Pic
I’ve always been intrigued by the array of desserts offered by the carniceria near Lee’s Bakery so I stopped in an picked some up before ordering sandwiches last night.
Carniceria Pastries
My favorite of these three is the one with the pineapple filling.

I also used this photo as a test of a iOS app called “Cortexcam” that I purchased a few days ago.

Start Late, Finish Late
I’m starting my day late which means that I will be finishing late as well. From work tonight I think that I may pop into The Shed before heading home to change and then heading out to the Drunken Unicorn tonight to see/hear Country Mice.

Country Mice is the second opener, which is a mixed blessing. On the one hand as an opener they will not be playing a full set (which I saw them do once before at Drunken Unicorn and really liked it), on the other hand as an opener they will be finishing early enough so that I won’t be getting home around 12:30am-1:00am.

Stats & Goals
Current Mood – fair
Current Music – silence at the moment
Website Of The Day – Point: Graham Hill’s “Living WIth Less: A Lot Less.”. Counterpoint: Hamilton Nolan’s “It Would Be Great if Millionaires Would Not Lecture Us on ‘Living With Less’”.
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Morning Weigh-In – sadly, 213.6 pounds

Foot Mileage – 0.0 miles
Wheel Mileage – 0.0 miles
Gym Visits – 1 (1 cardio)

Days Of Bed-Making – 0

Vegetarian Meals – 18
Carnivorous Meals – 18

Marta Rides To Work – 0
Bike Rides To Work – 0

March Goals
– not get sick
– lose two pounds
– walk/run no fewer that 50 miles
– lift weights at the gym no fewer than eight times
– finish at least two of the books I am reading
– take at least one box of things to Goodwill
– post at least ten photos in the blog
– drink a lot less alcohol
– prepare a house repair plan and budget
– return ITP-Reader Martha’s coffee percolator to her
– return ITP-Terri’s crutches to her

2013 Goals: Measurable
– Get my weight down to 190 pounds so that I can wear a 36″ waist pants comfortably
– Completely read ten books, audio books permissible
– Dissolve Sharpened Stone
– Save $500 for the sole purpose of donating to charitable organizations of my choice
– Completely run at least one 10k
– Fix all (or at least most) of the things which are wrong with the ITP Estate

2013 Goals: Unmeasurable
– Simplify, simplify, simplify
– Continue backing up all data, including the off-site storage
– Do not create a solution for something which is not a problem
– Eat smaller portions
– Start, and continue, to make my own bread using my bread machine as well as using the technique outlined in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
– Read and discard magazines during the month in which they arrive (even digitally)
– Take two real vacations, perhaps one abroad
– Take a more proactive approach to meeting women (read “stop being such a pussy”)

Books I’ve Read/Heard In 2013

  1. Pages 1.7 for iPad (Timestompers Guide) – by Sean Wells

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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15 Responses to Wait, Which One Am I Again?

  1. Steve says:

    A semi-frustrating evening last- my phone is on the fritz and I forgot to look up the Verizon location near where I was going. I tried to use the phone, but the screen is all wonky (hence, the effort to replace it) and the company Blackberry, which could pull up the VZ page, could not hit “enter”. BB are useless when it comes to browsing. And when I tried to demo the problem to some friends at the Games meeting the F’er worked perfectly.

    I have devised a modification to the 33 mile TdP route which will provide a more usefull distance of 45. The turn would be well over the halfway point, so if someone was having a bad day, they could still do the 33.

    Debbie saved the end of “The Taste” so I could see who won. As long as it wasn’t Mr. Attitude, I was good. I hope they renew that for next season- it was kind of fun.


  2. Bummer about the phone.

    That modification sounds wonderful. I doubt that my heart (sadly something I’ve been cognizant of lately), legs, or butt are ready for 66 miles at this point.

    I won’t spoil “The Taste” (see what I did there?) for you. It was an interesting twist, but I am not sure that it will be renewed given how quickly they weeded out contestants.

