Rain Delay

More accurately, car delay. I am waiting for Peach Auto to show up (they open at 9am) and then I need to figure out how to get to the office. I couldn’t bring a bike nor can I walk to MARTA given my foot and the threat of rain. I didn’t want to burden a coworker by asking for a ride today. I will probably call a cab, or may splurge and hire an Uber car to take me in to work.

Blog update this afternoon,
Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Steve says:

    Then we’ll just talk amongst ourselves! (nothing different here)

    What distance shall we ride on Saturday? I emailed Michelle (and Drew) but have yet to hear back. Maybe the better question is who all will be riding? Bob/Laura, can you join us?


  2. Barb says:

    Paulie- maybe Harry will give you a ride? Or – if you are jsut getting an oil change & a check over – just hang out & wait.

    Wish we could ride Saturday, but gotta go to Conyers. I have a fabulous hat (thanks to a co-worker) for the party, I’m sure we will have some fun pictures.

    Its raining hard here in Marietta this morning………

    Steve – Allan said check the battery on the bike computer, unless you did something crazy, the wiring shouldn’t go bad.

  3. Martha says:

    I’ll ride, I’ve got 65 on the schedule but I don’t expect anyone to ride that much with me. Depending on when we start and how long the route, maybe I’ll ride before or after, or just ride what everyone else is riding and enjoy myself.

    I need to get my bike looked at, maybe tomorrow…it’s making a clicking noise and it is driving me crazy.

    I hope the rain lets up for a bit this evening, or it will be a wet, wet run.

  4. Splurging with the Uber car option. I was offered a ride to MARTA but with this rain I don’t even want to walk from the station to my office.

  5. Barb says:

    Martha – I’ve had a clicking noise before, yes, it wil drive you nuts – get those dudes that sold you an expensive bike to do some work!

    Paulie – I don’t even know what an Uber car is……

  6. Steve says:

    Barb, I worked on the bike last night and the computer worked throughout my ride on the trainer, while I watched it POUR! Of course, on Saturday the computer would come and go. I cleaned the contacts, not that they looked dirty. It’s a mystery, wrapped in an enigma and covered with secret sauce.

  7. Martha says:

    Yep, my plan is to drop it off tomorrow, hope they can make the adjustment on the spot, at the very least have it back to me before Saturday.

  8. bob says:

    Paulie I thought you were WAY more organized than to show up for car maintenance with no way to get to work 🙂

    No day spa for us this weekend Steve, we are going to Orlando for a going away party/birthday party/reggae concert (long story).

    I need to ride but the rain and work meetings have me stuck in the house 🙁

  9. Barb says:

    my mountain bike computer doesn’t work when I’m going fast down a hill – so its either the battery or the magnet isn’t in the right place. Allan said he’d look at it, but I won’t hold my breath he will remember. He’s building my youngest brother a bike from spare parts (since he hates my brother’s POS bike that doesn’t even fit him). I think he finally has almost all the parts (after a raid of TJs stash). He even gets my old wheels. We had hoped to get it done fro RAGBRAI this year, but now that we aren’t going, trying to figure out if we ship it up to him, or make him come to GA.

  10. Bob, I am more organized which is why I knew that I didn’t have a means of transportation arranged when I arrived. 😉

    Uber. I arrived in a Lincoln Town Car like a movie star today. Of course I’m paying for that luxury – don’t ask. 😉

    Hopefully the rain will hold off this afternoon and I can get my car in a fashion which which I am more accustom… MARTA or bumming a ride.

    Steve, not sure if you want/need a critical mass to hold Summer Slacker #1. Just let us know if you want to delay until next month or so.

    Off to my daily meeting…

  11. Barb says:

    just an FYI for the Summer Slacker series – we are way too booked up this summer (well, with Allan working one day of the weekend most weekends)
    We don’t have a free weekend until August.
    Maybe Aug. 3rd (I may have to work Saturday morning), Aug. 10th, but we’d have to leave saturday night, but could maybe show up friday night. then Aug 24th.

  12. Steve says:

    Uber? Really? Kinda cool, but DAMN! $75? $100?

  13. I deserve it. I think my ride will cost more around $40. I wanted to see how the “other half” lives — it’s one of the rare perks of being single.

  14. Steve says:

    And maybe if we don’t have a whole “field” of riders, we could just do the pool and cookout? Our next available date would be 7/13. Hopefully on 7/20, we’ll be celebrating the centenary of my dad’s birthday!

  15. I’m available on 7/13 or 7/20. Keep in mind that PE generally has a Cheesy Yellow Sunday “Run” around then as well.

  16. Jenka says:

    Uber’s really not that much more expensive than a cab, and it’s nice because you can see where your car is on the map. Although this weekend I discovered the app Taxi Magic which does that, but for regular cabs. Coolness.

  17. Taxi Magic? Huh, I’d not heard of that one.

  18. Steve says:

    He would most likely do the 14th- Bastille Day and a mountaintop finish on Mont Ventoux. We could just do a lost weekend… Saturday at the Day Spa, Sunday at the TdF.

  19. Well, I probably won’t getting around to writing a blog post today. Stay tuned for one tomorrow, however.

    In the mean time how about throwing me some good thoughts toward foot repair — even with this cast the GD thing doesn’t seem to want to heal. 🙁

  20. Martha says:

    I almost forgot. I got a letter from Dr Nick yesterday. Looks like he’s adding concierge medicine to his practice for ‘only’ $1600 per year. I think if was sick/injured a bit more often I might take him up on it. The down side, it looks as if you don’t sign up you wont be able to see him anymore (you will still be seen at his office, just not by him). It’s limited to the first 300 people (300 x 1600 = $480,000 not a bad paycheck if you can get it). For that money, I hope he has Uber bring me to my appointments (actually, it does include house calls).

  21. I received the same letter. Truth be told Dr Nick hasn’t seen me since the bike wreck, other doctors in that office have, so even if I go back I won’t know the difference…

  22. Barb says:

    Allan’s mom & dad started going to a concierge doctor – but that was partly because with Medicare/Medicaid whatever its hard to find a doctor. So, since they aren’t broke, they decided it was worth it to get the doctor they wanted.

  23. Martha says:

    I’ve only been to the office a few times, only saw the doctor once. Every other time is was his PA. So I doubt I will notice a difference either.

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