  3. Martha says:

    Yes the BB sucks, not just for browsing, but since I don’t have to pay for it I wont complain too much.

    Met with the designer and builder yesterday, we’ve already made a ‘big’ modification to the plan, adding another 150-200sq/ft. I think the words “Jerry, {insert crazy assed idea} is not in the budget” will be uttered many times before it is all said and done.

    We also have to find a place to live for 2-3 months, anyone interested in 4 new roomies?? 🙂

    That plate of sweets looks so yummy…I want!

  4. Steve says:

    WOW! 2-3 months? Are you putting everything in storage while they level the house and start over? Holy cats.

  5. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    The weather should be nice, why not pitch a tent and camp in your backyard ? I know that Jerry *loves* camping. LOL!

  6. Steve says:

    If you’d ever get your plumbing fixed, your basement would be an option!!

  7. Martha says:

    Steve, pretty much.

    We will be adding between 400-600sq/feet (the house is currently 900sq/ft), we will be getting all new plumbing, electric & HVAC. The kitchen will be moved to the new addtion, there will be some minor work on the current bath and they will be replacing the entire roof…I think the plan is to get a POD and leave it on site.

    I mentioned the camping idea to Jerry, I also mentioned living in the cars (we can shower at the gym)…he’s not keen on either idea.

    Yes, let us live in your basement, the rent could help pay for repairs 🙂

  8. Wow, that’s kinda along the lines of Easy’s & Michelle’s reno.

    I’ll need two months out of the house in order to get my place ready to have others living in it. In it’s current state I’d give Jerry two nights in my hovel before would be building a lean-to in your backyard.

  9. Martha says:

    Ha, that funny…like Jerry would do manual labor!

    Yes, it will be a great big mess for a couple of months but (I hope) totally worth it. I’ve been in that house 11 years, it is time for a change.

  10. I just passed 14 years in the ITP Estate; I think the change I might like the most is moving out of the ITP Estate. 🙁

  11. Martha says:

    We considered moving but a few things kept us here.

    1) it would be hard to sell a 2/1, the market for them is pretty small and we would have to do a significant amount of work to sell it
    2) I couldn’t find a move-in ready 3/2 in the neighborhood for the cost of the reno and the current mortgage.
    3) I like my location, I like my yard & I don’t want to move (even though we have to temporarily).

  12. Barb says:

    busy day over here – not with my frieght, with a co-worker’s that is out on vacation. I think we may have a stolen trailer……. (its missing, which he should have noticed before he left)

    45 sounds much better that 66, and the fact that we can decided later in the ride makes it even better! Looking forward to the first installment of 2013 Summer Slacker series. JoAnna is a maybe on the sleepover, she gets back Thursday night, she will let me know on friday.

    Martha – the renovation sounds awesome, when are you thinking about starting? I’m wondering if anyone we know has an “empty” house/condo, is anyone renting Deposit Slits place up in I think Sandy Springs? I know she still has it, but she lives at Oops place, doesn’t she? Or, what about Kat’s house? Does she have it rented?

  13. Barb says:

    and FYI Paulie – there is a chance I might be at your Taco Mac tomorrow evening. My friend Mark (who is moving from Houston, TX to NJ) will be stopping thru on his drive…….

  14. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Of course if you are at my Taco Mac I will be elsewhere. 🙁 Tomorrow night I will be leaving work early to make it down to Decatur for a meeting.

  15. Martha says:

    A stolen trailer, that’s an interesting new perk for your day.

    We are hoping to start construction around the first of May…hard to say since we are dealing with a bank and City of Atlanta. Found out today there will be extra plans needed for the permit…we will be out about $6K before we even find out if we can build. So nerve racking…we have another meeting with the builder & designer on Friday.

    We are hoping we can find something along those lines for a short term rental, worst case, I’ve found a couple of apartment complexs that allow month to month leases. We’ve had an offer of a place but they wanted it rented sooner than we will be ready…

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